Benjamin Fulford Exposed as Being MI-5 Cointel by Nsearch Radio

Sheesh! It’s really thick now…and it’s not the first time I’ve heard this, either.

Benjamin Fulford Exposed as being MI-5 Cointel by Nsearch Radio

Benjamin Fulford was exposed as working for British Intelligence earlier this year on 6/5/12 on Nsearch Radio. Benjamin Fulford was exposed by Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb’s sources as working for MI-5 directly for the Queen!  It took a little while to get the information but it finally did come back.

Benjamin’s Fulford’s Cointel job was to publish disinfo and tell everybody that the White Dragons Foundation was going to kill all the Illuminati banksters if they didn’t stop their evil.  He also bragged how his Billionaire friends in Japan were going to fund free energy but of course that never happened either!

Benjamin even had the gall to tell people that there was no radiation at all in Tokyo from Fukushima and that there was only some radiation in the Fukushima area!  This huge lie about radiation not being in Tokyo got Benjamin Fulford booted off the Jeff Rense program in fact!  How anybody believes a word that Benjamin Fulford says is really quite unbelievable once you look at his track record of lies and scams.

Here’s the show where Stew Webb outed Benjamin Fulford as being a disinfo agent for MI-5.  Forward to the 16:30 Mark when Stew Webb joined the show.

Comment: What a surprise. Benjamin Fulford will burn in Hell if he doesn’t repent.

White Dragon Society

In a sign we are living in historic times, high level insiders have begun claiming that Jesus Christ was a fictitious character and that the Qu’ran was written by Vatican propaganda experts. This is evidence the 2000 year old Roman plan to create a unified, mono-cultural fascist world government is unravelling and that, as a result, ancient secrets are pouring out. The details of the new revelations can be seen at the end of the article.

Meanwhile nuclear and earthquake terror threats are being made by the US military industrial complex, Russia, Israel, the gnostic Illuminati, the North Koreans and others as a back-drop to negotiations aimed at forming a world federation of free states and sovereign humans.

During the last week the Russians, the gnostic Illuminati, the federation of world martial arts societies, the British, the North Koreans and others have contacted the White Dragon Society to offer support for its plan to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.

Also last week, a man claiming to represent “Russian television” sent a reporter to record a planned one hour special documentary about the White Dragon Society. The individual failed to offer any proof he represented Russian television but nonetheless, he was shown proof the WDS had the capability, if necessary, to raise a 200 million person army against the cabal.

The cabal, through the P2 freemason lodge, also contacted the WDS last week to say

Comment: Given the lopsided demography East-Asian countries have, too many old people and too few young people, they need another philosophy. Will China become Christian, or something else?