We know where you live….


Well-off natives can afford to move to safe, pleasant white enclaves, where they may send their children to school among white native speakers of Norwegian. Less affluent citizens are not so fortunate, however, and are forced to endure the humiliation and degradation of the Multicultural behavioral sink in which their political masters have consigned them to live.

Comment: We know where you live. Liberal politicians live in lily-white neighborhoods. The Muslims are protected by the police and by the Antifa, the Antifa is protected by the International Bankers. Why don’t the Muslim girls take Antifa boyfriends? My religion considers children by Norwegian boys and Pakistani girls to be fully Norwegian. Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal….

Science Fiction and/or Horror

I am Krysztyna. I am Polish, and have a German boyfriend, Heinz. He has a nice, big, tightly circumcized dick, like all German boys do. I want to marry him, but I don’t want to be clitoridectomized like a German girl.
I do not envy the Germans. They cannot get Turkish girlfriends, because all Turkish females are infibulated. Turkish males, however, are not just circumcized, but have a Prince Albert as well. The Turks call this a Khalif Omar. A Khalif Omar is obligatory (waajib) in Islam, because what leads to waajib is a waajib as well. It is obligatory to seduce and convert non-Muslim girls, and a nice Prince Albert helps a lot.
On univision, I saw a documentary about lobotomy in Somalia. Those poor girls! Lobotomized at an early age, often with dirty tools like a rusty Black&Decker drill.