If there is one thing the book is clearly against, it is sexual abuse.


Toronto sex educator Cory Silverberg, who almost single-handledly brought the annual Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference to an end after 30 years with last year’s presentation on the latest sex technology, has come out with a book for pre-teens on sex, fetchingly titled,Sex is a Funny Word: A Book about Bodies, Feelings and You.

The 160-page book is heavily and brightly illustrated by artist Fiona Smyth with pictures of children in far more colours than the rainbow contains, conveying what CBC Radio show “Q” fulsomely describes as Silverberg’s “radically inclusive, diverse and open” approach.

Significantly, the CBC said nothing about Silverberg’s 2014 presentation on advances in sexual technology, with 11-year-old Oregonians and young teens in his audience, titled  “From Texting to Teledildonics: Is Technology Changing Sex?” This provoked such intense news media attention and alarm among parents and school boards that this year’s event was cancelled.

In fact, the CBC did consider supplementing their piece on Silverberg’s new book with criticism from conservative parents associated with the popular resistance to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s pansexual sex education curriculum. But when the designated conservative spokesman, Jack Fonseca of the Campaign Life Coalition, told CBC about Silverberg’s Oregon debacle, the publicly-owned broadcaster dropped him like a hot potato.

When Fonseca asked CBC Radio producer Tyrone Callender when the agreed-on interview would take place, Callender replied late on Wednesday, with, “Got the articles. Sorry I wasn’t able to follow up with you earlier but I was working on several other segments today. Thank you for reaching out to offer your perspective on this issue.”

Thank you but no thank you. By Thursday the sympathetic interview with Silverberg was on air without conservative criticism. Instead, the host served up parental opponents to the Ontario Sex Education Curriculum as straw men for Silverberg to knock down. Their hostility to Wynne’s agenda was not only un-Canadian, he obligingly offered, but based on “fear” and ignorance – “a problem of parents reacting without knowing what’s going into the curriculum.”

His book is engagingly written for children raised on comic books with many of its messages delivered as cartoon balloons coming from the purple, green and orange heads of the small group of pre- and early-teens being treated to an imaginary tour of “sex” by their teacher. In keeping with Silverberg’s insistence that “it’s not my place… to tell kids that sexting is good or bad or that masturbation is a bad thing,” every kind of relationship is treated approvingly, regardless of how far it deviates from the normal. Reproduction via sexual intercourse, for example, “is [only] one way grown-ups make babies.”

Friendship, crushes, the different kinds of love, genitalia and different ways to touch others and oneself. While the genitals are explicitly depicted, masturbation is handled more delicately, with the clear message this needs to be done privately but not secretly.

If there is one thing the book is clearly against, it is sexual abuse. And a child can be sure there is something wrong going on when the other person insists on keeping it secret. Do the opposite, says Silverberg, and tell someone you trust, or better, tell several people.

While Silverberg told CBC Radio the book could be used by religious parents, there is little doubt that explicit illustrations of breasts, nipples and genitals would be deemed age-inappropriate at best, and immodest and offensive by conservative Christians, Jews, and Muslims. As for the encouragement of masturbation, this would not so much lead to discussion as to argument with religious parents. Finally, the trivialization of the traditional heterosexual marriage would alarm the same Ontarians that are protesting Premier Wynne’s radical sex curriculum.

If Silverberg seems tone-deaf to conservative Ontario, he is more like a visitor from another planet to the citizens of Oregon. In his keynote address to Oregon parents, educators, and ‘tweens as young as 11, he gave how-to, on-screen lessons on a virtual, interactive sex site called VirtualFem, on how make an avatar for Internet interactions, and on how to use “teledildonics,” which are genital stimulators that can be operated reciprocally by sexual partners in remote locations.

