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Bat Ye’or: Theorist of the ‘counterjihad’ movement 


The current issue of Searchlight magazine features an interesting study by Dr Paul Jackson of the ”independent historian and writer” Bat Ye’or (Gisele Littman).

As the author of the Muslim-conspiracy “Eurabia” thesis, Littman has served as a major source of ideological inspiration to the “counterjihad” movement, not least to the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik.

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Bat Ye’or and far right Islamophobia

By Dr Paul Jackson

A FEW MONTHS AGO, I analysed some of the ideas underpinning Peder Jensen’s writings, and his impact on Anders Breivik [‘Fjordman and fascism: the extremes of the counter-Jihad worldview’, Searchlight, April 2013]. In this article, I want to build on this and set out some of the ideas of a figure that profoundly influenced him, Bat Ye’or. As ideologues such as Jensen, violent extremists such as Anders Breivik, and movements such as the English Defence League all highlight, Europe’s contemporary far right cultures have become steeped in a radical milieu that has become profoundly anti-Muslim in recent times.

In a nutshell, one of the most successful new narratives of the far right is not to reconfigure neo-Nazism, but to reject it. Instead, many activists now argue that western civilisation is facing an existential threat from an invading Muslim hoard, one that is on the cusp of taking over the continent and imposing its ostensibly barbaric and backward way of life on Judaeo-Christian civilisation. This is being allowed to happen by a corrupt, left wing elite who promote multiculturalism.

Defining the new conspiracy
At the heart of this ‘Counter-Jihad’ discourse is a figure of some intellectual sophistication, the independent ‘historian’ and writer of deeply anti-Muslim monographs on European history and politics, Bat Ye’or. This is a pen name, translating roughly as ‘Daughter of the Nile’, adopted by a Jewish, Egyptian-born, British author, Gisele Littman. Her work includes books such as Eurabia: The Euro- Arab Axis and Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilisations Collide.

Many within the Counter-Jihad movement have picked up Ye’or’s conspiracy theory themes. As analysts such as Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens stress, this fuzzy movement spans websites such as Gates of Vienna, far right street movements like the UK’s English Defence League, and US based activists such as Pamela Geller. It even blurs into quite mainstream voices, such as the Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips. For the most part, the highly disparate voices that make up this movement do not actively promote violence. But they do foster a milieu in which, for some, violence towards Muslims and towards left wing figures becomes easier to imagine, and so, again for some, easier to consider as desirable.

The family relationship
Given this spread of figures and organisations, we should be careful not to assert that people within this movement are all the same. Not all voices from within this fuzzy ‘Counter-Jihad’ movement argue the same points, and some are far more extreme than others. Some are bloggers, or self-styled independent voices, decrying the political mainstream for failing to recognise their much-inflated readings of the security threats posed by Muslims. Others are street activists, or even violent extremists. Nor do they all meet together, or have a central coordinated plan, though of course some conferences do occur – such as at Aarhus in 2012.

But despite this being quite a nebulous movement, we can certainly say they all possess some form of ‘family relationship’. To stick with European figures within this movement at least, what tends to unite them is, as they see it, the waning of European national identities as a result of soft, multicultural and left wing politics, which promotes cultural difference over strong national and European traditions, which are identified as Judeo-Christian. This, the Counter-Jihad narrative continues, is seized upon by Muslims inside and outside of Europe, who themselves have an innate desire to conquer and overthrow European culture and society.

The Counter-Jihad movement’s ‘history’ is a future-orientated one too, often presenting scary sketches of the near future that are based on an assortment of migration statistics and projected birth rates of Muslims. The trajectory such voices forecast is one that predicts that Muslims will be running Europe within the next generation or so, having already begun to mount a largely ignored invasion of the continent.

This narrative finds many forms. For example it can be encoded with quite a strong conspiracy theory element, or can develop different readings of just how many Muslims in Europe are involved in such plotting, or what types of activity should be included here. Yet it is always marked by the linking of data and analysis, some more empirical, some more speculative, to some form of repetition this story of Europe on the cusp of Islamisation.

