In 2014 how can a child be valued at £8 or $13?


Like many Western countries the UKs society seems very cultural, diverse and free.  However not every country has the benefit of such freedom.  Today in The Times it is reported that young school girls are being kidnapped in Nigeria and “…are being smuggled into neighbouring countries and forced to marry Islamist extremists for £8 each, according to a leader of the town from where they were abducted”

Two weeks ago the BBC reported that at least 200 girls were abducted whilst they slept in their dormitories at school by militants.  The Times reports “Their kidnappers are thought to be members of Boko Haram, the jihadist group wreaking terror in much of Nigeria’s northern region. Its name means “western education is forbidden”.

Is this a long term plan to ‘breed’ future terrorist? I don’t know, but it raises a another serious question – how can the cost of life be…

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