A superb use of the “trot out the toddler” argument

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One of the best ways to respond to almost an pro-abortion argument is to “trot out the toddler.” Via Stand to Reason:

Many of pro-choice arguments would be unthinkable if applied to a toddler.  It’s a good tactic to “trot out the toddler.”  Show the absurdity of the argument by showing what it would mean if applied to a toddler.  It refocuses the argument on the one question that matters:  What is the unborn?

This is a perfect example used by the mother of a Down Syndrome child when a cashier suggested that she should have aborted the boy.  Via Sometimes I Forget…. .

Like the cashier that gave me sad eyes and spit poison in a whisper,

“I bet you wish you had known before he came out. You know they have a test for that now…”

Shock, horror, hurt and fury coursed through my body. I considered jerking…

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Woman invents hunky man character for her book, then leaves her husband for him



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My good friend Dina sent me this article about a very crazy, irrational woman who does not value marriage at all.


Her steamy, bestselling novels and strong male characters have seduced hundreds of thousands of female readers worldwide.

But Jodi Ellen Malpas has revealed she has split from her own Mr Right – because he no longer lives up to the fantasy she created.

The 34-year-old, whose This Man trilogy has sold more than 500,000 copies, has left her husband of ten years after ‘falling in love’ with one of her characters.

Ms Malpas, from Northampton, says: ‘All my fictional men are strong, successful, sophisticated and enigmatic. I guess it’s hard for any living, breathing man to live up to such a fantasy.

‘In This Man I created Jesse Ward, whose forceful personality was appealing to me. There is no denying I fell in love with him.

‘After all, I…

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Nord Gene Hijacker Sighting: Jew Acting German In An American Park


Hey, Dutch lineage!

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Daily life in America has become a full on freakshow. Parks abound with Mystery Meat, gooks, spics, Nigs, and other DieVersity flora and fauna.

And then there are Jews trying to ‘pass ‘ as European…

It isn’t enough that these people are trying to genocide Europeans and purport Blonde Gynocide. Now they have to show up at parks at try to be ‘European’.

Please. You can paint a turd gold but it is still a turd.

I entered the park with my kids and sat on a bench near a father with his two boys. I overheard this man speaking German. His towheaded kids were cute, yet they were blondes with black eyes. I looked at the father who was an obvious Hebe.

He kept speaking German and I kept glancing over at him, trying to make sense of the fact that here is a Jew who hates Whites and…

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Encrypted-a challenge


The basics; Paper-and-pencil methods…

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Unknown-2When I was a kid, I remember learning two encryption techniques from my grandmother. The first was the substitution cipher / Caesar cipher / Secret decoder ring method. These cryptograms are found in newspapers everywhere and they give at least a taste of how current encryption works – despite being reasonably simple to crack given a long enough message.

Ralphie: [after cracking a secret code, reading it]Be sure to…drink your… Ovaltine. Ovaltine?! A crummy commercial?! Son of a bitch!

The second was using a scytale, a rod of a certain diameter around which parchment can be wrapped to align letters in a way that a message becomes readable.images

I was fascinated by Morse code, but never really took the time to learn it. It is fascinating because it is a simple code that can be used in a variety of ways (e.g. with lights over long distances, knocks…

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Amnesty releases anti-spying program for activists

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Amnesty International has released a program that can spot spying software used by governments to monitor activists and political opponents.

The Detekt software was needed as standard anti-virus programs often missed spying software, it said.

Amnesty said many governments used sophisticated spying tools that could grab images from webcams or listen via microphones to monitor people.

It wants to see more regulation of the spying software used by governments.

“These spying tools are marketed on their ability to get round your bog-standard anti-virus,” said Tanya O’Carroll, an adviser on technology and human rights at Amnesty International.

The makers of spying software did extensive testing to ensure that the way they infected and lurked on a computer did not trigger security alerts, she added.

You can download the software from HERE

Free of charge

Detekt has been developed over the past two years to spot the few telltale signs spying programs…

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