Bat Ye’or’s conspiracy theory
Turning to Bat Ye’or’s approach here, within her overarching conceptual approach we can certainly give her credit for some originality. Her work offers a radical new strain of thinking that helps to style each and every form of Islam as the same, both across the globe, and through time too. A Muslim perpetrator in the Armenian genocide, or a violent thug within a non-democratic regime such as in Sudan, is just the same as a Muslim living down the road.

In particular, she develops a new concept in her work, which she dubs ‘dhimmitude’. Rhetorically, this neologism is quite consciously designed to sound similar to ‘servitude’, and is drawn from simplistic reading of Islamic theology. Drawing on the Arabic term ‘dhimmi’, for Ye’or the term becomes a dubious concept for structuring a far right historiography, and is used to describe the socio-Iegal contexts of Jews and Christians living under Muslim rule.

Via her idea of ‘dhimmitude’, she essentialises, and asserts that relationships between Muslims and non-Muslims always have been, currently are, and always will be, a relationship defined by power. For her, Muslims are driven, through the theology of the faith, to engage in Jihad to establish dominance over Christians and Jews. This is seen as an essential quality within Islam. It is a direct consequence of Jihad, and all those who are deemed ‘Infidel’ will ultimately need to accept a condition of humiliation.

Adding to this theme, she has also developed the concept of ‘Eurabia’, which has become another highly influential buzz term among the anti-Muslim far right. In her analysis, Eurabia refers to a behind-the-scenes conspiracy by leading Arab countries. For her, this developed from the early 1970s and forged clandestine networks of power that promoted pro-Muslim and anti-American values in Europe, and sought to lay the groundwork to establish a longer-term cultural hegemony over European society. For Ye’or, the French lay at the heart of this conspiracy, drawing on De Gaulle’s anti-American legacy and longer-term sympathies with the Arab world.

Then, in 1973, as a result of the oil crisis, an organisation supported by the EEC was created called the Euro-Arab Dialogue. This became the centrepiece of a series of mechanisms for the cowing of all European political structures to follow an agenda set by Muslim nations, especially in the Middle East. Powerful Europeans at the highest level were regularly corrupted, lured by bribes and essentially conned into doing the bidding of Arab nations.

Academic or ideologue?
It is worth bearing in mind that far right activists can develop ideas in a very scholarly-seeming manner. For example, Holocaust denial literature often presents itself as genuinely academic, while really it is simply regurgitating a mythology in lengthy texts with footnotes. Is this the case with Ye’or too?

For the uninitiated, Ye’or’s writings certainly appear to conform to the model of academic texts, albeit of a more polemical kind. Moreover, the backs of her books are adorned with quotes from leading academics as well as fellow anti-Muslim ideologues. For example, according to the high-profile Niall Ferguson:

No writer has done more than Bat Ye’or to draw attention to the menacing character of Islamic extremism. Future historians will one day regard her coinage of the term ‘Eurabia’ as prophetic. Those who wish to live in a free society must be eternally vigilant. Bat Ye’or’s vigilance is unrivalled.

This quote is regularly cited when Ye’or appears on websites such as Jihadwatch, and certainly is used to give her ideas gravitas and respectability. If Ferguson took the time to read her work in depth, he might well be appalled by the ahistorical manner in which a deeply polemical viewpoint is set out. Or he may have done so, agrees with her politics, and so sees nothing wrong with its flawed methodology and dubious arguments.

More sensibly, writing in Race and Class, Matt Carr has described Ye’or’s analysis of recent European history as follows:

To Ye’or, the Euro-Arab Dialogue was the deus ex machina by means of which European politicians and civil servants willingly prepared for the subjugation of Europe and whose ‘occult machinery’ has bought about the ‘irreversible transformation’ of Europe into a ‘new geographical entity – Eurabia’ … a name she randomly applies to the conspiratorial project she describes without offering any evidence that the EAD, or any other organisation, ever used it….

As an analysis of contemporary European history, this is flat-out barking gibberish, which falls somewhere between hyper-Zionist propaganda, crude conspiracy theory and delirious fantasy…. Nowhere in this ideologically driven interpretation of European-Arab relations does Ye’or come close to proving the ‘secret history’ that she professes to reveal.

