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Austria has just made a new law: Muslim imams will no longer be able to conduct their sermons in Arabic, but in German; all Korans will now have to be written completely in German, and Muslim groups will no longer be able to accept foreign money.

The updated “Law on Islam,” which was prepared by the coalition of the Social Democratic Party and the People’s Party, aims to regulate how Islam is managed inside the country, and includes provisions requiring imams to be able to speak German, standardizing the Quran in the German language, and banning Islamic organizations from receiving foreign funding.

And Antichrist of Turkey, Erdogan is outraged realizing that without reading the Quran in Arabic, Islam becomes invalid since Muslims cannot worship Allah without using the Arabic as required in the Quran. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan strongly criticized Austria on Feb. 28 for approving a controversial bill that revises the status of Muslims in the European country.

“On the one hand you tell about the EU acquis, but on the other hand you take steps which totally oppose the EU acquis,” Erdoğan said at a meeting in Istanbul before his departure to Saudi Arabia for an official visit. “Turkey will make every effort to protect Muslims in Austria, especially those of Turkish descent, from being harmed due to a controversial recently approved bill regulating Islam in the country”, Turkey’s EU minister said on Feb. 26.

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Not as bad as they say

“WE WANT the Chinese to leave and the old colonial rulers to return,” said the populist Michael Sata. “They exploited our natural resources too, but at least they took good care of us. They built schools, taught us their language and brought us the British civilisation…at least Western capitalism has a human face; the Chinese are only out to exploit us.”

But that was in 2007, when Mr Sata, as leader of the Patriotic Front, then Zambia’s main opposition party, was eager to tap into growing resentment against Chinese investors in the copper-rich former British colony. He accused them of paying slave wages, of flouting basic safety and environmental standards, and of corrupting African leaders across the continent with their multi-billion dollar “no-strings-attached” deals. China threatened to break off relations with Zambia should Mr Sata ever be elected.

Today, with the 74-year-old as president, the tone has changed, on both sides. China is now the world’s biggest consumer of copper, Zambia’s chief export. As usual, it is ready to work with whoever is in power. Mr Sata’s first official appointment after his inauguration on September 23rd was with China’s urbane ambassador, Zhou Yuxiao, who delivered a letter of congratulation from his own president, Hu Jintao. Though Mr Sata repeated his complaints about the Chinese paying low wages and taking jobs Zambians could do, he was more welcoming than previously.

He is too savvy a politician not to realise how much this impoverished country of 13m people needs China’s cash. Over the past decade, the Chinese have invested over $2 billion in Zambia, the GDP of which is only $16 billion. More than half of that came in last year. And China is committed to pouring in billions more. There are now about 300 Chinese companies in Zambia, most of them privately owned, employing around 25,000 locals. Standards differ: some companies treat their workers badly, but most of the big state-owned companies genuinely seek to respect local labour laws.

“We are learning,” says Mr Zhou, with an apologetic smile. In the past, he admits, mistakes were made. An explosion at a Chinese explosives plant in 2005, which killed 51 Zambian workers, and last year’s shooting of protesting Zambian miners by Chinese managers at the Collum coal mine, wounding 11, certainly tarnished China’s image.

The Chinese are exasperated by the way in which they have been singled out for criticism, particularly in the Western press. Mr Zhou says this is mainly due to Western fears of China’s economic and political resurgence. But cultural and linguistic barriers also play a role. The Chinese, most of whom do not speak English, tend to be reserved, to live separately in compounds behind high security walls and to go straight home after work rather than prop up the bar with the locals. Generally hard-working, disciplined and dedicated to getting the job done, they are often puzzled by what they see as the Zambians’ often lackadaisical attitude to life.


Any adversary can only hunt for what it knows to be looking for – easy way to avoid becoming prey is to simply fly under the radar and resist detection.

It makes more sense to build and intentionally grow clandestine cell network that can work to exert political influence among population by covertly directing the overt non-underground movements.

There is a reason militias have no power and are basically a pastime for reactionary military enthusiasts (most of whom are unemployable “riff-raff” left over from imperialist war) – they have guns but no intelligence, structure or specific political goals.

Christian LARPs as Atheist

I’ve never had someone cry after my atheist role-play. Until now.

In September, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of parents from Village Academy Christian School in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Earlier in the day, I taught the junior and senior high students at chapel and spoke to three different twelfth grade classes. I role played an atheist with the seniors to give them a glimpse of the intellectual challenges awaiting them at college, and decided to give the parents, who had come out for an evening lecture, a glimpse in the same way.

There was no surprise factor. The parents knew who I was and the Christian organization I represented. Indeed, I told the audience what I was about to do, turned my back on them for just a moment, and then turned round again in full atheist character. I jumped into my role and they jumped into theirs, attempting to defend the faith against atheist professor “Dr. Kunkle.” Sadly, they were ill-equipped to handle my challenges. I was glad to see their fighting spirit, but their responses were only vigorous in style, not substance. After half an hour, many parents were exasperated and I ended the role-play.

“How was that for you?” I asked. “Extremely frustrating,” was the immediate parental consensus.

“Why was it so frustrating?” I pressed. One mom blurted out, “Because I didn’t have any good answers.” As soon as the words left her mouth, tears began streaming down her cheeks. It was a painful recognition of her own inadequacy and she knew what was at stake. As I glanced around the room, other parents were nodding in agreement, eyes moist with their own tears.

Caught off guard, I began to tear up, too. I felt such compassion for these good-hearted yet unequipped parents. Quickly gathering my emotions, I looked that mom in the eyes and gently replied, “I know exactly how you feel. I felt that way, too, when Dr. David Lane was dismantling my Christianity in front of my peers, in my college philosophy class.” I told the parents my story and encouraged them to prepare themselves so, in turn, they can prepare their own kids.

Afterward, parent after parent thanked me. They expressed their deep appreciation for the wake-up call, despite the accompanying painful realizations. And the mom who burst into tears? She walked up and gave me a big hug. Then she shared how her 21-year-old son, a student at Duke University, had turned his back on Christ while at college. She was convicted to begin a dialogue with him, as well as with her second son, a junior at Village Academy. I encouraged her, shared some resources, and gave her my email address with an open invitation to contact me anytime.

Oftentimes, we don’t take the necessary steps toward growth until we’re made to feel uncomfortable. That night, parents at Village Academy Christian School felt very uncomfortableand they were motivated to make changes. And you’re the reason I was in North Carolina with those parents.

Population Growth

Here is a news story I saw the other night on one of New Zealand’s news channels. I leave it here for you to watch with only a couple of questions: Why would you get IVF when you are 65 years old? Why would any doctor agree to give IVF when the patient is 65 years old and already has 13 children? Is she mad? How do you look that remarkeably well when you are 65 and have 17 children????  Is this woman single-handedly trying to reverse Germany’s desperately low birth rate? – See more at: