Hot brunettes: Elliot Rodger didn’t want them…



Rodger frequented an anti-pickup forum that exposed PUA as a scam, rather than one exposing it as harmful to women, suggesting that he may have at once tried these strategies and found them wanting. PUA techniques and strategies embody this binary. They argue that in order for a man to attract women, the man must have it together, himself. Not a bad ideology on the surface. But there is an extreme conflation with confidence and dominance. They advise that men should not “put the pussy on a pedestal,” and yet the measure of success is based on the “accomplishment” of getting laid.

Comment: As I said, PUA/Game is creepy and misogynistic. And only wanting sex with a certain class of women like long-legged blondes is indeed “pedestalizing”. We should understand that Elliot Rodgers is the result of yellow fever. And yellow fever is a form of racialized sexism, that requires the female half to internalize white supremacism. It is very telling that Andrew Anglin dabbled in yellow fever when he was in his twenties.