Silverberg begins, however, with a grotesquely botched history lesson revealing the field of sexology’s inherent bias against religion in general and Christianity in particular. He tells how St. Bernard of Clairvaux, “who kind of ruled everything,” wanted to “destroy all the mills” because these highly productive and progressive innovations, powered by wind and water, were places where classes mingled and sexual acts happened.

“So this would be tantamount to threatening to destroying the Internet, or destroying all cars and the knowledge to build them,” said Silverberg. While this comparison may be true, the rest is not. St. Bernard advised a single abbot whose mill brought prostitutes together with friar-millers to either kick out the women, replace the friars with civilians, or abandon the mill. Christian monasteries didn’t destroy mills, they famously built them and spread their use across Europe to the general enrichment of the population, along with other agricultural innovations.

All this has been explained by historian Rodney Stark in a series of books, such asThe Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom and Capitalism, and Western Success.

Silverberg is not the only sex educator to spread glaring falsehoods about the Catholic Church. Colorado Springs sex therapist David Snarch for many years told seminar-takers how the Church stood in Columbus’ way because it didn’t want its teaching that the world was flat to be refuted. In fact, educated Europe had known since before the time of Christ that the world was round.

One youth in Oregon recorded Silverberg’s talk and leaked it to KOIN6 TV, which launched a series of investigative reports that brought down a storm of criticism on the 30-year-old conference, including threats from the local sheriff to shut it down. This year the state-wide consortium of “progressive” educators decided to avoid the furore and cancelled the event several months ahead of time.

Campaign Life Coalition’s Jack Fonseca told LifeSiteNews, “Shame on the CBC for promoting a man who is on record having promoted a pornographic website and remote- control sex toys to children as young as 11 years old.  Such a person should never be given honours and accolades. This shows that CBC Radio has no integrity whatsoever, going even so far as to bury hard evidence. It’s ironic, isn’t it, that ‘Q’ is the same program that Jian Ghomeshi, the alleged abuser of women, used to host?”

Comment: Yeah, and this is problematic?

Mexico doesn’t play ball with USA


Last week, Mexican Senator Gabriela Cuevas addressed a conference on child exploitation, “Combatting Child and Adolescent Pornography,” and announced that at least 85,000 Mexican children have been forced into child pornography.

Mexico has recently become the world’s largest distributor of child pornography, according to Mexican officials.

Jacobo Bello, coordinator for the federal police’s electronic crimes unit, also attended the conference and provided a very sobering fact…

While there were roughly 11,000 documented cases of child pornography in Mexico, during 2012, a mere 16 individuals were actually arrested in those cases.

Why so few arrests?

-Mexico’s current laws do not require internet service providers to hand over information to law enforcement on users who regularly distribute child pornographic images, making investigations very difficult.

There are also more than 1,300 Mexican websites devoted to the distribution of child pornography, according to La Jornada.

-Since the drug cartels branched out into the human smuggling business, thousands of young girls have disappeared throughout Mexico. Most of them are forced into prostitution in both Mexico as well as the United States, but many have undoubtedly also been used in the growing child pornography business.

In Sight Crime reported:

Mexican criminal organizations are known to be involved in human trafficking and have been linked to underage prostitution. With an estimated 800,000 adults and 20,000 children trafficked for sexual exploitation each year in the country, it is feasible that some trafficked children become part of Mexico’s large child pornography industry.

Another item which plays a part in this sickening trade, and rarely reported upon, is Mexico’s cultural attitude toward young girls.

You see, the age of sexual consent throughout the majority of Mexico is 12 years of age.

Article 261 of Mexico’s Federal Criminal Code states:

Whoever, without the purpose of reaching copulation, performs a sexual act on a person under 12 or on a person that has no capacity of understanding the meaning of the act or that for any reason cannot resist, or demands that the act is performed, will be punished with a term of 2 to 5 years in prison.

In addition to Mexico City, the age of consent is 12 in the following Mexican states:


-Baja California Sur













-Qunitana Roo

-San Louis Potosi





The age of consent is 15 in Mexico state, 13 in Yucatan and Zacatecas, the age of consent is actually listed as “puberty” in Nayarit and 14 in the seven remaining Mexican states.

