Sanitary Napkin

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I’ve posted this on my Facebook and Instagram already, but I’m posting it here to provide a bit more information. For the record, I did not invent the idea to use a sanitary napkin as a filter and moisture collector. It is something that was done by some in Africa during the Ebola crisis. I’m just reminding people of this option, and providing a possible design.

To make this, you need a long scarf, about the size of the average dupatta or pashmina or shoulder shawl, a couple of large safety pins or a safety pin and an elastic clip, and an “ultra” (thin superabsorbent) sanitary napkin with wings.

The reason to opt for a scarf over a brief mask is a combination of comfort and containment. A scarf isn’t going to chafe as much, and your mouth and nose are fully covered at least by cloth regardless of the direction you turn your head. Sweat will also be caught and wicked away from your skin, making it less likely that you’ll want to touch your face, reach to scratch under the mask, etc. It may be good for kids or people who tend to forget.

A big problem with most masks is fogging. It makes using a conventional mask useless for me because within a few minutes, I can’t see. If you are wearing glasses and/or goggles or a face shield, you need a pad that will really suck and divert moisture away from the eye area.

At this point I’ve been wearing it over an hour, and my glasses aren’t fogging up at all. Feel free to use this design and invent your own. Be safe and well out there everyone.  Ashe!


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