WHY hell is better than nukes…



Everything that lives must eventually die and become again a part of the earth. The soul leaves the body and what remains will rot away and become food and sustenance for new life. The earth will reclaim its rightful property.

Our bodies are not truly ours, and never were, but instruments loaned to us, and that debt must eventually be repaid. Life and death are one, and it will go on forever until the end of the world and death itself is conquered. Fearing death is as irrational as fearing the sun coming up tomorrow. Violence and war are nothing to be feared, not even a nuclear war. Everything on Earth is trapped in a never-ending cycle of annihilation and rebirth, for it has been ordained so.

Comment: As I always say, hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…

A post to reply to a comment


New commenter oogenhand (a convert to the cult of the Easter Bunny), recently stopped by to offer his opinions on issues raised by our recent post concerning prostitutes and lesbians.  His comment raises a number of points.  The first being that oogenhand seems to be unsure as to the identity of the Apostle Paul, confusing him with the noted pervert and church infiltrator Augustine of Hippo.  Augustine was the gnostic Manichean who infiltrated the Church and polluted it with his mad scribblings about sexual pleasure being a sin.  It was the Easter Bunny and his followers, practitioners of the Nicolaitan sin, who promoted and revered the foolishness of Augustine and his partner in crime, the pervert Jerome.

Girl-on-girl is not allowed because although the women are married to YOU, they are not married to EACH OTHER.

Commenter oogenhant’s opinion about “girl on girl” is amusing, because he is claiming two women are not allowed to have sexual contact because they are not married.

Sexual contact is not the same as sexual intercourse. Two women cannot have sexual intercourse because sexual intercourse requires a penis and women don’t have a penis. Sexual intercourse is the act of marriage, the peculiar “ceremony” if you will that begins a marriage. Thus, it is physically impossible for two women to be married to each other because two women cannot have sexual intercourse with each other and marriage begins with the act of sexual intercourse.

That fact, however, does not prevent two women from having sexual contact.

The confusion over the difference between sexual contact and sexual intercourse is amusing.  Masturbation is sexual contact with ones’ self, it is not sexual intercourse because there is no partner. Masturbation is not forbidden in any way- it’s not even mentioned or implied. “Girl on girl” is not forbidden, except within the constraints of a polygynous marriage, where female-female incest is prohibited. The prohibition presumes sexual contact between wives in a polygynous marriage, married to the same husband and most likely sharing the same bed with their husband.

All this would be one massive and somewhat amusing non sequitur except for one point- there are a number of forms of sexual contact that are forbidden. Incest, for example, is any form of sexual contact between people with forbidden relationships. Any sexual contact between men is forbidden. The point, is that sexual contact between women (except for the aforementioned prohibition on incest) is not forbidden.

It is said that there are two types of people.  Your humble Toad is of the first group, those who believe that which is not specifically forbidden is permitted and we are to use wisdom in determining if that which is permitted is good for us.

There is another group who take a different position: that which is not specifically permitted is to be viewed with great suspicion, if not outright hostility.  It is this group who have traditionally judged, shamed and manipulated their fellow Christians.  You see, at the end of the day, they are claiming their opinion on the relative morality of something is what counts.

Commenter oogenhand is, as a zealous convert to the cult of the Easter Bunny, rather opinionated.  He made further assertions. Note that all additions to oogenhand’s comment are in brackets.

Maybe polygyny is allowed and polyandry isn’t because the Bible commands MGC (circumcision), but doesn’t command FGC (clitoridectomy e.a.). Paul [Augustine of Hippo] was a gnostic manichean, who puts the spiritual and the physical at opposite ends.  [Gnostics believe] the spiritual is good and physical is bad. This is wrong. The spiritual and the physical complement each other. This means that, Biblically speaking, spiritual circumcision without physical circumcision is just as worthless as the inverse.  Paul burns in hell. Hell is eternal.

Physical circumcision is only commanded of the physical descendants of Abraham (Genesis 17:1-14)  “between Me and you and your descendants after you: every male among you shall be circumcised.  If one is not a physical descendant of Abraham or a slave who belongs to a physical descendant of Abraham, then the command of physical circumcision is not applicable. But, oogenhand complicates the issue by talking about spiritual circumcision.  What is this spiritual cirumcision?  We find the first reference in Deuteronomy 30:6

Moreover the LORD your God will circumcise your heart and the heart of your descendants, to love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul, so that you may live.

Spiritual circumcision is something the Lord does, it’s spiritual.  We find clarification in Romans 2:28-29

For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh.  But he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that which is of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter; and his praise is not from men, but from God.

