Liberation Theology

Anti-Israeli agitation, which often crosses the line into open anti-Semitism, becomes particularly problematic when elements of Christian “liberation theology” mix with Muslim hostility towards Jews as well as Marxist-anti-imperialist hatred of Israel to form a highly toxic brew and supposedly “anti-fascist” alliances such as “Basel Nazifrei” suddenly polemicise against Israel with a socialist clenched fist, and anti-Israel Muslims march with Palestine flags in the Migrantifa block at demonstrations on May 1st.


The Powers That Be are playing both sides

Magyarországot is súlyosan érinteni fogják a háború következményei, és sem a baloldal, sem a kormány nem a magyarok érdekeit nézi: Orbán Viktor bejelentette, hogy minden gazdasági szankciót támogatunk Oroszországgal szemben, amiről Brüsszelben döntenek, még akkor is, ha az a magyarokra nézve is hátrányos. A Mi Hazánk szerint csak a magyarok biztonsága és érdeke számít, nem fogadhatjuk el szolgalelkű módon Brüsszel parancsait.

I guess “science” means the Corona psy-op. And “far-right denial of science” means that the “Mi Hazánk” (Our Homeland) party has exposed the Corona psy-op and has been voted into the Parliament.

Again, Hungary is playing the antagonist in the NWO theater, against the more overt “woke” part of the global Communist revolution, along with the invited US Republican party and the whole “conservative idea”. And the more covert part of the Communist revolution is the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” within the “Great Reset”, which Hungary is heavily invested in. The Powers That Be are playing both sides.



Acquiring place of worship status remains an ongoing challenge for several religious communities. This is particularly true for the Alevi, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Protestant communities. The kingdom halls of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the churches of the Protestant community and the cemevis of the Alevi community are in particularly precarious positions due to this lack of the official place of worship status. The public authorities have systematically denied place of worship status to these sites, in disregard of relevant ECtHR [European Court of Human Rights] judgements.

Sources: Allah’s Willing Executioners, FrontpageMag


It should be execution not castration. I think a sane state would execute the rapist and the rapeee. The rapist to prevent any further rape. The rapeee because she’s damaged goods and psychologically will never be fit for marriage. And to send a strong message to everyone to learn self defense. It also prevents false rape claims.


Comment: Execution could be considered euthanasia.