Reactionary Prison Abolition

Humane, All Too Humane

There seem to be similar uncanny valley effects in the criminal justice system and in war.

Modern countries pride themselves on their humane treatment of prisoners. And by “humane”, I mean “lock them up in a horrible and psychologically traumatizing concrete jail for ten years of being beaten and raped and degraded, sometimes barely even seeing the sun or a green plant for that entire time, then put it on their permanent record so they can never get a good job or interact with normal people ever again when they come out.”

Compare this to what “inhumane” countries that were still into “cruel and unusual punishment” would do for the same crime. A couple of lashes with the whip, then you’re on your way.

Reader. You have just been convicted of grand theft auto (the crime, not the game). You’re innocent, but the prosecutor was very good at her job and you’ve used up all your appeals and you’re just going to have to accept the punishment. The judge gives you two options:

1) Five years in prison
2) Fifty strokes of the lash

Like everyone else except a few very interesting people who help provide erotic fantasies for the rest of us, I don’t like being whipped. But I would choose (2) in afraction of a heartbeat.

And aside from being better for me, it would be better for society as well. We know that people who spend time in prison are both more likely to stay criminals in the future andbetter at being criminals. And each year in jail costs the State $50,000; more than it would cost to give a kid a year’s free tuition at Harvard. Cutting the prison system in half would free up approximately enough money to give free college tuition to all students at the best school they can get into.

But of course we don’t do that. We stick with the prisons and the rape and the kids who go work at McDonalds because they can’t afford college. Why? Progressives!

If we were to try to replace prison with some kind of corporal punishment, progressives would freak out and say we were cruel and inhumane. Since the prison population is disproportionately minority, they would probably get to use their favorite word-beginning-with-”R”, and allusions would be made to plantation owners who used to whip slaves. In fact, progressives would come up with some reason to oppose even giving criminals the option of corporal punishment (an option most would certainly take) and any politician insufficiently progressive to even recommend it would no doubt be in for some public flagellation himself, albeit of a less literal kind.

So once again, we have an uncanny valley. Being very nice to prisoners is humane and effective (Norway seems to be trying ths with some success), but we’re not going to do it because we’re dumb and it’s probably too expensive anyway. Being very strict to prisoners is humane and effective – the corporal punishment option. But being somewhere in the fuzzy middle is cruel to the prisoners and incredibly destructive to society – and it’s the only route the progressives will allow us to take.

How to control prison rape


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      homosexual rape — under conditions of extreme violence and coercion — has long been institutionalized in the United Sisterhood of Amaryka
      homosexual rape of boys and men in the U.S. mancages is very popular, and has been for a century… popular not only with the U.S. government, prison systems, guards, judges, lawyers, etc, but with the general public, who are only too happy to see those Evil Male Monsters get raped by Bubba while the screams echo down the corridors… serves the little Perpetrators right!
      God’s attitude towards the condoning and encouragement of the rape of males in the U.S. is no different that the attitude of his angels towards We the People in Sodom, and there will be both a collective and individual judgment/punishment for the enjoyment and satisfaction that Americans (esp American females) derive from the rape-torture of males in cages
      as at Sodom, there are few even borderline-righteous men here, and those that acknowledge the LORD are usually wimpy Churchians like Lot. . . very much the kind of “conservative” to meekly go along with the crowd, and cheer the institutionalization of the rape of boys and men, who must “pay their debt to society”
      the angels of the LORD, however, are neither wimpy Churchians nor emasculated conservatives, as this nation and planet are about to re-discover

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        Robin-Frans Winkel  ray

        That is very much a problem that should be tackled. The wrath of God will be upon them. In fact, it is already upon them. Because of prison rape, many men do not dare to raise their hand against the Godless government, allowing other evils to proliferate.

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          ray  Robin-Frans Winkel

          Yes, it is an intentional tool of terror and degradation targetting males — very much approved-of by society (including “Christians” = heh)
          Where have the “pastors” and “ministers” of the West been the past forty years, while these outrages were arranged and condoned? Silent, conformed to the world, busy pleasing their womenfolk instead of the LORD of hosts
          Be assured that every scream, every injury, every tear and every sigh is being counted and logged, and will be paid for, collectively and individually

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          chrisgale Mod  Robin-Frans Winkel

          Well, it can be minimized. Seperate the known predators. Keep the remandees away from long timers. Manage the gangs. Hold the prison management accountable.

          I can tell a good prison from a bad by the number of self harm attempts, and the number of suicides.

