Science Fiction and/or Horror

I am Krysztyna. I am Polish, and have a German boyfriend, Heinz. He has a nice, big, tightly circumcized dick, like all German boys do. I want to marry him, but I don’t want to be clitoridectomized like a German girl.
I do not envy the Germans. They cannot get Turkish girlfriends, because all Turkish females are infibulated. Turkish males, however, are not just circumcized, but have a Prince Albert as well. The Turks call this a Khalif Omar. A Khalif Omar is obligatory (waajib) in Islam, because what leads to waajib is a waajib as well. It is obligatory to seduce and convert non-Muslim girls, and a nice Prince Albert helps a lot.
On univision, I saw a documentary about lobotomy in Somalia. Those poor girls! Lobotomized at an early age, often with dirty tools like a rusty Black&Decker drill.