Alex Jones Promotes White Genocide

The obese and presumably drug-addled shill Alex Jones has begun speaking up against the anti-White agenda on a more and more regular basis, being pressured by us in the real truth movement to address the actual problems in society.

Interestingly, though not entirely surprisingly, Jones is also openly promoting the genocide of the White race through his News-Babe Lee Ann McAdoo, who is involved in a romantic relationship with an ape.

The ape in question is a certain Valin Zamarron from the Austin-based rap group Zeale, and from what I can gather, this has been a long-term affair, probably going back to before Alex hired her.

If Alex was truly willing to stand up for the preservation of the White race, as he has recently indicated, why then does he openly endorse the genocide of our people by promoting a race-mixing whore as some type of informational authority?

Will Alex answer these questions we have?

Will he ever provide evidence for his deranged theories about millions of Jews being gassed by Adolf Hitler for no reason?  How about his theories about the government secretly spraying people and themselves with “chemtrails” for no reason?

Will he ever explain why he is married to a Jewess, and purposefully created Jewish children?

Will he ever reinstate his former policy of letting those who disagree with him go to the front of the call-in line, so as I may confront him on these issues and more?

Comment: Again, proof that Conspiracism (Alex Jones) and White Nationalism/Supremacism(Andrew Anglin) aren’t fully congruent. An even more egregious example is of course Benjamin Fulford.