Forced assimilation doesn’t work

There is a historical precedent of a Western government having fallen to Islamic invasion and occupation, then that Western government over a long period of time finally retaking their land back from the Muslims — the Reconquista finalized in 1492 — after which they initiated mass deportation of Muslims along with a process of ferreting out Muslims who had eluded the initial dragnet (this rational process demonized by our PC MC mainstream as the dastardly Inquisition), and as part of this overall process, an acceptance of those Muslims who apostasized and converted to Christianity.

Then, years later, guess what happened: innumerable numbers of those seeming ex-Muslim apostates fomented a violent rebellion so fierce and troublesome, it forced the king of Spain at the time to divert needed men and materiel from the most exigent problem of Muslim attacks in the Mediterranean, just to quell this rebellion. Given the astronomic “asymmetry” that modern technology makes possible, for individuals and cells to get their hands on WMDs of various types (chemical, biological, nuclear) and given the horrific destruction and casualties such WMDs can cause, it would be irrational not to at least keep all apostates under unusually close surveillance for an indefinite time (i.e., forever).

Comment: Not just applicable to Muslims. What does work is constantly warning your enemies of eternal damnation in order to chip away at their morale, as well as keeping the linguistic upper hand, so the information flow will be in your favor. You knowing more of them, than they know of you. Erlik sonsuz, Erlik sonsuz, Erlik sonsuz…