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Already A Tankie

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Fajia (Chinese法家pinyinFǎjiā)[2] or Legalism is one of Sima Tan‘s six classical schools of thought in Chinese philosophy.[3] Roughly meaning “house of Fa” (administrative “methods” or “standards”),[4] the “school” (term) represents some several branches of realistic statesmen[5] or “men of methods” (fashu zishi)[6] foundational for the traditional Chinese bureaucratic empire.[7] Compared with Machiavelli,[8] it has often been considered in the Western world as akin to the Realpolitikal thought of ancient China.[9] Largely ignoring morality or questions on how a society ideally should function, they examined contemporary government; emphasizing a realistic consolidation of the wealth and power of autocrat and state, with the goal of achieving increased order, security and stability.[10] Having close ties with the other schools,[11] some would be a major influence on Taoism[12] and Confucianism, and the current remains highly influential in administration, policy and legal practice in China today.[13]


Inspiration for Mohammed bin Salman


saudi prince threatens

Saudi Prince Mishal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud & His Son Ran Hezbo Money-Laundering Op, Threatened to Behead/Dismember Biz Partner Who Questioned It

The princes fought in British court to keep documents and transcripts of their Hezbollah dealings a secret, but they failed. Check out the transcript of a telephone conversation between Almhairat and Prince Abdulaziz bin Mishal bin Al Saud on March 21, 2010:

Prince Abdulaziz: Hello, Faisal

Faisal Almhairat: Who is this?

Prince Abdulaziz: This is Abdulaziz

Faisal Almhairat: Yes, Your Royal Highness

Prince Abdulaziz: Hello Faisal, How are you?

Faisal Almhairat: Very well, thank you, Your Royal Highness

Prince Abdulaziz: [XXX] has told me about the conversation he had with you. I’m not pleased with it.

Faisal Almhairat: I’m sorry to hear that.

Prince Abdulaziz: Faisal, I thought you were a smart man and understood your position. There is no need to explain more. Yet, it seems that I should spend my time explaining the position to you.

Faisal Almhairat: I just asked [XXX] why he would be dealing with Hezbollah.

Prince Abdulaziz: Faisal, listen to me carefully. I’ll explain this only once.

Faisal Almhairat: Yes, Your Royal Highness.

Prince Abdulaziz: We deal with whoever we want to deal with, whether it’s Hezbollah, the mafia or even the Jews.

The important thing is that you implement any given order without questioning. Even your king does not raise a question.

Who the f*** are you to raise questions about my business?

When you work for us, it’s a lifetime commitment. You agreed to obey us and in return you get our protection.

Yet, be sure if we remove our protection, you and all your family are dead within a second.

There is a single lesson which you should understand. Do as you are instructed. Otherwise, your head will be at my feet without your body.

When [XXX] tells you something on my behalf obey my orders without questioning.

Faisal Almhairat: But, Your Royal Highness…

Prince Abdulaziz: Shut-up! I haven’t finished yet.

This deal is important and I need to show Hezbollah that we can transfer the money to them smoothly.

They have potentially billions which they want to be transferred.

My father is interested in this deal and he will be very pleased with us if things go well.

My father has placed me in charge of this company and has given his money to manage and I’ll not disappoint him.

So don’t disappoint me; if you want to stay alive. Hurry up to Beirut and finish the job”.

[Emphasis added.]

And here’s part of the transcript of another recorded conversation between the two men at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai on April 9, 2011:

Prince Abdulaziz: Listen, my father [Prince Mishal] will speak to you about [Fi Call] and he may speak about other activities.

I’ve given him a full briefing about you and I’ve told him that you’re a trusted man and you are considered one of us. I told him that you helped move the money for us in Lebanon and I told him about your help in Nairobi.

Concerning Nairobi, XXX has said that you’ve been raising questions once again. It seems that you haven’t understood my last lesson to you over the phone.

Listen, carefully to what I’m telling you now. My father will tell [you] everything.

Don’t question my father about what he says or I swear you will not leave Dubai alive.

We’ll ship your body in pieces back to Jordan after which we will take care of the other members of your damned family.

Faisal Almhairat: Yes, Your Royal Highness

Advocatus Diaboli

AD, I don’t get you at all. If you said you were undesirable but prostitutes were a way you could enjoy you fantasies and you decided to accept that is just how the world is and go with it, that would be one thing. But, you demonize someone like Harvey Weinstein and say how your way is “more ethical.” It seems to me that you should respect Weinstein as a guy who was ugly but manipulated the system to get what he wanted. And that the womyn he “vicitmized” would look at you as absolute trash, so why not laugh at their “degredation” and be happy an ugly dude got some if not a dude from your race? Then you give lazy women who don’t want a 9-to-5 (“sex workers”) large sums of cash and say that their racism doesn’t matter much just like a waitresses racism doesn’t matter much because you are of to the next one…

The fact that you are so obviously hard selling your ideology on prostitution makes me think you aren’t fully sold yourself. It seems like you really, really, really want some fast approaching 30 and slightly overweight white woman to “give you a chance” and “accept you as you are.” This comes from your finger wagging at people who you think are morally beneath you and the fact you seem to think prostitution is an ethical choice. I personally am neither here nor there. I would support legalization of prostitution if it meant legalization of drugs also. But, as I said to a coworker when he mentioned going to strip clubs, “Fuck that shit. And not because I respect women or some shit. It is because I respect money and don’t like working. If they played good shit like Anthrax and Pantera AND the the broads gave me cash, I’d hang out there all day and all night. But giving some broad cash for nothing, that’s a scam.”

So, yeah, I thought a guy like you would think Harvey Weinstein and the like were G’s. But your constant whining about them makes me think you just want to impress white chicks. Because it is white chicks who claim they are “monsters.”

Comment: Well, tensions arising…

Vox Day is a Square


vox day square

vox day square 2

Captain Memo: Why reverse gamma and delta though? gamma comes before delta in the alphabet.

Scott Birch: Delta signifies change. Deltas are mostly like to shift socio-sexual profiles in their journey through life. This is mentioned in the video.

Captain Memo: Still why not describe gammas first since that makes alphabetical sense? And how does Delta signify change? It’s a letter.

Scott Birch: Google is your friend, “Captain”.

Captain Memo: I did that. It signifies difference between quantities in a mathematical sense. I guess you could steelman voxday and say that it’s about change. But why reverse the two letters in the presentation? It seems to me that he doesn’t know the correct order. Or maybe he did this because he wanted to shit on Peterson last for more effect.

VD: Because a) the labels are irrelevant and b) it serves as useful Gamma bait. You can always count on the Gammas to sperg out on the irrelevant details just to show what Smart Boys they are. The hierarchy is what it is. The behaviors exist. It’s not a freaking test of your knowledge of the alphabet, FFS.

Comment: Choose the best square to download and use as you like.