Covid in South Asia

You might have noticed that almost every single source quoted by western MSM when reporting about India is either a English language media outlet or a journalist who works in those outlets. But why is this relevant? To understand what I am talking about, let us revisit a bit of history. The first generation of elites in post-independence India were almost exclusively educated in pre-independence missionary run schools, went to British universities and were uncritical worshipers of anybody who had a lighter skin color than them. In other words, they had a massive racial-inferiority complex. So how did they compensate for their shitty self-image? Well.. by constantly criticizing and belittling other Indians in the hope of gaining a few crumbs of approval from white people- typical massey sahib behavior.

The English language media in India was an extension of this pathetic belief system, with other self-hating and missionary-educated Indians being its main audience. Western news outlets were, at best, a distant second. Notably, they had no interest in engaging the vast majority of Indians- even those who are were literate in English. In the first two (or three) decades after independence, this bunch of missionary-educated self-hating media types had some real power, but by the 1980s- they had lost almost all of it. Their unwillingness to change the way the saw the world also ensured that neither Indians educated in secular English schools or those who predominately used Indian languages would see them as anything but sadly comic white ass-kissers.

But what is the relevance of this explanation to the topic of post? Well.. as it turn out, after 1991 these news outlets and journalists found a much-reduced second life as publishers of western propaganda and interfering in local politics by coordinating with western NGOs. Of course, they had no real influence on the vast majority (over 97%) of Indians- including those in power, but it didn’t matter as they were increasingly financed from.. external sources. In the context of COVID-19 pandemic, these “news” outlets have done nothing but belittling and berating Indians while exaggerating the toll of illness in that country. This might not be obvious to most of you, since you cannot compare how news about the same incident is presented in Indian English-Language Media (ELM) vs outlets in local languages. But I can!

Self-Spreading Vaccines

What is the technology? Self-spreading vaccines—also known as transmissible or self-propagating vaccines—are genetically engineered to move through populations in the same way as communicable diseases, but rather than causing disease, they confer protection. The vision is that a small number of individuals in the target population could be vaccinated, and the vaccine strain would then circulate in the population much like a pathogenic virus. These vaccines could dramatically increase vaccine coverage in human or animal populations without requiring each individual to be inoculated. This technology is currently aimed primarily at animal populations. Because most infectious diseases are zoonotic, 40 controlling disease in animal populations would also reduce the risk to humans. There are 2 main types of self-spreading vaccines: recombinant vector vaccines and live viral vaccines. Recombinant vector vaccines combine the elements of a pathogenic virus that induce immunity (removing the portion that causes disease) with a transmissible viral vector. Cytomegalovirus is one candidate vector for recombinant vaccines, because it is highly species-specific and moderately transmissible. Live viral vaccines are attenuated, meaning that the vaccine viruses are much less pathogenic than wild-type and would be similar to the oral polio vaccine or the live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) in that those vaccines can sometimes transmit from person to person. Although there are substantial technical challenges in genetically engineering viruses, synthetic biology tools such as CRISPR/Cas9 are likely to aid researchers in overcoming these hurdles in the coming years. Self-spreading vaccines have already been used to protect wild rabbits from myxomatosis and to control Sin Nombre virus in rodent populations. Additional work is targeting Ebola virus in apes and bats, Lassa virus in rats, and bovine tuberculosis in badgers….

(Money quote…!!!…)

In the event of a grave public health threat, self-spreading vaccines could potentially be used to broadly inoculate human populations. Like the approach in animals, only a small number of vaccinated individuals would be required in order to confer protection to a larger susceptible population, thus eliminating the need for mass vaccination operations….”

Two Layers

Look i’ll make it nice and simple for you
the conspiracy regarding the vaccine isn’t that they’re going to kill you thats some flat earth tier shit (Now it is a rushed vaccine with no studys on long term effects so it may be dangerous but the intention is not for it to be dangerous on purpose)

The real conspiracy is the control over society it allows the elites to have, all the extra powers governments have granted themselves during the “pandemic” and a massive wealth transfer from the middle class to the elites, you’ll probably be forced to get a booster shot every year which will make pharma boatloads of money, small buisness’s have been killed off purposely in favour of amazon, stuff like that is the real conspiracy

Think less bill gates depopulation and more klaus schwab great reset
eat the bugs and all that HELL IS ETERNAL!!!!!!

Totally off grid

Time for the reiteration of the Haganah, the Stern Gang and the Irgun across the remains of the western world. The Mossad should also expand its Kidon units reach with more Gerald Bull style assassination; this Margon skank would be a prime target.

Very low profile, utilizing a communication system that is totally off grid, and very deadly . The kiIIings and attacks would be completely random and target political and government parasitic filth and there would be zero comments; the actions would be completely “black” and could create such a level of fear in their suddenness and brutality that the Marxist filth would become paralysed with fear and survival instinct would override all other thoughts.

