All new Met police constables MUST be able to speak a second language

All new Met police constables MUST be able to speak a second language

Fancy becoming a copper in the Met? Well you had better start brushing up on your Punjabi or Greek then.

That is if you want to apply to the London force during their current recruitment drive.

The Metropolitan Police have announced their during their current intake on constables they will only accept applicants with a second language.

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From today if you want a job with the Met Police you’ll need to speak these languages
This advert has now appeared on the Met Police’s website. (Picture: Met Police)
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And don’t think your GCSE French will get you in either because they are pretty specific about what they want.

Here they are:

Yoruba (Nigeria)
Sinhali (Sri Lanka)
A spokesman from the Met told that this current recruitment drive will last about four weeks.

At that point they said they will review the policy.

The drive has been launched to help officers better interact with London’s ethnically diverse communities.

However interestingly enough neither Somali or French are on the list.

Somali is the capital’s third most spoken language and the London is the sixth biggest French speaking city in the world.