Would Loss of American Unquestioned Support Destroy Israel?

Beyond the Cusp

Periodically the almost automated support given to Israel without any real debate or question does come into review with some of the same expected sources challenging the basis for this aid. There are also the parallel claims of Israeli misdeeds, misallocation and other evil intents which Israel often uses American aid monies to facilitate. These claims often depict the use by Israel of American military aid in their struggles to abate, intercede and react to terrorism which often takes the form of limited military strikes on terror targets in Gaza as well as Samaria and Judea. The Israeli use of American military hardware such as Apache Attack Helicopters or F-16 aircraft usually top the list of complaints as they are the most readily applicable force extender. So, how devastated would the Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli society in general suffer should such aid actually be pulled by some future President…

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