‘Vergeetachtige’ Aboutaleb vergelijkt Holocaust met IS en staat voor armoede in Rotterdam.


Interessant dat Aboutaleb liever de Holocaust relativeert dan met ISIS in verband te worden gebracht.

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( van onze drs. Goebbels Propaganda redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Aboutaleb de Top ‘Rot op-attractie’ van Joe Biden in de Hut van ‘Ome Tom’Joe Biden Ahmed AboutalebDe Rotterdamse burgemeesterDe PvdA “Uncle Tom” Ahmed Aboutaleb van de USA ‘Elite-Maffia Familie Joe Biden’ heeft tijdens een bezoek aan kamp Westerbork met een groep scholieren de Holocaust vergeleken met de “gruwelen van IS”. Hij zweeg wel over het feit dat na de Joden de RMS  in Westerbork bloed zweet en tranen hebben ervaren. En dat nu de ‘Oliedollar-Vluchtelingen’ net als in ’40-’45 ook worden weg gedouwd in Westerbork kampen door zijn partij de PvdA-hoertjes van de VVD-misdaadgroep. Aboutaleb was voor deze bral gelegenheid verkleed als de’ PvdA Strip Held der Arme’ tot groot vermaak van de scholieren. Vooral zijn te strakke twee maten te kleine glimmende ‘Gay-maillot’ werkte iedereen op de lachspieren. Kwade tongen beweren dat deze maillot een persoonlijk privé geschenk is van “Rutte&Gordon’, die…

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In Honor of French Reader – Understanding the Rivkin Project….


So France is very fertile grond for Esperanto…

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This is deep stuff folks, and stuff I don’t normally post about.  But French Reader is on the trail of understanding, so if you want to dive in….. c’mon along.The Rivkin Project: Globalism Using Multiculturalism to Subvert Sovereign Nations.
During October 19-22, 2010, Charles Rivkin, US Ambassador to France, invited a 29-member delegation from the Pacific Council on International Policy (PCIP) to a conference in France, the stated purpose of which was to discuss Arab and Islamic relations in the country.  The meeting was part of a far-reaching subversive agenda to transform that entire character of France and in particular the consciousness of French youth, which includes the use of France’s Muslim youth in a typically manipulative globalist strategy behind the usual façade of “human rights” and “equality.”

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Looking at misanthropic antinatalism.


It is very true that you can’t have a family without breaking the Golden Rule.

Christian insistence on both Family Values and Love is contradictory. In general Christians have large families, invade someone’s country, feel guilty about it, and then destroy their own society.

Eastern Europeans are hypocrites. They fawn over Karol Wojtyla, but refuse to accept asylum seekers, although that Pope considered immigration control a crime against life, comparable to abortion.

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Misanthropic antinatalism is the only area of antinatalism to which I haven’t yet devoted much space. After reading Debating Procreation and Benatar’s excellent exposition of it there, I was inspired to write this entry.

My intention here is not to repeat the main lines of evidence for misanthropic antinatalism (a task which has been already done at length by David Benatar in his books on antinatalism), but rather to try to frame the discussion in a somewhat different way.

Misanthropic antinatalism, in general, is the position that it is wrong to procreate because of the evils of human nature or mankind in general. Unlike philanthropic arguments (e.g. the Asymmetry, the risk argument, or the consent argument), which revolve around the imposition on the new person, misanthropic arguments revolve around the people, societies and institutions that already exist and how they make the world a bad place to bring new life…

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Why I Teach The Walking Dead in My Native Studies Classes

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Irony, irony. Does Europe now face the Walking Dead?

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by Cutcha Risling Baldy

So a friend of mine wrote me a message on Facebook that went a little like this:

Question: how the heck do you get through to someone that thinks natives need to just get over it?

Answer: Shake them? I never advocate shaking people, but maybe something is loose in there. Tell them to take a Native American Studies Course (it ain’t cheap, but it’s worth it).

But if I’m being honest, lately, when this comes up — and isn’t it telling that it comes up often enough that I can begin with “lately” instead of “well the last time, a long time ago, man I can barely remember that time?” — I like to tell them about The Walking Dead.

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FBI warn ISIL hackers plan local blackouts in U.S. power grid

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Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) hackers are looking to take down the U.S. energy grid, according to the FBI.

The terror group’s hackers have attempted cyberattacks in the U.S., but aren’t skilled enough to succeed, the FBI said. Still, though, ISIL may have the cash to fund cyberattacks on U.S. targets.
“Strong intent. Thankfully, low capability,” John Riggi, a section chief in the FBI’s cyber division, told CNN. “But the concern is that they’ll buy that capability.”
Riggi said that hacking software that could threaten American power grids can be bought on the black market. The FBI said ISIL has its sights set on hacking the networks of energy companies, fuel refineries, or water-pumping stations.

Observers say U.S. energy infrastructure is vulnerable to cyberattacks from terrorists, but it is more likely the attacks would come from countries, such as China or Russia, that already have the cyber capabilities.

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Choosing Your First Firearm


Guns are important to freedom.

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When it comes to choosing your first gun, there’s a large number of things to take into consideration. We’ll go into the nitty and gritty to help you get what’s best for you.

What are you reasons for purchasing a firearm?

Perhaps you’ve decided to bring out the competitive side within and sign up with your local gun club and compete in events. This is a great starting point for beginner shooters, as advice, tips and tricks will be in the abundance. Most gun clubs hold a variety of firearms of which you can have a tinker with and get a feel for.

Maybe you’re not into target shooting and would like to tackle hunting. The results after a good day of hunting can sometimes end in a new wall trophy and a story to tell.

I like the look of that, the history behind this is.. Collecting firearms isn’t…

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Your Introduction To Bullets And Cartridges


Even useful in Europe.

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Why are bullets named .22, 9mm, .44, .50 cal and so on? How does it all work? Let’s break it all down and get a basic understanding of bullets and cartridges.

The Slang Range

Quite often people refer to cartridges as bullets, shells, projectiles, rounds, the term is thrown around almost interchangeably, but what is it really? A cartridge is the complete package, consisting of a bullet, the casing, powder/propellant, rim and primer.


Referring to the image:

  1. The bullet, AKA the projectile
  2. The case, this is what holds the contents
  3. The rim, this is where the extractor on the firearm is given a place to grip and remove the empty shell

Mine’s Bigger Than Yours

Now that we have a better understanding of what a cartridge is, how do we measure the bullet size? With a ruler, seriously. Bullets are often measured in either an imperial or metric system and referred to as a…

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