ANTIFA does rather violent protest in Sweden against freedom of speech

Mob Rule in Lund

On Monday April 22 two journalists from Dispatch International went to “Students’ Evening” in the Swedish city of Lund to cover an event that included the leader of Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats). A crowd of “anti-fascist” demonstrators confronted and physically attacked the chief editor of Dispatch, Ingrid Carlqvist, and Roger Sahlström, a photographer.

While the Swedish police merely looked on, the lefties set off firecrackers and smoke bombs, screaming out their hateful slogans.

They also pushed and threatened Ingrid and Roger — according to the mob, the two were not allowed to be there. The police did nothing and made no arrests.

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Comment: Is it possible for a moderate ANTIFA to exist? An ANTIFA that doesn’t froth at the mouth when confronted with “Islamophobia”? Should we start a moderate ANTIFA, like the Anti-Deutsche in Germany?