Will Male Circumcision Eventually End?

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In my culture male circumcision is a big deal, we even have a name for uncircumcised male ‘kehii’ which is a very rude, condescending word, meaning you are not considered a man, and therefore cannot lead or speak in the presence of other men. Men have been circumcised for generations and there is so much pressure on men from different cultures to get circumcised, bot for health and social reasons, that they are now doing it as grown men.

We have heard of so many health benefits for doing it, and also religious and social reasons. It so deeply ingrained in us/ in me that I have never doubted if I had a son he would be circumcised, the only question is when, immediately after birth or later.

So it was very surprising to me when I heard of several countries in Europe that are trying to ban circumcision. The…

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The Street Gangs More Vicious Than ISIS

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El Salvador has been brought to its knees by gang violence, and the groups have infiltrated the U.S., too.
One of El Salvador’s former guerrilla leaders, who years ago traded olive drab for Irish tweeds and took up residence at Oxford University, can tell you exactly why his homeland is being torn apart right now by gang violence.

He can also tell you what that means to those of us who live under the delusion that the carnage in the streets of San Salvador this month—expected to get much worse this weekend—is not just a local problem in a faraway land.

 The body of bus driver Elias Emilio Melendez lies inside his vehicle after he was killed by suspected gang members during the third day of a suspension of public transport services in San Salvador, El Salvador July 29, 2015.

Central America’s savagery is terrorism, pure and simple, says Joaquín Villalobos, and in many respects it is more horrible than the Middle Eastern brand. “Islamic terrorism decapitates and crucifies in its territories,” says Villalobos in a column for the Madrid daily El Paí

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Actually 70% of Young Men Are Not Getting Married.


Yeah, but you WILL require euthanasia if you do not father children…

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On 21 March 2015, I had posted a statistic that had claimed that Approximately 50% of adult people are not getting married. This means that approximately 50% of men are not getting married. Now in that original article, I made an very erroneous claim that it meant that 25% of men are not getting married, so I need to modify my reasoning on this point, and start thinking a bit clearer.

Since 50% of the US is not getting married, and since for every male that is not getting married, then the fact is that 50% of man and 50% of women are not getting married. I had gotten confused my changing percentages to raw number unnecessarily. Thus, my updated information is valid.

However, if we look at the demographics of the males from ages 20-34, within that demographics, 70% of the men are not getting married.

You should…

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Aspergers and psychic ability? Aspergers and weird shit?



I have the very same kind of experiences, like opening a book on precisely the right page…

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Now, can I just say how much using the term “psychic ability” makes me itch? Good. Reason I used it is I figure that’s probably what interested or puzzled people would probably put in as search terms, but I’m not at all sure I even have an idea as to what the term might mean… I’ve got a whole bunch of things that line up under the WTF category, so I’m gonna dump them under this umbrella term coz… well, WTF else can I call it other than WEIRD SHIT? So here’s the weird shit…

First time weird shit started occurring – or at least, the first time I became aware of it – was high school, when I realised I could pick up what people were about to say. Not in a general, predictable personality-type kind of way, but in a verbatim, count it down in 3… 2… 1……

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Contrast this with the attitude of the Daily Stormer


‘Common Values,’ Trump’s Judaic advisor Michael Cohen preaches ‘Jewish’ law: ‘legally a man can’t be guilty of raping his wife’

According to rabbinic law a wife is to be used like “Meat from the butcher or fish from the fishmonger”that’s the status of the woman in Orthodox Judaism (Babylonian Talmud, tractate Nedarim 20b).

Also, rabbinic law permits a Judaic soldier to rape non-Judaic women during wartime, documented HERE. I hope that readers will keep that thought in mind as they consider the mass-rapings of German women by the Judeobolshevik Red Army during and following WWII.


In Today’s Society, People Are Not Getting Married.

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OK, this posting is based on some information about six to nine months ago, but it seems only slightly more relevant today.

Apparently, less people are getting married. More than fifty percent (50%) of the adult population is unmarried. looking at this critically, since it takes two individuals to constitute a marriage, then 25% of men and 25% of women will not marry. Also, since the majority of marriages are between male-female pairings, I will ignore the male-male and female-female marriages. To be honest, I really couldn’t care less about this piece of information, as I have escaped my marriage relatively unscathed in April 2013. But let us examine what has been going on in society and try to figure this thing out.

Of course, as you could imagine. I do place some of this event firmly on the feminists, to some extent. But let us delve deeper into the…

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