          Admittedly, I live in a country that does not casually incarcerate one in fifty males, and where everyone fears Bubba. I live in a country where most police are unarmed. And I consider the US a risky place to visit — not because of the slums, but because you have to interact with the TSA, and aliens have NO rights.

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            Robin-Frans Winkel  chrisgale

            Make sure Bubba knows that actions in prison have consequences outside prison. That is how salafists control prisons. Control prisons, control society.

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            ray  chrisgale

            It cannot be minimized.

            Manage prison gangs. Absurd, been tried endless times in endless ways . . . impossible.

            “Let’s reform prisons” and “Let’s hold prison management accountable” is the same mewling rap i have heard four decades now, and then all the Commissions and Review Boards meet for a couple months, and a few years later they draft new rules, which are promptly ignored.
            Quickly, it’s back to business-as-usual.

            The harsh truth is, westerners support the torture and rape of (OTHER! lol) males in mammy’s mancages — as indeed they support and/or permit the mass caging of males in western cuntries, largely upon the whims of females and the “laws” derived from females (i.e., their wives and daughters, who rule over them, and before whom they submit).

            “Reforming” evil — and the U.S. prison system is possibly the most offensive institution before God upon this rotten planet — is another way of saying “I’m basically OK with rape and torture in cages, so I will pretend I’m a reasonable and responsible person, and take the easy out of a “reform” that never happens, and never can.
            Truly, “Christianity” at its most modern.

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              chrisgale Mod  ray

              Well, yes. it. can. be. done. I’ve seen it done: but it required that (forensic psychiatric unit) we locked everyone down every night into their own cells.

              It required counts of all cutlery (and we were using plastic cutlery) and regular searches.

              And we managed to minimise this for a while when we had the remandees in a separate prison (run by a private contractor, who could fire staff). When the socailists came in and listened to the prison union the old bad habits of tolerating gangs came back.

              I don’t do forensic work any more: but it can be done. The problem is that most governments, including the ones in NZ, are not prepared to pay the money and put in the effort for the decade or so it will take to change things.

              Otherwise, prison justice will work: Bubba chooses his victims only from those he is let at (which is why gangs have so much power).

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                ray  chrisgale

                It. cannot. be. done.
                And adding periods after your words doesn’t turn your hypocrisy into truth.
                Indeed, the very fact that you (and many millions of others) are directly invested — psychologically, economically, and elsewise — in maintaing the male-destroying “corrections” systems of the western world explains why you (and many millions of others) have to convince yourselves that Wonderful You, in your mighty righteous brilliance, can reform evil, and keep boys/men safe in systems that specfically are designed to terrorize and degrade them.
                The “problem” is NOT that governments won’t adopt this technique, or that special segregation program, or whatever the latest salvatory scheme is proferred by you Experts. (Alnd I’ve been listening to you Experts and your Reforms for fifty years now, while your prisons only become more corrupt and sadistic towards The Evil Male.
                The problem is the intentional, profitable, and gleeful mass imprisonment of MALES under satanic, feminist structures, including those wonderful governments you look to for answers… but also of course including the entire legal systems, educational systems, and the balance of the matriarchies who you (and millions of others like you) serve.
                So you have to lie to yourselves, and try to lie to the rest of us, that your gynarchic, despicable “prison justice” systems will work… once you and satan can fine-tune the setup sufficiently.
                So go on and keep believing it then, make those house and car payment, tell yourself you’re doing it “for your children” — but as i said before, you ARE going to answer for your part in this (enormoustly profitable) outrage, and for taking the judgment reserved for Holy God into YOUR own hands (and placing it in the hands of the matriarchates you serve).
                The JustSis courts and prisons of the western world are the Crown Jewells of Satan’s worldly systems, by which he terrorizes, tortures, and destroys boys, men, and masculinity itself. Your beloved prisons will be reformed on the day that Satan is reformed. Never.

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                  chrisgale Mod  ray

                  Ray: I work in mental health. During my training, I did quite a bit of forensic psychiatry: including run stand alone clinics for people who had tried to kill themselves in the local remand prison.

                  I am speaking from experience: we were able to minimize the Bubbas of this world. In NZ.

                  I stay out of the USA for a whole pile of reasons: one of which is that your justice system is unjust, overly punitive, and your police forces are over armed, and without any sense of humour.

                  I now run a team working in an acute psychiatric unit: we have similar issues and we manage them. Any sexual incident is considered serious and grounds for an enquiry.

                  It’s how I make my money: I know what I’m doing — in fact I am one of the few researchers who look a patient-initiated violence properly. If in doubt use google scholar: I use my real name here.