Communism worse than Nazism

Catholic priests do molest children far less than high school teachers (and
fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, stepgrandfathers, and mothers’
boyfriends, and doctors, and counselors, and EVERYBODY ELSE). It is indeed
like saying that: in both cases, singling out certain groups to condemn
behavior that they do LESS than other groups (especially less than the
groups doing the condemning) is both bigotry and hypocrisy.

The eighth of a billion people that Communism (and Nazism) killed was in
deliberate famines, death camps, gulags, and by purges—not on
battlefields. If we throw in their war-dead—the Soviet Army was the most
murderous in human history, far worse even than the Nazis (and it also raped
well over a million women, not only in Axis countries but in countries it
was “liberating”)—they killed an even FIFTH of a billion, and if we add in
all the abortions in those countries the number reaches over THREE QUARTERS
of a billion (Russia and China have both had hundreds of millions of
abortions since Communism took over).

Comment: This is more or less the ideology I was raised in. However, as capitalism has apparently won, the thirty million starvation deaths and the fifty million abortions each year, must be attributed to capitalism.

Jacking to Tolkien? Off with your balls!!!

What disturbed me the most in this story is the defence of jailing a man (likely to be raped and beaten in prison) for thought crime by the two philosophy lecturers quoted. In particular, Grant Tavinor, a published philosophy lecturer at the University of Lincoln, who believes that a way a person ‘entertains himself’ is not morally negligible. Maybe we should criminalize wanking if it’s accompanied by impure thoughts? Or maybe just the thoughts themselves? After all, scientists are developing mind readers at this very moment. Tavinor is credited with being an expert on the ethics of video games, yet he doesn’t appear to apply the same logic to violence in video games. Teenage boys spending hours killing, maiming, and beheading countless other men in violent video games appears to be fine, but watch a pair of cartoon elves fucking each other, and you deserve to get your nonce anus raped on a daily basis.

Good to see that Western philosphy, after 2,500 years since its ancient Greek beginnings, has clearly reached its apex with this joker.

If you would like to politely contact Grant Tavinor, and explain to him why there are ethical implications in allowing the feminist state to lock men away to be raped and beaten as subhumans for watching cartoons in their own homes, then this is his university e-mail address :

Brief note to reddit r/mensrights : This is a men’s rights issue because this is men being jailed under feminist laws, lobbied for by feminists, made by feminists, and implemented by the feminist state, laws based only on feminist junk science, or in this case, only by feminist speculation.  These are men being sent to prison where they will likely be raped and beaten, or at least face the constant and realistic fear of being raped and beaten, for simply watching cartoons in their own home – under laws made by middle-aged female feminists.  This is a men’s rights issue.

Comment: This is serious. Very serious. Even now already there are people who want to ban uncomfortable political and religious speech by comparing it to child porn. So even if you are not a sex-positive MRA, DO SOMETHING!!!

Prison conditions

“The THIRD of prisoners who were sex offenders” suffer bullying.

“Bullying” by groups of hard core prison gangs is unlike your high school bullying experience, or unlike sexual harassment or date rape. And quite likely, the bullies are of the majority prison race that hates you for your race too.

HM Inspectorate of Prisons found evidence of bullying at HMP Moorland, and “limited provision for the third of prisoners who were sex offenders”

I was struck by the word “THIRD”.

33%, aproximately, of prison inmates are sex offenders!!!?

Any estimates how many of these are REAL FORCIBLE sex offenders in the classic sense?

Who were proven, beyond reasonable doubt, with due process, to have raped a resisting woman?

The majority of sex offenders probably committed victimless crimes. Crimes that were crimes only by the \voodoo theory derived from feminist falsified science.

Or crimes against willing post-pubertal adolescents, teen sex with consenting 15 year olds. Or crimes against binge drinking women who later blame men for their own sexual choices.

So let us say, one in 4 British prisoners is there for a victimless sex crime. In the midst of ?? percent of victimless drug offenders, consumers and non-violent small drug runners who at least enjoy due process.

