Hell? Yeah.

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God loves you so much, that he sent his only Son to die for your sins and give you an eternity in heaven. But if you refuse to accept this free and gracious gift, he’s going to throw you into a lake of fire where you will burn for eternity.

Dang. That makes Jabba the Hutt’s thousand-year Sarlacc digestion program sound like a weekend trip to Disney World.

Hell is problematic. There’s no way around it. We can use it to scare people into conversion, or at least give them a stern warning. Or we can try to avoid it, or soften it, or offer hope beyond it. But in any case, one can understand why some people might put finger quotes around the word “gospel” when they try to justify a loving God forcing an eternity of suffering on those who reject him.


If you listen carefully, some…

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Ponder Well that Terrible Word “Eternity”

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St. Scholastica

Think about death.  “Eternity Draws Near” on Traditional Catholic Priest guides you most efficaciously through such a meditation.

Yes, you can dress like a gentleman for less than a new pair of Levi’s.  An Affordable Wardrobe delights readers with a “super thick English tweed” jacket story–complete with gorgeous photos to inspire thrift store Dapper Dans everywhere–in a post intriguingly titled “Full Circle.”

When Science and the Public Disagree:  In this post, Chris Kresser reminds us that the history of science is “essentially the history of most scientists being wrong about most things most of the time.”

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The Need for Hell

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N.T. Wright’s book, “Surprised by Hope” just keeps on giving. I recently found a another thought-provoking gem. In the chapter on Paradise, Purgatory and Hell, Wright states that “Judgment – the sovereign declaration that this is good and to be upheld and vindicated, and that is evil and to be condemned – is the only alternative to chaos. (178)”

With the rise of relativism and the new American sin, The idea of any kind of judgment has become anathema. I see this in law school where professors all but say that every idea is valuable and should be free from judgment. It’s always ok to bring new ideas to the table, so long as you do not evaluate, judge or condemn any one idea; after all, that would be extremely bigoted and self-righteous of you. This is the age of tolerance and love; an age free from judgment. Please excuse me while I go…

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Onrustig bij AIVD van ‘IJdeltuit Plasterk’ na plots opstappen van collega’s.


En hoe houdt de AIVD de Tesla-technologie eronder? Dat wordt helemaal interessant…

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( van onze geheime VVD en PvdA Bestuur-Gangster redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- Met Negatief Reisadvies van de AIVD: geen slachtoffers enExcuus Truus Plasterk nabestaande van de KL4103/MH17 crash. Dank u, dank u. 
Onder het lager personeel van inlichtingendienst AIVD van de PvdA ‘IJdeltuit Ronald Plasterk’ met zijn rechterhand ‘Acacadabra Dick Schoof bestaat ‘onrust’ en ‘ongenoegen’ over bezuinigingen en het vertrek van een aantal collega’s en het graai en gelieg aan de Top. Dat zeggen meerdere bronnen bij de dienst, die uit angst voor wraak van Ronald P. en Dick van de S. anoniem willen blijven. Ook zit het lager personeel het dwars dat zij het Koningshuis en (pedo) elite groepen nooit mogen afluisteren of observeren op straffe van ontslag op staande voet of erger. Men is vooral beducht voor de crime Boss van de AIVD Rob Berthole aka de “Duivel”, die er om bekend staat als het moet zijn eigen moeder aan de hoogste boom op…

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If God Does Not Exist, Then …

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“If God does not exist, then everything is permitted.” Fyodor Dostoevsky

This is a fairly common quotation, that is, it is still in circulation. I suspect you have heard it before. In any case, it applies to a situation few of us give any thought to. As an atheist, I am unconvinced that God exists. I go farther and say that the God described by most Christians is an impossibility, so I know that the god they claim does not exist. But few go any length at all to consider what the world would be like if we all believed this. The typical theist reaction was that people would become ravening beasts: pillaging, murdering, raping, etc. They claim that without God there would be no morality. Now that a sizeable portion of this country is atheist, I hope we could put that ridiculous idea to rest. In fact, if you…

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