Now, Matt Carr’s analysis is essentially correct, but it does not mean Ye’or has not been influential. Indeed, adding to Carr’s comments, it is important to stress that Ye’or’s historical methodology is highly flawed, and steeped in a strong, deductive approach typical of conspiracy theories and far right readings of the recent past. She starts with unassailable set of conclusions, and then selects facts that fit them – and not always convincingly.

It is likely that she appeals, then, through an ideological resonance around the sense that Muslims are becoming too powerful, and so this theme ‘rings true’ for her supporters, so they go along with it. She began this agenda ahead of 9/11, but only started to be picked up as a relevant voice in the 2000s. Mainstream academia sees her as of little to no relevance, yet she has now become the darling of the Counter-Jihad movement.

Finally, it is important to stress that Bat Ye’or’s far right agenda is not neo-Nazism, far from it. Her ideas are not compatible with a reworking of Hitler’s creed. Indeed, for Ye’or, the Nazis were in collusion with Muslims, and some of her passages even suggest that Muslims were partially culpable for the Holocaust. So here the Nazis are the bad guys. This theme is unsurprising given the fact that Ye’or is herself Jewish. This does not stop the ideology she presents manifesting many of the qualities of a far right perspective, especially the demonisation of hate figures and revelling in conspiracy theory ideas. Its just one that does not like Nazism and antisemitism

My ideas returning to Islam

Ban Libyan women from marrying foreigners: Grand Mufti

Tripoli, 31 March 2013:

The Grand Mufti, Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ghariani, has called on the government to ban Libyan women from marrying foreigners.

Ghariani said in a letter to the Minister of Social Affairs, Kamila Khamis Al-Mazini, leaked on Facebook, that Libyan women should not even be allowed to marry foreign Muslims.

The move came after the Grand Mufti apparently received several complaints from Libyan citizens about some Syrian Shiites and Druze are taking advantage of the chaotic state of the country’s administration to marry Libyan women.

An official from Ghariani’s Dar Al-Ifta office has been quoted by Benghazi newspaper Qurina (Cyrene) claiming that a number of Turks had contracted marriages with Libyan women in Cyrenaica and then disappeared back home.

The official said that any decision on the matter would have to come form the government not the Fatwa office. As a result it was felt that Libya women should not be allowed to marry any foreigner until the situation had improved.

When Ghariani’s letter appeared on Facebook there was an outcry on social media networks among Libyan human rights activists.

When contacted by the Libya Herald, the Ministry of Social Affairs declined to comment.

Comment: Unusual is mainly the fact that fellow Muslims are barred from having them. Therefore, Libya (original spelling Lybia) setting up its own kafa’a pyramid. That this objectively plays into the hands of Western feminists is a case of synergy. As we see, many men can play the game, and so do I.



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The Silures were a powerful and warlike tribe of ancient Britain, occupying approximately the counties of MonmouthshireBreconshire and Glamorganshire of present day South Wales; and possibly Gloucestershire and Herefordshire of present day England.[citation needed] They were bordered to the north by the Ordovices; to the east by the Dobunni; and to the west by the Demetae.




According to Tacitus‘s biography of Agricola, the Silures usually had a dark complexion and curly hair. Due to their appearance, Tacitus hinted that they may have crossed over from Spain at an earlier date.

“… the swarthy faces of the Silures, the curly quality, in general, of their hair, and the position of Spain opposite their shores, attest to the passage of Iberians in old days and the occupation by them of these districts; …” (Tacitus Annales Xi.ii, translated by M. Hutton)

The Iron Age hillfort at Llanmelin near Caerwent has sometimes been suggested as a pre-Roman tribal centre,[1] but the view of most archaeologists is that the people who became known as the Silures were a loose network of groups with some shared cultural values, rather than a centralised society. Although the most obvious physical remains of the Silures are hillforts such as those at Llanmelin and Sudbrook, there is also archaeological evidence of roundhouses at GwehelogThornwell (Chepstow) and elsewhere, and evidence of lowland occupation notably at Goldcliff.[2]