And the remainder are 50% hard core violent criminals, gang bangers, murderers, people you would not want to meet in a subway train, much less be locked together with.

And these people hate “rapists” even more then MHRA do. And equal to MHRA, they don’t quite understand the difference between rape rapists and “consensual” rapist.

Comment: Even more ironic, they often rape women of the hated race themselves, and condone this. It is obvious these prison gangs consider the women of the hated race THEIR property. Prison conditions are very important for people doing stuff that is controversial. People inside prison and outside prison should be aware of each other.

Prevent suicide of autists!!!

So oogenhand, are you suggesting that the omega aspergers virgin white males like me who are no doubt the most primary targets and victims of all the modern American sexual sphere that’s controlled and upheld by the feminist and for the feminist, are you suggesting the we should simply sit back and wait for some sort of infighting within the current sexual hierarchy(women, then alphas(mostly of minority persuasion in America)) to break down along race/cultural/class issues due to white women(or educated women period) getting tired of the crude “patriarchy” of Jamal/Juan & finally putting the black/Mexican/etc “alpha” inner-city hoods in the “target” category so finally we, the aspie unwanted(by women) suburban/rural white males can finally get some sort of political/cultural advantage in the feminized “Anglo sphere” via some sort of “enemy of my enemy is my friend” alignment with hopefully enough future outcasted(by feminists) alpha males? While I’m not automatically assuming that you’re saying that would be ideal, I can see how that would “look good on paper” at least for men in general, sort of.

The thing is, will the omega aspergers virgin white male like myself have to wait 1000 years for the current American sexual hierarchy of women, then alphas(neurotypical, extroverted minorities or white trash), then betas(white, Jew or other middle/upper-class male human banks for the current feminized women) and at the bottom omegas(me) to somehow “break down” in some way that would primarily benefit me and me first? Because frankly I’m, admittedly, a bit of a jaded, selfish, stone-cold SOB that doesn’t really give a fuck about the beta & alpha men above me, considering the way that BOTH have gleefully held me down for their own selfish benefits in the current American sexual sphere.

Am I making sense to anyone else now? Can Blackpill(or anyone else) actually see where I’m coming from now? All I can honestly do in the current American situation is 3 things: either (1)start a business somehow and become self-employed & independently wealthy at home and/or (2)leave America(or head for the mountains) and live in some sort of “Buddhist”-like spiritual isolation or (3)kill myself. The third seems(and has seemed) an option for me many times, personally, and I still keep it in the back of my mind. I have a full bottle(unused) of Seroquels(sleeping pills) from my stay at the clinic where I got the “Aspergers” diagnosis last summer, and I can down that bad boy with enough convincing at any time(I’m learning self-hypnosis, and I can use it for that specific purpose if there’s no other option). I’m not “crying for help”, or “pity-partying” like one suggested. This is my reality, and I refuse to be misunderstood; it’s that simple.

Comment: I am jaded as well, and very ruthless. This has an interesting origin. Having a religious background that considered abortion to be murder, as well as a strong sex drive, I got jaded by all that talk about unborn babies.


Guy Standing: Sociale concurrentie met opkomende landen is dwaas

5 januari 2012



) —

Guy Standing, hoogleraar Economische Zekerheid aan de universiteit van Bath, Groot-Brittannië, en stichtend lid van het Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) publiceerde vorig jaar The Precariat. The New Dangerous Class. In die bestseller waarschuwt hij voor de toenemende bestaansonzekerheid die steeds meer mensen wereldwijd treft. Op zaterdag 21 januari is hij in Brussel de voornaamste spreker op het nieuwjaarsevent van de Vlaamse Noord-Zuidbeweging. Inschrijven kan nog.


Fragmenten uit een seminarie met Guy Standing, waarin hij praat over zijn nieuwste boek ‘The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class.’