Until Mexican laws are drastically changed and then enforced, that nation’s children will continue to be exploited in the most sickening manner.

Comment: Who overruns whom? As long as Anglos think fertile females should be treated as toddlers, it isn’t surprising they lose the demographic war.

Vox Day doesn’t understand women


vox day women

Also, if the current DNA theory has it right and most of the women were European, it would have been very hard for the Semitic men to uproot them in order to “return” to their non-homeland. I suspect that would have been the more significant factor.

Despite being “alpha”, or even “sigma”, Vox Day cannot grasp the concept of patrilineality. Ethnic and religious identity in women is far weaker than in men. This is the result of thousands, if not millions of years, human males forming groups that attack other groups of human males and take the human females associated with them. These human females are then impregnated, and the offspring is raised as part of the paternal group.

Israel offers to help Nigeria find abducted girls


JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel offered Nigeria help on Sunday in locating 200 schoolgirls abducted last month by Islamist rebel group Boko Haram in an attack that has drawn global condemnation and prompted some Western powers to provide assistance.

“Israel expresses deep shock at the crime against the girls,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office quoted him as telling Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan by phone. “We are ready to help in finding the girls and fighting the cruel terrorism inflicted on you.”

The statement did not elaborate on how Israel might enlist in the search, with which British and U.S. experts are also helping. A spokesman for Israel’s Foreign Ministry said he knew of no cooperation efforts under way.

Israel has defense ties with Nigeria, and has provided it in the past with surveillance drones. Last September, Israel was among several countries that sent advisers to Kenya to assist in a stand-off with Islamist gunmen who attacked a mall in Nairobi.

(Writing by Dan Williams; Editing by Mark Trevelyan)

One Brave Mother’s Fight to Abolish the Sex Offender Registry


I asked recently why there isn’t more Barbara Hewsons in this world, women with the integrity to speak out against the injustices of the Sexual Trade Union that nearly all women benefit from. I’m often told by female worshipping ‘hebephiles’ that there are actually millions of women just itching to campaign for their husbands and boyfriends to be allowed to choose nubile teenage girls over them. Where all these women are and why they appear to be silent, despite the much lower risks they face in speaking out, is a mystery. The only women who do raise their voices appear to be a handful of American mothers whose teenage sons have been caught up in the USA’s particularly insane sex offender laws. The following woman is one such mother, but her courage cannot be denied. Whilst so-called men’s human rights activists might occasionally point out the particular absurdity of putting 14 year old boys on a register supposedly designed to protect children, they refuse to speak out against the sex offender registry in general – the modern feminist equivalent of the Nazi Pink Triangle, happy to throw men shamed for life under feminist anti-male sex laws to the wolves, in order to avoid any sex hysteria ‘heat’ being directed at themselves, and also to avoid missing the opportunity to take a slice of the trillion dollar child abuse industry. However, this brave mother, whose 17 year old son was placed on the register after sleeping with a pre-teen girl at a party, puts MHRAs to shame by campaigning for the sex offenders register to be abolished altogether.




Everyone remember Kony 2012? It was the social media campaign designed to enlist the support of millions of affluent Westerners to join in the fight against Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony simply by altering their cover photos and tweeting out #Kony2012.

It ended up gaining an incredible amount of support and was one of the major cultural phenomenons of 2012. But it ultimately resulted in zero actual results–except making millions of SWPLs feel good about themselves for taking 30 minutes out of their day to care about the child soldiers of the Lord’s Resistance Army.

In 2014, we are once again seeing a similar story take over the media and tingle the white paternalistic instincts of SWPLs everywhere. The abduction of over 250 girls (which are always referred to as “schoolgirls” by Western media outlets) by the radical Islamist group Boko Haram shocked many in the West and prompted many self-righteous outcries.

