hypocrisy full


These are the same people who claim that Islam “oppresses” women yet here they are, burning down community centers where women can meet and flourish. Disgusting hypocrites.

Non-Muslims accuse Muslims of oppressing women, non-Muslims attack Muslim women. Muslims accuse non-Muslims of oppressing women, Muslims attack non-Muslim women. However, it is better to generalize about Muslims than about non-Muslims. There is a certain set of features a Muslim has to have, and lacking one is enough not to be a Muslim. E.g. Muslims don’t eat pork, but not all non-Muslims do eat pork. Muslims are allowed to eat beef, but not all non-Muslims are forbidden to eat beef. Muslims believe in an Afterlife, but not all non-Muslims don’t believe in an Afterlife.  And so on.

The same applies to Christians and non-Christians, Anarchists and non-Anarchists, etc.

Nevertheless, if opponents of Islam coalesce into a movement they do become responsible for the actions of hangers-on, even if they are fringe elements. You cannot have a movement composed of Christians who think even Muslim men can be and should be converted, and White Nationalists who think even Muslim women have to be removed from the country, if not sterilized or even killed.

Muslim men are not as paedophilic as often claimed






I refuse to see twenty-something Muslim men who have sex with teenage non-Muslim women as paedophiles.  However, as long as Islam treats extra-marital sex between Muslim men and Muslim women differently from extra-marital sex between non-Muslim men and Muslim women (fornication = fisq, insult to Islam = kufr) I recommend to do the same, in reverse. Promiscuity of non-Muslim women is no defense, as even wastrels deserve protection against theft. In a way, non-Muslim women could be seen as the COLLECTIVE property of non-Muslim men.

Both promiscuity of non-Muslim women and sex offenses of non-Muslim men could be the result of non-Muslim men not having sex with Muslim women. If non-Muslim men can leave their seed in Muslim women, they do not have to satisfy their urges with non-Muslim women, who will have an easier time being not promiscuous. To which extent are Muslims in a position to complain about promiscuity and sex offenses of non-Muslims? That could be an interesting discussion. Mind you, Hell is eternal.