Veel Europeanen, zelfs in eurominnend België, beschouwen de EU als een basisinstrument voor de precarisering van leven en werk van de burgers. Kan de EU zichzelf nog omsmeden tot een instrument voor sociale bescherming in combinatie met economische innovatie?

Guy Standing: Alle lidstaten van de Europese Unie hebben op de globaliseringsdruk geantwoord door te kiezen voor een of andere vorm van de strategie die arbeidsmarktflexibiliteit genoemd wordt. Men wil de arbeidskosten verlagen opdat arbeidsmarkten en economieën opnieuw concurrentieel zouden worden met China, India en andere opkomende economieën. Maar dat is een dwaas scenario. Lonen en voordelen worden verlaagd, uitkeringen worden nog harder gesnoeid en economische onzekerheid wordt chronisch. Dat leidt tot een groeiend “precariaat”, de groep mensen die het zonder bestaanszekerheid moet stellen.

Ik vrees dat deze trend zich zal doorzetten totdat mensen woedend genoeg worden opdat politici erop zouden reageren door de ongelijkheid aan te pakken en iets te doen tegen het misbruik van de miljoenen werkers die het precariaat vormen.

Het is tijd dat we verder gaan dan betogingen organiseren en pleinen bezetten. In Europa en andere landen moet dringend werk gemaakt worden van een progressieve agenda. De niet-gouvernementele organisaties die opkomen voor minderheden en kwetsbare groepenzullen een cruciaal onderdeel zijn van zo een agenda.

De meeste opkomende landen keken eerder op naar het Europese sociale marktmodel dan naar het Angelsaksische, neoliberale model. Kunnen zij de uitbouw van een herverdelende maatschappij verderzetten als Europa intussen het pad van de precarisering kiest?

Guy Standing: De opkomende landen beseffen dat het sociale marktmodel, dat in Europa uitgebouwd werd na de tweede wereldoorlog, niet geschikt is voor hen. Voltijdse, industriële tewerkstelling is er immers maar voor een kleine minderheid weggelegd en zal er nooit de norm worden. Landen zoals Brazilië hebben wel wijselijk begrepen dat ze de opbrengst van hun economische groei moeten herverdelen over de hele bevolking. Daarom hebben ze stappen gezet in de richting van een basisinkomen voor iedereen. Het is veelbetekenend dat de groei is blijven toenemen terwijl de geldelijke steun voor de armen steeds breder werd. De ongelijkheid is er afgenomen en de werkloosheid staat op een historisch laag peil. Ook Europa zou werk moeten maken van het bestrijden van ongelijkheid.

Arme en opkomende landen hebben groei nodig om hun bevolkingen uit de armoede te tillen, maar hoe zit dat voor Europa en Noord-Amerika? De groei die ons welvarend maakte, veroorzaakte ook de klimaatverandering. Anderzijds lijkt nulgroei ook niet voor waardig werk te zorgen.

Guy Standing: Alle landen moeten beseffen dat de zogenaamde economische groei niet ecologisch is. We moeten het spoor van het maximaliseren van groei verlaten en in de plaats daarvan focussen op reproductieve activiteiten, ecologisch duurzaam werk én op het verminderen van de groteske ongelijkheden. Het precariaat zou nog het meest voordeel halen uit een beleid dat gericht is op het stimuleren en bevoordelen van arbeid die niet simpelweg winst en economische groei nastreeft. Volgens mij is dit een sleutelelement in de progressieve agenda waarover ik daarnet sprak.
zaterdagochtend 21 januari 2012
start om 10 uur (stipt)
in zaal La Tentation, Lakensestraat 28, Brussel
dit moment kan men gratis meemaken, maar wel verplicht inschrijven via maandag 15 januari ten laatste.


Comment: eerst exporteren kapitalisten het kapitalisme, zetten landen onder druk kapitalisme te omarmen, en zeuren vervolgens dat ze moeten concurreren met de nieuwe kapitalistische concurrenten. Je moet ze door hebben.