Of course this is a tragic situation and shows how merciless life is in sub-Saharan Africa. But despite the brazenness and the quantity of the victims, how is this worse than any of the other ravages typical of Third World conflicts?

Similar to the Kony campaign, it began with social media—in particular, a hashtag. That hashtag is #BringBackOurGirls. Being somewhat of an expert on hashtag diplomacy, I was not surprised that this was the method to enlist SWPL support in the cause of finding the missing girls (schoolgirls, I mean). But after three weeks, the vast majority of girls are still unaccounted for and Boko Haram is threatening to sell them off as soon as possible (which prompted another hashtag: #RealMenDontBuyGirls).

And this brings up why this case has grabbed the attention of white liberals: it has all the trappings of a perfect narrative for them. It involves black, African girls going to school against the wishes of the traditionalist Islamic sects that dominate Northern Nigeria, then being abducted by reactionary elements who want to force them into slavery, and the media insinuating that the only way to solve the situation is with the courageous help of Westerners rushing to the aid of the abductees…with tweets.

So, a perfect situation with minimal risk and investment makes this a story that’s ripe for Western attention. Except it looks like not much will come of it. The Nigerian government is already upset that this story has been become an international topic and has arrested protesters demanding the Nigerian army do more to save the girls. They have also done little to “bring them back” in the past three weeks.

What has also been little discussed in this black-and-white morality play is that the government has committed similar actions against the Nigerian Islamists. Several women and children of the militants have been arrested by the government and interned in camps, thus prompting Boko Haram to pay the government back in kind with abductions of their own.

But don’t expect that side to come out in too much—they already have an established villain and they want to bring “our” girls back no matter what the facts. This played out in the Kony case as well when millions of young Westerners took to Facebook and Twitter to shriek at the war criminal for employing child soldiers without bothering to research that the people he fought against and who would be responsible for bringing him to “justice” also employed child soldiers.

The point of these stories is not to motivate Whites to actually solve these issues, but to give them something to briefly care about, tweet about, and feel morally superior about. It also reinforces the impression that only people who live in Western countries can rescue Africa from itself. But that is the whole root of the problem.

We’re trying to transform Africa into the West when it can never become the West. Instead, this attempted transformation only results in war, overpopulation, misery, genocide, famine, unbridled corruption, slavery, and disease for the Africans who have to live with the consequences of White paternalism.

White liberals don’t. They go off to Whole Foods, buy some organic kale, tell the bearded cashier how awful it is that people would abduct little schoolgirls, score some morality points, and go on with their day like they never knew that some people might have to deal with seeing all of their children butchered before their eyes.

And the instigator of this situation is that these girls are attending schools against the cultural traditions of the area. While Hillary Clinton can pontificate about how education is apparently a basic human right, how are these girls benefitting from this education? Seriously, how are they benefitting? It is destroying their communities, causing them to become prime targets for the slave market, and fuelling a bloody civil war. What is the gain except it makes a few Whites and Oprah Winfrey feel good about themselves? White countries have been investing in education initiatives like this ever since we decolonized the continent and the continent has only become worse. Is it all worth it if the girls can now use their newly learned math skills to count how many of their family members have been slaughtered because of their educational pursuit?

Here’s how to solve this situation for good: stop imposing our idiotic liberal values on other peoples and let Africans solve their own problems. We can only delay and make their problems worse. We hope that the girls are found safe, but they are not “our” girls. They are Nigeria’s girls and it is best if we stay out of the country for good. Let them live their lives the way they always have and stop forcing them to live like our degenerated selves. Then maybe the dark continent can find a semblance of peace.

Until that time, we can only watch this scenario play out like the Kony situation: a whole lot of sound and fury that ultimately leads to nothing except SWPL masturbation.

Facebook is a ‘major location for online child sexual grooming’


Facebook is one of the UK’s major online locations for child sex grooming, according to the head of Britain’s top child abuse investigating agency.

