One Brave Mother’s Fight to Abolish the Sex Offender Registry

I asked recently why there isn’t more Barbara Hewsons in this world, women with the integrity to speak out against the injustices of the Sexual Trade Union that nearly all women benefit from. I’m often told by female worshipping ‘hebephiles’ that there are actually millions of women just itching to campaign for their husbands and boyfriends to be allowed to choose nubile teenage girls over them. Where all these women are and why they appear to be silent, despite the much lower risks they face in speaking out, is a mystery. The only women who do raise their voices appear to be a handful of American mothers whose teenage sons have been caught up in the USA’s particularly insane sex offender laws. The following woman is one such mother, but her courage cannot be denied. Whilst so-called men’s human rights activists might occasionally point out the particular absurdity of putting 14 year old boys on a register supposedly designed to protect children, they refuse to speak out against the sex offender registry in general – the modern feminist equivalent of the Nazi Pink Triangle, happy to throw men shamed for life under feminist anti-male sex laws to the wolves, in order to avoid any sex hysteria ‘heat’ being directed at themselves, and also to avoid missing the opportunity to take a slice of the trillion dollar child abuse industry. However, this brave mother, whose 17 year old son was placed on the register after sleeping with a pre-teen girl at a party, puts MHRAs to shame by campaigning for the sex offenders register to be abolished altogether.

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