Meanwhile, others among the feminists warned of the dangers of repression. In an 1897 lecture, feminist Josephine Butler cautioned against overzealous vigilance vigilantes. Moral crusades, she suggested, had a tendens to exaggerate regressive notions of female innocence and male vice—and thus undermine the feminist claim for equality. And they were, by necessity, coercive endeavors. “Beware of ‘Purity Societies’ … ready to accept and endorse any amount of inequality in the laws, any amount of coercive and degrading treatment of their fellow creatures,” Butler warned, “in the fatuous belief that you can oblige human beings to be moral by force.” But even the Butlerites couldn’t always heed their own advice, at times falling back on coercive strategies to control the sexual behavior of young girls…

Marc Dutroux would be Muslim


British Rapists and Pedophiles Converting to Islam in Prison

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Welcome to Whitemoor Prison where the inmates are in charge, the guards are terrorized and paedophiles and rapists are flocking to Islam.

Whitemoor no longer operated  with Vulnerable Prisoner  (VP) Units, so sex offenders were dispersed around the main  wings.  Being admitted to the Muslim community as the most influential religious group in the prison granted them the certainty of being backed up in precarious situations by a large number of ‘brothers’

Finally there is a group in prison that welcomes rapists and paedophiles. By no coincidence, it’s a religion whose prophet was both a rapist and a paedophile.

One prisoner describes how violent rapists convert to Islam for protection.

It’s like a protection racket.  That’s the way the Muslims operate, over a period of a few weeks they’ll get these young lads into their confidence, comfortable and it’s basically like a protection racket, that’s how it runs, ‘we can offer you security, if ever anybody threatens you, we’ll sort it’, but you’ve got to become a Muslim

Well, why people think it’s a gang is because you have certain prisoners who are in for rape who have given  information about other people on cases.  Basically prisoners who would normally, traditionally, be on the Vulnerable Prisoners Unit and all these prisoners, they turn Muslim and then they’re joined to a brotherhood where people will protect them, so they’re walking around normal

If you’re in for say a violent rape  or killing a woman, you may be approached and told “If you join you’ll  be given protection, if you don’t you will be seen as an enemy”

Wanted: A few good violent rapists, snitches and murderers of women to become Muslims.

In the past at Whitemoor, power had lain with three identifiable groups of prisoners: the IRA, who exerted considerable influence over conditions and treatment in prison, drug dealers, and older, organised, professional criminals: ‘old lags’: The new world was different.  Muslim  prisoners had accumulated the power in numbers,

The rules were different:  their code was more ‘us and them’ — they wanted no relationship with authority: ‘don’t talk to staff’, and ‘belong to the brotherhood’ — If you are in trouble ‘we all have to help you out’.

Older professional white prisoners ‘feel like an endangered species’, The ‘old lag’ group condemned the new world: — it had broken the traditional hierarchy — ‘if you were vulnerable mentally (or a sex offender) you would have been left alone’. Now the sex offenders were  ‘useful’.  They feared for their own safety, might be intellectually limited, or have mental health problems and so were ‘vulnerable’.

Oh I just bet they’re useful to the Muslim Brotherhood of Whitemoor Prison. The good news is that the appeasement policy really is top down. The bad news is it’s an appeasement policy.

Inmates at HMP Whitemoor told researchers commissioned by the Ministry of Justice that they changed their faith for protection or because they were bullied into it.

Prison guards said they had a policy of “appeasement” towards the powerful and growing Islamic population, particularly convicted terrorists who were feared to be recruiting future extremists.

Non-believers avoided confrontation with any Muslim in case it led to retribution from the wider group, and said they even avoided cooking pork or bacon in communal kitchens or undressing in the showers in case it caused offence.

Looks like the prison is becoming a metaphor for the entire UK.

Following concerns over Islamic radicalisation in a 2008 report by inspectors, researchers visited Whitemoor between 2009 and 2010 to interview staff and inmates.

They found that more than a third (35 to 39 per cent) of prisoners are now Muslims, compared with 11 per cent across all jails. Many of those they spoke to had converted while inside but they had mixed motivations for doing so, and not all had done so voluntarily.

Loners including sex offenders gained safety from joining a large and dominant group, as fellow members would defend them.

Others said they had felt under pressure to convert, with people leaving Islamic literature in their cells and telling them to “read this”, or promising they would be safe from physical assault if they changed faith.

Islam. It never changes.

Comment: Simply the result of the dual morality of Islam. Break it with takfeer, or come up with your own dual morality, your own double standard. Power in prison is power in general society. Both Conservatives, who want to be tough on any crime, and Liberals, who want to be lenient to any crime, should understand this.