The origin of the name “Silures” itself has been described as “utterly unknown”.[3] A 19th-century antiquarian source posits an etymological relationship with Welsh Essyllwg and other forms of identical meaning, such as Essyllyr, meaning “of Essyllt”:[4] however, this is now considered unlikely. A more plausible modern etymology would connect ‘Silures’ to the Common Celtic root *sīlo-, ‘seed’. Words derived from this root in Celtic languages (e.g. Old Irish síl, Welsh hil) are used to mean ‘blood-stock, descendants, lineage, offspring’, as well as ‘seed’ in the vegetable sense. ‘Silures’ might therefore mean ‘Kindred, Stock’, perhaps referring to a tribal belief in a descent from an originating ancestor.

Fierce resistance to Roman forces

Tribes of Wales at the time of the Roman invasion. The modern Anglo-Welsh border is also shown, for reference purposes.

The Silures fiercely resisted Roman conquest about AD 48, with the assistance of Caratacus, a military leader and prince of the Catuvellauni, who had fled from further east after his own tribe was defeated.

The first attack on the Welsh tribes was by the legate Publius Ostorius Scapula about AD 48. Ostorius first attacked the Deceangli in the north-east of what is now Wales, who appear to have surrendered with little resistance. He then spent several years campaigning against the Silures and theOrdovices. Their resistance was led by Caratacus, who had fled from the south-east (of what is now England) when it was conquered by the Romans. He first led the Silures, then moved to the territory of the Ordovices, where he was defeated by Ostorius in AD 51.

The Silures were not subdued, however, and waged effective guerilla warfare against the Roman forces. Ostorius had announced that they posed such a danger that they should be either exterminated or transplanted. His threats only increased the Silures’ determination to resist and a large legionary force occupied in building Roman forts in their territory was surrounded and attacked, and rescued only with difficulty and considerable loss. They also took Roman prisoners as hostages and distributed them amongst their neighbouring tribes in order to bind them together and encourage resistance.

Ostorius died with the Silures still unconquered and, after his death, they defeated the Second Legion. It remains unclear whether the Silures were actually militarily defeated or simply agreed to come to terms, but Roman sources suggest rather opaquely that they were eventually subdued bySextus Julius Frontinus in a series of campaigns ending about AD 78. The Roman Tacitus wrote of the Silures: non atrocitate, non clementia mutabatur– the tribe “was changed neither by cruelty nor by clemency”.


To aid the Roman administration in keeping down local opposition, a legionary fortress (Isca, later Caerleon) was planted in the midst of tribal territory.

The town of Venta Silurum (Caerwent, six miles west of Chepstow) was established in AD 75. It became a Romanized town, not unlike Calleva Atrebatum (Silchester), but smaller. An inscription shows that under the Roman Empire it was the capital of the Silures, whose ordo (local council) provided local government for the district. Its massive Roman walls still survive, and excavations have revealed a forum, a temple, baths, amphitheatre, shops, and many comfortable houses with mosaic floors, etc. In the late 1st and early 2nd centuries, the Silures were given some nominal independence and responsibility for local administration. As was standard practice, as revealed by inscriptions, the Romans matched their deities with local Silurian ones, and the local deity Ocelus was identified with Mars, the Roman god of war.[2]

Caerwent seems to have continued in use in the post-Roman period as a religious centre and the territory of the Silures later became the Welsh Kingdom of GwentBrycheiniogGwynllŵg and Glamorgan. Some theories concerning King Arthur make him a leader in this area. There is evidence of cultural continuity throughout the Roman period, from the Silures to the kingdom of Gwent in particular, as shown by leaders of Gwent using the name “Caradoc” in remembrance of the British hero Caratacus[2]

The term “Silurian”

Reference is occasionally made to this period of Celtic history by the use of terms such as “Silurian”. The poet Henry Vaughan called himself a “Silurist”, by virtue of his roots in South Wales. The geologic period Silurian was first described by Roderick Murchison in rocks located in the original lands of the Silures, hence the name. That period postdates the Cambrian and Ordovician periods, whose names are also derived from ancient Wales.


