America is no longer white European majority ruled

If Israelis were smarter people they would have seen the future of Zionism as a complete dead end as Palestinians are many in Palestine and the number of foreign Jews willing to live in an army camp of a nation aren’t that many. Democracy will eventually restore Palestinians to control of even Israel as they will out vote Israeli Jews, some say sooner than 2050, and that will spell the end of Israel unless Israel takes Nazi steps to oust Palestinians from Israel and that would mean the real end of America’s, Europe’s and the world’s tolerance for Jewish Zionist fanatics. So any way you slice it, Israel as a Jewish enterprise is facing its End Times along with the religion which loses more members every year. Racism is not fashionable in our times, especially now that America is no longer white European majority ruled.

Comment: Again, raise your hand against my God, and be destroyed. Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…

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