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The main reason the West is going down, is the stubborn and arrogant refusal to learn non-Western languages. Everybody should learn at least one of the following: Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic.
For America, add Spanish, Nahuatl, Ojibwe. For Western Europe: add Turkish, Urdu, Tamazight, Somali. To close for Eastern Europe: again, Turkish, Albanian, Chechen.
As someone said: “Action is everything. If he sets up a site, I can manage a 30 minute lesson a day with whatever language he chooses. It takes very little time to open a wordpress blog. Post lessons everyday. In a month’s time, we’ll see a big difference.”
And so I oblige:

Here some Turkish:
köpek the dog                       köpekler the dogs
köpegin of the dog              köpeklerin of the dogs
köpege to the dog               köpeklere to the dogs
köpegi the dog (object)    köpekleri the dogs(object)
köpekte at the dog              köpeklerde at the dogs
köpekten from the dog     köpeklerden from the dogs

bir köpek a dog

Now the verb:
buluyorum          I find
buluyorsun         you find
buluyor                he finds
buluyoruz           we find
buluyorsunuz    you find
buluyorlar          they find

The past tense of bulmak, to find:
buldum        I found
buldun         you found
buldu            he found
bulduk          we found
buldunuz     you all found
buldular      they found

Here some Albanian:
jam                I am
je                    you are
është             he is
jemi               we are
jeni                you all are
janë               they are

Some Albanian for Roosh, the regular verb:
zhvirgjeroj         I deflorate
zhvirgjeron        you deflorate
zhvirgjeron        he deflorates
zhvirgjerojmë   we deflorate
zhvirgjeroni       you deflorate
zhvirgjerojnë    they deflorate

Stay tuned for the next installment!

5 thoughts on “Learn Languages

  1. Here I am, your first pupil. I learn best by doing so I’ll write some sentances later today using all these words, saying them aloud as well.

  2. I feel confident with this material so far. I have the stuff on our site plus real classes so I can do one set a day. My lingual background is of course English and German long ago.


    buluyor = to find

    -um I
    -un you
    – he/she/it
    -uk/uz we
    -nuz you guys/you all
    -lar they

    -in of
    -e to
    -i object
    – at
    -ten from
    -ler plural
    -lerin of the plural
    -e to the plural
    -de at the plural
    -den from the plural


    zhvirgjeroj = to deflorate

    – j I
    – n you
    – n he/she/it
    -jme we
    -ni you all
    -jne they

    1. Turkish is more tricky than it superficially seems. For instance, it has vowel harmony. Front vowels are followed by front vowels, back vowels are followed by back vowels. Round vowels are followed by either high round vowels, or low unrounded vowels. Also, consonants assimilate in voice to the preceding consonant, that is, k,t and p change a following d into a t. Otherwise, the plural -ler/-lar is followed by the singular case suffixes.
      The verb has two sets of endings. The endings in the present are the same as the verb ‘to be’.

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