CommonDreams – Progressives Unite in Call Against ‘Horrific’ TPP – 8 May 2014

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common-dreamsProgressives Unite in Call Against ‘Horrific’ TPP

Protesters demand ‘economy for all’ and end to secretive and unjust trade deals

– Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Braving thunder and rain, hundreds of protesters rallied outside of the Capitol building in Washington DC on Wednesdayto declare to the government that “the entire progressive movement is united” in the call to reject unjust trade deals and embrace an economy for all.

“They say ‘Fast Track!’ We Say ‘Fight Back!'” the group chanted, referring to recent efforts by President Obama to push through legislation to cement the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, or TPP, without congressional deliberation. Thus far, the details of the deal have been negotiated behind closed doors, with the only information made available to the public via leaks.

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