Commenter oogenhand is somewhat confused by all this, saying “Biblically speaking, spiritual circumcision without physical circumcision is just as worthless as the inverse.”   He then goes on to say the Apostle Paul is going to hell.  Like many followers of the Easter Bunny, he believes his opinion is more important than what the Bible says.  Which is why they place their traditions above the Bible.

  • Circumcision of a descendant of Abraham is the act that signifies their entry into the covenant and is a sign of the covenant.
  • Sexual intercourse is the act by which a man and woman are married and a sign that the man and woman are married.

These are physical acts, significant in and of themselves, a sign of the covenant.  Yet, along with the physical act, there is also the spiritual.

  • Circumcision of the heart is a spiritual circumcision by Spirit, performed by the Lord.
  • The spiritual joining of “becoming one flesh” is the act of the Lord that joins the two in marriage as one flesh.

Mere sexual contact is not the same as sexual intercourse and sexual contact does not signify anything other than a desire for sexual gratification.  It may be generally forbidden based on the relationship (incest, males with males, etc.),  or it may be permitted because there is no prohibition at all.  Masturbation is an example of this and “girl on girl” sexual contact falls into this category.

Female genital mutilation is not the same thing as circumcision and female genital mutilation does not signify anything other than the attitudes and beliefs of the people who do such things.  And when one considers that it’s the older women who do that sort of thing, not the men, it might give a thinking person something to ponder.

Polygyny and polyamory cannot be compared because polygyny is a marriage with more than one wife.  Polyamory is an attack on marriage and in fact, a denial of marriage because a woman can only be bound to one man.

Danish Medical Association says it’s ethically wrong to circumcise children


Chief Rabbi of Denmark Yair Melchior on Wednesday night clarified that legislation to ban brit mila (Jewish ritual circumcision) was not on the table, following media reports that the Danish Medical Association was pushing for legislation against the practice on anyone under the age of 18.

The chief rabbi released a statement emphasizing that while the Medical Association had issued a statement claiming that it was ethically wrong to circumcise a person without his consent as an adult, it also made clear that it would not pursue legislation on the matter.

The association said last week that circumcision should be “an informed, personal choice” that young men should make for themselves.

“It is most consistent with the individual’s right to self-determination that parents not be allowed to make this decision but that it is left up to the individual when he has come of age,” said Lise Moller, chairwoman of the doctors’ association’s ethics board, adding that male circumcision carries a risk of complications and should only be performed on children when there is a documented medical need.

However, the association also noted a ban could have serious implications, “both for the involved boys, who could for example face bullying or unauthorized procedures with complications, and for the cultural and religious groups they belong to.”

Melchior said that just as the Jewish community spoke out strongly against the statement, Gorm Greisen, chairman of Denmark’s Ethical Council, had also said on national television that there was no ethical issue involved in the matter or with parents making the decision for their child.

All new Met police constables MUST be able to speak a second language

All new Met police constables MUST be able to speak a second language

Fancy becoming a copper in the Met? Well you had better start brushing up on your Punjabi or Greek then.

That is if you want to apply to the London force during their current recruitment drive.

The Metropolitan Police have announced their during their current intake on constables they will only accept applicants with a second language.

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From today if you want a job with the Met Police you’ll need to speak these languages
This advert has now appeared on the Met Police’s website. (Picture: Met Police)
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And don’t think your GCSE French will get you in either because they are pretty specific about what they want.

Here they are:

Yoruba (Nigeria)
Sinhali (Sri Lanka)
A spokesman from the Met told Metro.co.uk that this current recruitment drive will last about four weeks.

At that point they said they will review the policy.

The drive has been launched to help officers better interact with London’s ethnically diverse communities.

However interestingly enough neither Somali or French are on the list.

Somali is the capital’s third most spoken language and the London is the sixth biggest French speaking city in the world.

Ras en godsdienst


Ten aanzien van de belediging van joden voert De Kreek aan dat hij dient te worden vrijgesproken en stelt daartoe dat het technisch onmogelijk is om joden als groep op basis van ras te beledigen, nu joden niet als ras beschouwd kunnen worden. Evenmin zou het mogelijk zijn joden op basis van hun godsdienst te beledigen, nu de meeste joden ongodsdienstig zijn, aldus De Kreek (r.o. 5.3.3). De rechtbank gaat met De Kreek mee in zijn eerste bewering en oordeelt dat joden niet beschouwd kunnen worden als ras “nu joden niet genetisch zijn te onderscheiden en nu gemeenschappelijke afkomst geen voorwaarde is om jood te kunnen zijn” (r.o. 5.4.8). De rechtbank stelt evenwel dat zijn tweede bewering niet opgaat, nu de meeste joden wel het Jodendom aanhangen.

Commentaar: Het is dus interessant dat Marokkanen wel als ras beschouwd worden in de zin van de Wet en dus beschermd worden tegen belediging.