Note to Nazis: Palestine has friends enough

Aussies hold pro-Gaza rally in Sydney
Daniel Pizarro, Press TV, Sydney

Despite the Israeli-Hamas ceasefire remaining intact, protesters staged a mass demonstration in the Australian city of Sydney against Israel’s week long bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

But a scuffle broke-out when a protester tried to remove a banner made by a group of neo-Nazis who attacked the rally.

Gazan citizens continue to celebrate the end of Israel’s deadly week-long bombardment of the Palestinian exclave that claimed the lives of many Palestinians and drew condemnation from across the world.

Although a truce has been declared, it did not prevent people turning out at the Sydney Town Hall to slam Israel’s actions against Gaza, before marching to the American Consulate.

Reverend David Smith says international support for Israel has been damaged and there’s the need for proper talks.

The protest was overall peaceful, but just before it began, masked figures claiming to support Palestine, but in reality were neo-Nazis attempted to gatecrash the demonstration and a scuffle broke out when one protester attempted to grab the Nazi’s banner. Police intervened and kept both groups separated from each other.

With the truce holding, the Gazans celebrating the end of hostilities and the Israelis turning back to their election campaign, the question of whether or not more fighting will break out is on everybody’s mind and these protesters are determined to back Palestine all the way.

Although not precisely National-Socialists but National Anarchists, they do not understand that the Palestinians get a lot of support from Muslims and Leftists, the latter making the former look peaceful and tolerant. They don’t need National Anarchists or the like. They can afford to spit them in the face. Finally,  the National Anarchists understand the need to mask themselves.
The same holds true with the silly marches against pedophilia. The National Anarchists should seek allies in unexpected places.