Wikisource has the text of the1911 Encyclopædia Britannicaarticle Silures.

Public Domain This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Chisholm, Hugh, ed. (1911). Encyclopædia Britannica (11th ed.). Cambridge University Press.

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Comment: And what about Somali siil, vagina? At least they admit the sexual affinity of the Celtic root.

Buddhists no longer betatized

The blog home page

The blog home page

Htoo December

April 11, 2013

Recently, a friend forwarded me a link to a web blog. The link points to a 400-page document, titled “Islam Virus”, which is a collection of misinformation about Islam – how cruel, inhumane and scary Muslims are. The owner of the blog mentions that everyone must read the document because what is happening in Myanmar today is very dangerous and scary. That is, Islam is threatening the existence of Myanmar. Pointing to distorted information about gross cruelty, the document urges the people of Myanmar to protect Myanmar race and Buddhism by opposing Islam and Muslims.

On the left column of the blog site, there are icons (with links) to two books. One book is about the colonial-time conflict between Muslims and Buddhists, and the other is a well-known anti-Muslim book titled “fearful of the extinction of Burmese and Buddhism”.

On the top of the column was a feature section, labeled National Traitors, under which people accused of supporting ethnic Rohingyas are listed. They include Dr. Maung Zarni, Harn Yawnghwe of Euro-Burma Office, Aung Zaw of The Irrawaddy magazine, Than Win Htut of Democratic Voice of Burma, and Burmese section directors of the Voice of America and BBC. There are anti-Rohingya posts here and there throughout the site.

What I want to say only starts here. Those involved in anti-Muslim campaigns consistently claim that Kalars (derogatory term for Muslims and South Asians) are taking over Buddhist women and converting them to Islam. They also accuse Muslims to be spoiling Burmese woman to destroy or swallow Burmese culture.

Only when I browse through the internet blog, I realize how irrational people are.

First, the blog urging people to protect Burmese culture and women turns out to a very popular Myanmar porn web blog.

Second, and more importantly, it is an abusive and disrespectful blog for women. Why? Because it features nude photos of Burmese women and leaked videos of Burmese couples. The blog also features photos and videos of Burmese women/couples shared by blog visitors.Of course, the attention is on ‘women’, especially their ‘passivity’ and ‘suffering’ during sexual intercourse.

They found the materials somewhere on the internet, or filmed by themselves. Some women, possibly sex workers, allowed the men to film on the basis that the films and photos won’t be published on the internet. Regardless of the promise, these nude photos and videos made their ways to the blog, which is a hard core pornographic blog accessible to everyone for free. I will not enclose the blog address here to avoid further publicizing of it and its contents, especially the women whose privacy the blog has abused.

As soon as I realized the type of the blog, I immediately saw the contradiction: calling for protecting Burmese women from ‘kalar’ on the one hand, and abusing women by i) publicizing pirated photos and videos, and ii) allowing blog visitors to write sexually abusive comments on the other. These comments can be read as verbal rapes. Then, I asked to myself, how possibly can these men, shamelessly writing sexually abusive comments, protect the nation and the women?

They said they want to protect the women in order to protect the nation, but they are verbally raping the women whose photos and videos were pirated. I am amazed how self-proclaimed nationalists claiming to protect Burmese women (by means of controlling their sexuality and sex-related life) can easily abuse these women. They do not seem to think that distributing the women’s nude images for the consumption of the men they do not have any inter-personal relations is a plain abuse.

If they stay true to what they say about protecting the nation, they should have opposed to the blog for the sake of the women’s privacy and dignity. Far from it, they are the ones disgracing the women; they are the one fulfilling their sexual fantasies on a free porn website. How cheap they are!

This is an important indication that nationalists uttering to protect the nation is not a safe refuge for women. These nationalists are in fact the enemies of women. They abuse women by dictating personal decision over relationship and reproduction. They abuse women by exploiting sexuality and body.

