Octal system

Humans use a decimal system because humans have five fingers on each hand. Computers prefer a binary system. A hexadecimal system is usually used as a compromise. But what about an octal system? Simply not using your thums when counting.

0           0      00000        0

1            1      00001          1

2           2      00010          2

3           3       00011          3

4           4      00100          4

5            5       00101         5

6           6       00110         6

7           7       00111          7

10          8      01000        8

11           9      01001         9

12          A      01010         10

13          B       01011          11

14          C       01110          12

15          D       01111           13

16          E       10000         14

17           F      10001          15

20          10     10010         16

The most important advantage is that humans don’t have to shift to new numerals for decimal 11, 12 etc. if they want to leave decimal thinking.

A hexadecimal system in Astoshur

0       ABUS                BOKARG

1        TAR                   TAR

2        HOD                 HOD

3        DAR                  DAR

4        KELT                KELT

5        SHOM              SHOM

6        TILT                  TILT

7        YAB                   YAB

8        HOLT                YABAM

9        NIRD                 EKHEST

A       JAK                     TAREKH

B       KHLUST            TAREKHTAR

C       DHUN                TAREKHHOD

D       GHLID               TAREKHDAR

E        ITHT                  TAREKHKELT

F        PART                 TAREKHSHOM

10      TAROD              TAREKHTILT





The first column gives the traditional hexadecimal numerals, while the right column gives the decimal translations. Note that bokarg is a grammatical plural, requiring e.g. kaaz instead of kaz.

Note also that the numerals 0, 8 and 9 have different forms although this isn’t strictly made necessary by the counting systems.


Dose of their own medicine



Hey Mohand,

How do I deal with somebody I live with (I’m in a boarding school) who snitches on everybody, who everybody hates, but is sweet dicking the staff and they feed into it. I wanna beat his ass, but that means expulsion. how do I get Mr. Snitch to stop and shut his mouth?


***Suleyman, the only way to beat a snitch is by beating them at their own game. Put your fists away and use your wits because getting kicked out of boarding school is never a good look! This kid is probably snitching to the staff because he too has something to hide–something BIG. He is Olivia Pope-ing the situation, by creating a buffer in case there’s ever a fall out involving him. The staff won’t be so harsh with their snitch, similar to how the police are lenient with their informants. Play it safe, and keep it cool, by seemingly befriending them. Learn what you must and then use it. They say keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer. There in lies your plan, and using his own secrets against him is his ammo. Keep me posted!

How to deal with spies


There are quite a few videos on Youtube showing young men destroying cameras. The methodology they use is similar regardless of the country they hail from:
– They work in small groups of less than five.
– They work quickly and quietly. In and out in under 2 minutes. That shows preparation, like Hamid keeps stressing, and importantly it shows one particularly good trait – ‘Decisiveness’.
– They wear balaklava, gloves and other clothes to cover themselves, to make sure they can’t be identified by other people.
– They use tools which are available to everyone: hammers, spray paints, rope made into lasoos, angle grinders, and explosives (if they can be acquired).
If you want more examples/videos of how to destroy CCTV cameras then stick ‘camover’ into a search engine and check out the links on the webpages.

From Germany, a group of Anarchists known as Camover destroy CCTV cameras in various locations by a variety of methods.

From Greece, some young men destroy five CCTV cameras in under 2 minutes. Note the paper drawing one of them drew before smashing the cameras, showing that they have good knowledge of what they are going to do.

From the UK, an audacious pair of men use an industrial disk-cutter to cut down a CCTV street camera in broad daylight.

From Finland, explosives are used to destroy a roadside camera. Unfortunately they don’t show the pre-action footage:

Finally, this page from an  ‘Indymedia’ website has a systematic list of methods on how to disable CCTV cameras.


Girtul alebka?! Kehor as pelott ferjak, kehor as tullash betaald.

The Eye

chris harper mercer

Intel is the primary activity of any active organization. One has to become accustomed to gathering intel everytime one leaves the house.

Anarchists interested in improvement are encouraged to buy a digital camera. It doesn’t need to be some fancy thing. This will be a special camera – you will be the only one who sees it’s pictures.

No photo developing at Walmart, Sam’s Club, or anywhere like that. The problem is that those computers store their orders. Employees will narc on you if they ……see something objectionable. Remember the ideal – no forensic evidence, no witnesses, no motive – a ghost. Develop pictures at home or not at all.

One of the major activities at any crime scene is taking pictures – for homicides, burglaries, arson, and assault. You won’t need the kind of detailed knowledge they use. The objective is just to capture the essence of the subject. Use the information you obtain, don’t become an expert photographer.

Take picture of things and areas that interest you. Human memory often fails. Maybe the surrounding area, the way in and the way out are interesting. Often getting in and out is the riskiest part of an op.

Use your imagination. You’ll have to take most steps on your own; get used to it. The safest (and most effective!) groups today are groups of one. Work by yourself and you can be sure. I am sorry that things are this way.

Doing the above will give you new eyes. You’ll be able to see and feel more. Everytime you walk out the door, you will see opportunity. With training, preparation, and patience, you will be able to take advantage of those opportunities.

In time, the impossible becomes routine. As always, in anything, the first time is the hardest.

Snitches get glitches, and will scream like bitches

Free bonus picture…

Many criminals think they can help themselves by cooperating. Not true.

First of all, the rat usually has to reveal EVERYTHING about everybody. If he holds back anything, the deal is off and he’ll be given the full charges.

Next, he has to testify in open court. Then everyone will know he is a rat. Local, state and federal prosecutors are all going to get a piece and to pile on their own charges. He will be farmed out to anyone who can make a case; this can mean alot of time, even years, in court.

After all that, the snitch may think he is in the clear. He ratted out his buddies and now everyone knows it. Isn’t it over?

Nope. “Justice” has not been served yet. This is Murkan-style justice.

And now, the final cross. The police arrest the rat anyway, usually for something minor. He ends up in jail or prison anyway. In a country with as many laws as the USA, finding crime is not hard.

The rat dream is that they cooperate with the police, give up all the information anonymously, and then they live a normal life afterward. This is an impossible dream for all but the most important rats.

Comment: Nobody will live a normal life anymore. Hell is eternal…