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Prisoner euthanasia begins in Belgium

15 Sep 2012 |

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No doubt about it: Belgium is the place to be for creative applications of legalised euthanasia.

Last year Belgian transplant surgeons revealed that they had harvested organs from four people who were voluntarily euthanased. Now it appears that one prisoner, a rapist-murderer, has already died after voluntary euthanasia and another has requested it (see article below).

A few years ago Australian activist Dr Philip Nitschke was ridiculed when he called euthanasia possibly “the last frontier in prison reform”. But events in Belgium may vindicate what once seemed an absurd prediction.

One of the most sinister aspects of this news is its secrecy. Four people died and donated their organs between 2005 and 2009 but the news did not emerge until 2011. How many more have happened since then? Does anyone know? The practice is unlikely to have stopped. Similarly, the death of the prisoner only came to light because someone leaked the news to a politician.

Prisoner euthanasia is an alarming development. Belgium has abolished the death penalty for even the most appalling crimes, but legalised euthanasia could revive it for relatively minor ones. Admittedly, there are some safeguards: a patient must be in “constant and unbearable physical or psychological pain” resulting from an accident or incurable illness, he must request it repeatedly, and two or three doctors must approve the request.

But even if these criteria were adequate for ordinary citizens, for prisoners they are simply absurd. Prisoners are psychologically vulnerable. For some of them, their confinement itself is a source of constant and unbearable psychological pain. They are clearly a burden that the state will not regret shedding. They are often friendless and alone in the world. They can be under acute pressure to conform to norms set by other prisoners. A craze for euthanasia could easily sweep through a jail. Remember the 1981 IRA hunger strike in Northern Ireland? Ten men died at roughly one-week intervals. That was a special case, but copycat suicides are a serious risk in any jail.

There is little transparency about Belgian euthanasia, but slowly the fears of its critics are being vindicated. The powerful are benefiting from the deaths of the weak and powerless.

As I said, beheading in Saudi-Arabia is a form of euthanasia. We Dutch, proponents of euthanasia, always welcome wholesome developments. As early as 2006, when discussing child molestation with a WN holding a rally, I aired the idea of non-consensual euthanasia for unaccountable pedosexuals. On the one hand, calling the killing of an imbecile or madman  a death penalty makes just as much sense as calling the killing of a crocodile or the dismantling of a land mine a death penalty. On the other hand, it is unacceptable for the victim and his or her family that the molester lives on, on the dime of them and other tax payers. Finally, we are all aware that prison inmates are far more ruthless than mere killing the chomo. Thus, the idea was born.

Free energy and Julian Simon


THEN the plot thickens. The Sikh shooter. The one Sikh who was shot dead has an interesting son as well. He’s part of the Neverendinglight productions. They were allegedly threatened by the government to stop production of the documentary. Sirius documentary is co-sponsored by Dr. Steven Greer. Greer says the UFO coverup is not about flying saucers but free energy. Coincidence? I saw Dr. Greer at a MUFON lecture in 2009. He had 8 armed guards perusing the room the entire time. The room was packed, at least 500 people. Now I know why he had those armed guards.

When I mentioned free energy first, I was considered a troll.

Free energy might be real, but if it is, and humanity implements it, we’ll most certainly run out of fresh water and arable soil — in short, we’ll destroy the ecology

And that is precisely the reason it is kept secret. There are still too many idiots who believe in uncontrolled growth, citing Julian Simon. But if Julian Simon is right, you do not have to fear an oil boycot either. After all, the free market always finds solutions. And religious fundamentalists have to believe in Julian Simon in order to justify their large families. Reminder: God exists and hell is eternal.