Brit Milah should only be performed by Mohelot

A Mohel (female Mohelet) is a shaliach (agent) for the baby’s father, who traditionally was required to perform the Brit.

Since not every father is skilled in Milah (or wishes to be!), a tradition derived to assign an emissary to perform this Mitzvah in the father’s place.

While traditionally males performed Brit Milah, there is no prohibition against women assuming this Mitzvah. In fact, in the Torah two people are mentioned in relation to Milah. The first is Abraham who circumcised Issac. The second is Tzipporah, Moses’ wife, who circumcised her own son.

Today more women are learning the ritual of Brit Milah and following in the footsteps of Tzipporah.

I am pleased to be able to carry on this tradition.

I think the best way to handle all ritual circumcision is to require that all ritual circumcisions, or possibly all circumcisions, should be done by women. Let’s face it, Muslims constantly brag about their heterosexual prowess due to circumcision, so it is logical to have male circumcision be done by women.