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  1. Hmmm… Having skimmed your blog and the commentaries, I was-past tense- going to follow you. Until I saw Da Yoos….
    I don’t hate you; but be advised: Genesis 12:3
    And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.
    Genesis 12:2-4 (in Context)
    Also, Read Romans 11, the entire chapter, before you decide to exhibit more anti-Semitism.

    1. Caught between the hammer and the anvil. I am 1/8th Jewish myself, and many people consider me a vile kike who promotes race-mixing. Several Anti-Semitic sites have banned me for that very reason. Taboos in the West are very complicated. On the one hand, criticizing Zionism is more accepted than criticizing Islam, and Jews attacking Islam are not accepted, while Muslims attacking Judaism are accepted. But…. for NON-Muslims open Anti-Semitism is more taboo than Islamophobia. The reason for this is simple. Islamic Jew-hatred leads common people in Israel being blown up. It leads in Europe to common people getting beaten up for wearing yarmulkes. “Christian”/”White” Jew-hatred leads to George Soros and Ben S. Bernanke other Elite people being attacked.

      1. Do you have Skype and a headset. Why did those websites ban you. Would they ban me since I also have the same background.

    1. Yes, I can. During the war in Afhanistan, the Afghans had the habit of mutilating captured Russians. As Communism, as opposed to National-Socialism, doesn’t allow for euthanasia, these soldiers could not be relieved from their suffering. The same would hold true for the Muslim Afghans, of course, but the Russians were too civilized for tit-for-tat, and didn’t have the strength of faith to endure suffering the Afghans did have. This is outlined less diplomatically in:

      Worse, no euthanasia means any idiot can defeat you by mutilation. The Soviet-Union had abortion. They were outbreeded by their own Muslims. The Soviet-Union didn’t have euthanasia, so every soldier feared the cruel mutilations of the Afghans. The only thing the Afghans had to do was to mutilate the Soviet soldier, and mutilate him well. No escape by euthanasia. The Soviets were too soft, to civilized, to return the mutilations. The war in Afghanistan was won by mutilation.


  2. Hallo Robin-Frans,
    ik zag plots een stukje van mij hier gereblogd worden, als jij meer stukjes wil dan kan ik die wel opsturen.

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      1. But you are aware that being 1/8th Jewish is rather significant; that’s a good portion of Semitic genes which would make you rather untrustworthy.

        1. Never trust anyone, learn languages and go direct to the sources. But there is a homeopathic effect. If the cut-off point is 1/8th Jew, then people being 1/16th or 1/32th Jew will become uneasy and a liability. Of course, such marginal Mischlinge will be far more dangerous than full, swarthy looking Jews. Any cut-off point will have this problem, so a more diffuse structure should be developed, consisting of circles according to a point system.

      2. (I’m responding to your second comment). OK, that sounds good. How many of these more “marginal” Jewish mischlings do you think exist in the world, or just in the Netherlands, for example?

        1. In the Netherlands, there are likely to be a lot. I think worldwide, around 40-50 million at least. If a mischling doesn’t breed with a mischling, the amount of tainted people rises exponentially.

      3. (Responding to your latest comment). The 40-50 million are specifically tainted with Jewish blood, right?
        And do you think those tainted Whites/Europeans are tainted enough to completely exclude them from the race/gene-pool or does it not matter anymore, since the percentage must be extremely small for most of them?

        1. I think any cut-off point could be counterproductive. There is a homeopathic effect. If you exclude people having 1/16 or more Jewish ancestry, people having 1/32-1/64 Jewish ancestry will become ornery and obnoxious. As these people are far more White than present Jews, they could do far, far more damage. Maybe it would make more sense to break up the Jewish gene-pool and disperse it.

  4. Thanks for reblogging The Truth About Surveillance. I agree that a guaranteed minimum social security is necessary for all nations for the destitute and also unemployed but in the west you should have no motorized vehicle to cruise the world shopping and having fun. Instead all your basic standardized necessities should be delivered door to door efficiently with private companies and you should have free access to the internet for technological education if you want to put in the time, energy, effort, and achievement to qualify for a useful job in society and hope to reenter it. My evergreen truth book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS has more details on the safety net which is necessary for all the destitute and also unemployed citizens. Best wishes. Uldis

  5. Hello Oogenhand. Thank you for reblogging my post, “Death and the Screen.” I notice that you have an incredibly wide variety of reblogs and a donate button. Is there any particular reason for this – is it a political blog aggregator or something different?

  6. I like your writing very much, Oogenhand. And that isn’t a half-hearted compliment because you and I have personal commonalities either. You are a truth-teller. Very rare. I respect that.

    – L. Mary Dagan-Föxman

      1. All truths and facts are valuable.
        I’m one of those odd-balls who prefers to verify everything first-hand 🙂

        I think that you writing your genuine opinions is greatly important.

        I really like that you are honest about yourself, (as a person).

        Too many people portray themselves as how they would want to be, or whom they think they should emulate, instead of defaulting to basic honesty as of who they are, their thoughts, and so on.

        And I hope no one ever intimidates you, (via coercion or other means), to change.

        – L. Mary Dagan-Föxman

  7. Hey Oogenhand, send me an email if your interested in recording a show for my new site.

    These are the topics:

    Stefan Kinzers book on an alliance with Iran and Turkey instead of Israel and Saudi Arabia
    The two factions of the left in Europe: anti Europeans vs. Anti Imperialist
    Economics and support for gurenteed income

    I lost the old audio

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