The breakup of Meriam and the Marine had nothing to do with her/his race/religion. It had everything to do with a naïve, spoiled princess sneaking off to the U.S. to marry the Marine (who is also a devout Mormon) she fell in lust with and later finding out that the income and military base housing of a U.S. Marine (who, by the way, risked his military career, his freedom, and U.S. relations with Bahrain to be with her) was not enough to satisfy her rich, royal blood. So what did she do? Well, she went wild. Jason was not enough for her, but the glitz, glamour, and gambling of Las Vegas was. (Note: Mormons do not gamble, drink/smoke/use drugs, nor do they condone their wives dressing immodestly, in fact, Mormons share many of Islam’s values, including cloistering their wives, popping out babies, and some sects condone polygamy).
Meriam would stay out all night at casinos and clubs; imbibing in and intoxicating herself with alcohol, and, allegedly, cocaine and marijuana; flirting and committing adultery through numerous sexual encounters with random men; and dressing like an all-out whore.
Not one of these things is condoned in Islam OR Mormonism, so let’s just call this for what it was: a silly, young, sheltered and pampered girl throwing a temper-tantrum.
Princess Meriam realized that her coveted American life wasn’t going to be as exciting as she thought, nor would her marriage to a Mormon be much different than if she followed through with an arranged Islamic marriage back in Bahrain, she decided to get the American life she craved by acting like a prostitute, and completely ignoring, and CHEATING ON her husband. If Ms. al-Khalifa was the good, devout Muslim everyone claims she is/was, then she would never have done the things she did, including sneaking out of Bahrain and marrying Jason. It’s quite clear that she did not love Jason, all she wanted was to get a taste of what she believed the life of an American female would be. Their marriage could have worked, seeing how similar Islam and Mormonism is. But her Maerican marriage wasn’t glitz, glamour, parties and fun. It was a small, one bedroom house on a military base, a tight income and budget, and would have expected her to be a modestly-dressed housewife and eventually a stay-at-home mother of as many babies as she could pop out – see, not much different from an Islamic marriage.
In this case, their marriage didn’t fail because of their races or religions. It failed because Ms. al-Khalifa wanted to be a slut with a sugar-daddy.

Comment: This was a comment by Triquetra years after the original post was made. That is remarkable in itself.