The principle worked seventy five years ago when there was courage on both sides, albeit one more that the other ; it would be even more effective against the soy / latte / woke scum of today. They are a disease that must be 100% eradicated.

source: front page mag

Been there, done that…

the dead internet theory is real, what you see here is bots, your version of 4chan and youtube is different than the version of lets say a, NPC faggot, you see what they want you to see

b-but if all of this was true someone would find out and tell us!!!

most people think this way, so they dont do anything and even if they did, how could they tell anyone? their version of internet is different from other people

b-but if this was true i would notice it!!! i checked that one twitter post i saw here and i found it on twitter!!! the media mentions those posts!!! someone would notice that it doesnt exist!!!

read the thing above, no one can communite with each other and posts avaible for every different internet cell exist, you may check that one twitter post from time to time but you dont check the most, when (((they))) and their bots see that you want to check a post they make it

b-but i would tell someone and they would notice!!!

people dont talk about it much, people wont believe it, common posts exists, people cant tell each other other than irl and how much people do you know irl?

so thats all

i could word it better, but im in a hurry, if any real person sees this, because as i said, there are internet cells that exist and connect together, leave this website and never come back, make friends in real life, red pill them, learn the law, glow niggers cant arrest you for peaceful protests, the people on CNN that got arrested are all glow niggers trying to demoralize the rest, this is both a irl war and a internet war, as i said


so this is the end


99201f78ede76682d85bad2a7(…).jpg (184 KB, 1070×1070)
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THE OMEGA HAPPENING APPROACHES Anonymous (ID: 9mcAwj83) 04/26/21(Mon)20:30:39 No.318785399▶>>318785555 >>318785813 >>318785905 >>318786148 >>318786677 >>318787055 >>318787232 >>318787619 >>318787865 >>318788049 >>318788193 >>318788640 >>318788773 >>318789217 >>318789391 >>318789420 >>318790205 >>318790224 >>318790408 >>318790599 >>318791411
You realize we are about to enter nightmare world, right?

the India cremation propaganda perfectly mirrors the China propaganda of early January 2020
lockdowns are ending in some states, the media covid narrative is yielding diminishing returns for elites, they got a taste of full power and will NEVER give it up.
COVID trial run 1 over the course of 2020 was an overwhelming success, demonstrating the global public cannot muster effective resistance and largely succumbed to the CNN/MSM/Government full blast propaganda and fake numbers.
During COVID trial round 1, TPBP perfected their ability to coordinate fake numbers, circumvent liberties and impose controls on speech, movement, churches, arbitrary business shutdowns and nearly every other aspect of society regardless of constitutional and democratic protections.
Round 2, which is full nightmare mode lockdown tyranny is beginning
the only thing they need now is a pretext to enter full dystopia UBI lockdown communism tyranny and India has now handed them that on a silver platter.
Right now, the super virus in India is something of a passing headline for most westerners but they don’t yet realize it is fully planned to “come” here in the very near future. We are essentially being primed just like in Jan 2020.
In mid May 2021, we will get the first rumors of the India variant spreading in the west. It will be a sort of aside headline, like the brazil variant.
By the beginning of June, the India variant will spike in all western countries simultaneously. All western governments will simultaneously begin the most draconian lockdowns ever seen. All freedom of speech, movement, and association will be fully locked down. The talking heads will demand shutdown of all places where “covid deniers” gather such as 4chan and Gab. ISP’s will comply and block them unilaterally


Cryptojacking (ook wel kwaadaardige cryptomining genoemd) is een opkomende online bedreiging die zich op een computer of mobiel apparaat verbergt en de rekenkracht van het apparaat gebruikt om vormen van online geld, die bekend staan ​​als cryptovaluta’s, te “delven”. Het is een opkomende dreiging die webbrowsers kan overnemen en allerlei apparaten kan binnendringen, van desktops en laptops tot smartphones en zelfs netwerkservers.

Net als de meeste andere kwaadaardige aanvallen op computergebruikers is het motief winst, maar in tegenstelling tot veel bedreigingen is de software ontworpen om volledig verborgen te blijven voor de gebruiker. Om te begrijpen hoe de dreiging werkt en hoe je jezelf ertegen kunt beschermen, beginnen we met enige achtergrondinformatie.

Cryptojacking is een tactiek om de apparaten van gebruikers (computers, smartphones, tablets of zelfs servers) zonder hun toestemming of kennis te gebruiken om in het geheim cryptovaluta te minen op kosten van het slachtoffer. In plaats van hiervoor een speciale computer te bouwen, hanteren hackers cryptojacking om rekenkracht te stelen van de apparaten van hun slachtoffers. Wanneer u al deze rekenkracht optelt, kunnen hackers concurreren met geavanceerde cryptominingbedrijven zonder de dure overheadkosten.

Als u het slachtoffer bent van cryptojacking, zult u het misschien niet eens merken. De meeste cryptojackingsoftware is ontworpen om verborgen te blijven voor de gebruiker, maar dat betekent niet dat hij zijn tol niet eist. Deze diefstal van uw rekenkracht vertraagt ​​andere processen, verhoogt uw elektriciteitsrekening en verkort de levensduur van uw apparaat. Afhankelijk van hoe subtiel de aanval is, kunt u bepaalde alarmsignalen opmerken. Als uw pc of Mac langzamer gaat werken of de koelventilator vaker draait dan normaal, hebt u mogelijk een reden om cryptojacking te vermoeden.

De motivatie achter cryptojacking is simpel: geld. Het minen van cryptovaluta’s kan erg lucratief zijn, maar winst draaien is nu bijna onmogelijk voor wie niet over de middelen beschikt om de hoge kosten te dekken. Voor iemand met beperkte middelen en een twijfelachtige moraal is cryptojacking een effectieve, goedkope manier om waardevolle munten te minen.

Bron: malwarebytes


If crypto sounds a lot like “fiat” currency, you are correct, because it is a fiat currency, just with a computer in one’s home. Crypto also only exists if access to electricity exists. Turn off the electricity, and all the value disappears. However, take a lump of silver, or an ingot of copper, throw it in the ground for a century, and when somebody finds it a century later, it still has value because the value comes from the thing itself. Another big problem with crypto is the blockchain, which records as a permanent, irreversible, public record that can be accessed with essentially a decoding key- which law enforcement has access to -all transactions that the currency makes, what it was for, how much, when, and what location.