British Police: Teenagers who share ‘sexts’ could face prosecution

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The British police are now threatening children who share ‘abuse images’ of themselves with prosecution.

A police force has warned schoolchildren who share so-called “sexts” with friends over the internet that they could face prosecution in the criminal courts.

In a letter sent to schools in Nottinghamshire, the county’s sexual exploitation investigation unit said officers were receiving reports on a daily basis of naked images being sent between teenagers using mobile phones.

This is another shocking move in Britain’s ‘paedophile police state’ apparatus. This kind of behaviour, in which the police gloat as they jail children for sexually abusing themselves, has been going on in the USA for years. And now it finally hits Britains shores. Soon we will be in a situation where there are children who have been incarcerated in the British gulag for years on end for harmless sexual acts. The next stage for Britain – and…

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Meanwhile, others among the feminists warned of the dangers of repression. In an 1897 lecture, feminist Josephine Butler cautioned against overzealous vigilance vigilantes. Moral crusades, she suggested, had a tendens to exaggerate regressive notions of female innocence and male vice—and thus undermine the feminist claim for equality. And they were, by necessity, coercive endeavors. “Beware of ‘Purity Societies’ … ready to accept and endorse any amount of inequality in the laws, any amount of coercive and degrading treatment of their fellow creatures,” Butler warned, “in the fatuous belief that you can oblige human beings to be moral by force.” But even the Butlerites couldn’t always heed their own advice, at times falling back on coercive strategies to control the sexual behavior of young girls…

Hundreds Of Disabled People Sent On Workfare Every Week, Is Unpaid Work The New Segregation?

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Disabled activists protesting in 2007 against Tesco, an early pioneer of unpaid work. Pic from here

The new Minister for Murdering Disabled People, Nick Harper has teamed up with David Cameron this week to boast about huge numbers of disabled people being sent to work without pay, often for profit making companies.  The gushing press release forms part of the DWP’s cringe-making Disability Confident campaign, the latest gimmick to cover up the endless vicious attacks on disabled people by the department.

According to the figures around 45,000 people registered as disabled with Jobcentres have been referred to an unpaid work placement since 2011.  Of those 29,000 were sent on the Work Experience programme and 16,000 on Sector Based Work Academies, which the DWP now appear to be claiming leads to a guaranteed real job.  This is a lie, Sector Based Work Academies promise a job interview only as

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Criticising Government Policy Online Is “Unacceptable Intimidation” According To Treasury

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byteback-fb1As pointed out by @refuted, the Treasury’s claim that a recent anti-workfare social media storm was “unacceptable intimidation” comes just days after an Upper Tribunal judge endorsed this kind of criticism as “legitimate political expression”.

The comments came after news broke that Bristol IT company Byteback had pulled out of workfare a week after being visited by George Osborne to sing the praises of the scheme.  Hundreds of people had contacted Byteback on social media expressing dismay at their involvement in forced work after some fierce questioning from @andygale on twitter caused them to refer to their unpaid workers as ‘employees of the state’.

Shortly after this bombardment, and in a huge embarrassment for Osborne, Byteback apologised for their involvement in his grubby scheme and promised “no more involvement ever with workfare”.

This prompted a tantrum from the Treasury who took to the national press to complain of…

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