Fourteen-year-old Hannah Smith killed herself after she was bullied by users of the social-networking website Ask.fm

Fourteen-year-old Hannah Smith killed herself after she was bullied by users of the social-networking website Ask.fm Photo: Newsteam
Christopher Hope

By , Senior Political Correspondent

3:47PM BST 15 Oct 2013

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Peter Davies, chief executive of Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, said that half of all child sexual exploitation takes place on social networks

British children were being “harvested” by foreign abusers who were getting access to children in their homes over the internet.

He told MPs in the House of Commons: “It is not uncommon to encounter situations where offenders in one country will target and harvest victims in a completely different part of the world.”

Mr Davies said that half of all online child sexual exploitation was taking place over social networks, and suggested they could do more to stop to abuse.

He said: “At the moment we are seeing half of this kind of activity, online child sexual exploitation, taking place through social networking site.

“But what is to blame is human behaviour, albeit through the internet amplified, multiplied and in some cases almost industrialised to a quite remarkable degree.”

Many offenders were from overseas. He added: “It is not uncommon to encounter situations where offenders in one country will target and harvest victims in a completely different part of the world.”

Mr Davies said there are an estimated “50,000 people in the UK who commit offences at least to a level of possessing indecent mages of children”.

On the images his team were viewing he said: “Victims are getting younger and younger and the level of abuse portrayed appears to be getting worse and worse.”

The MPs on the Culture, Media and Sport committee heard there are an estimated 300million sexual images of children circulating in the UK. One or two new images were being created and entering circulation every week.

Earlier campaigners had warned that people using the internet at home were just three clicks away from accessing illegal child abuse images.

John Carr, Secretary of the Children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety, said: “You can get pretty quickly to some of them.”

Some of the adult sites contained barely concealed code words where “just a couple of clicks through there you will find stuff that is not legal”. He added: “You need a little of determination but not a great deal.”

Mr Carr suggested that companies which ran adult sites should copy the gambling industry and use an “age verification system” to stop children seeing adult porn.

He said: “Companies who make pornography available should take steps to make sure that kids can’t access it. They should employ age verification.

“The British gambling industry has done it with tremendous success. There are technical tools available – they are not being used, they should be.”

Anthony Smythe, managing director of the campaign group Beatbullying, also said that cyber bullying should be made a criminal offence.

There is no a specific law which makes cyber-bullying illegal, although it can be considered a criminal offence under legislation such as the Protection from Harassment Act and the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act.

Mr Smythe said: “A number of countries are having this debate – Australia and New Zealand are bringing in new legislation.

“Canada is about to bring in new legislation – Ireland is looking at it. There is an element that everyone is playing catch-up.

“I would like not only to see legislation around cyber-bullying but I would like legislation on bullying and cyber-bullying. A child will be bullied in the play ground and that will continue online, and we need to make that link.”

A Facebook spokesman said: “We fight hard against child sexual exploitation and grooming.

“People on Facebook have access to educational resources and powerful reporting tools so they can report inappropriate behaviour and get help in the unlikely event that they need it.

“We have a global team of hundreds of safety experts committed to protecting the people using Facebook – and are proud of the work we do in partnership with CEOP to bring offenders to justice.”

A National Crime Agency spokesman said: “There are many social networking sites and websites used by offenders to target children and young people. The NCA CEOP Command’s 2013 Threat Assessment on Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse highlighted that 48.5% of online child sexual exploitation reports received were linked to social networking sites, of which Facebook is only one.

“CEOP and Facebook has a strong working relationship. Facebook has put in place robust reporting mechanisms and works proactively to support investigations. We encourage all social networks to work as proactively to help us bring more offenders to justice and protect more children from abuse.

“However, it is not the environments but offender behaviour that we need to concentrate on. Children need to know how to stay safe on all social networks and we work closely with Facebook and others to ensure these messages reach children and their parents and carers.”

Comment: Again, to be expected.