The text said "Sky Net" logo on the TV in the back ground

The text said “Sky Net” logo on the TV in the back ground

To continue with my main point, the blog owner posted the 400-page document on August 23, 2012. I thought he changed his attitude. I thought he realized he needed to start protecting women and stop abusing their private matters. But, the next day, he posted another nude photos of a Burmese lady. What is even more surprising is, he highlighted the logo of a Burmese channel “Sky net” on the TV in the background to confirm that she is truly a Burmese.

There are many other photos and videos with exact names and locations such as cities and countries where the videos were taken. Some materials were taken secretly and make available on the internet.

The blog also links to another porn website. I am not too sure if that belongs to the same person. On the second website, the most popular post, as I visited in August 2012, was a nude photo of a Burmese medical doctor in Thailand.

I expected that the woman’s privacy be protected – or at least respected – by Burmese nationalists who have been upset and/or worried about Kalars taking advantage of Burmese women’s sexuality. To my amazement, supposedly the nation-loving and culture-loving blog owner only publicized the photos of the doctor. The visitors left more than a hundred comments that said they wanted to have intimate relations with her (note: of course, their languages were sexually explicit, not even some decent comments about woman’s body or the sort, but abusive hard core comments). There is no single comment that said the woman’s privacy should be respected. The point I want to make is, there is no such thing as respect for the woman. It was a plain abuse and disrespect.

Book titled "Fearful of the extension of Burmese and Buddhism" (Left); Real Burmese Girl (Right)
Book titled “Fearful of the extension of Burmese and Buddhism” (Left); Real Burmese Girl (Right)

The more I browse the blog, the more disturbing things I found. The blogger posted the book “Fearful of the extinction of Burmese and Buddhism” on the same day as his posting of a Myanmar-born porn star. Similarly, he posted a blog post about Rohingya’s protest in the Middle East on the same day as his posting of a pirated video in which a woman was being forced to take off her cloth for filming. I found it strange that the blog owner was publishing nationalist posts and nude photos/videos of women at the same time – how contradicting it is. This makes me wonder, if the nationalists are using pornography for anti-Muslim campaigns.

I need to mention another but similar point. The blogger posted photos and videos of women specifically in Burmese traditional longyi (women skirts). This is because the visitors asked if the women were really Burmese. The blog owners highlighted longyi to prove that they really were Burmese. I asked to myself: “is this part of Burmese nationalism? are they that nationalistic that even their sexual fantasy prefer specifically Burmese? This may sounds strange, but it is difficult to make sense of how the nationalists can be that sexually abusive against the women they said they wanted to protect. Perhaps, they do not want Burmese women to have relationships with ‘Kalars’, but they think they can abuse the women themselves. Whether or not this is how they think, but this is how they appear.

In any case, the women need not be protected from Kalars, but from the Burmese nationalists such as the blog owner and the visitors, the sex fanatics who have no respect or what so ever for the women.

The hard core, sexually abusive comments on this web blog explains why anti-Muslim and anti-Rohingya movement in Myanmar is characterized with sexually explicit language. Perhaps, they are more or less the same people — or the same sort of people. On various websites, insults against Muslims in Myanmar have to do with specific words such as male’s private part, mother, and the F word, just like the comments on the porn blog.

A monk's swearing against Muslims with male's private part, mother and the F word

A monk’s swearing against Muslims with male’s private part, mother and the F word

Translation of the comments:(comment 1) son of a bitch. This is our country, Myanmar. If you dog can’t say, leave. Mother f@#$-er. Penis. You dog kalar only go to mosque to f!@# your mother. Penis (9 times). (comment 2) Penis: (15 times)

One might say, who care about what’s going on with this web blog. This is a porn website. But I care because this is a million-hit web blog. Nationalists one way or other band here together, and the massive amount of sexually abusive comments towards women is quite concerning.

This is a good example of how abusive nationalists can be — to be more accurate, how abusive “nationalist men” or “manly nationalism” can be. One thing for sure is no woman expects protection from the people who do not know the words ‘respect’, ‘privacy’ and ‘dignity’.

(The original Burmese version is published in August 2012. It is available at

Comment: Little surprise. The men with the most testosterone will be looking the most porn. The same men will be the most angered by the double morality of Muslims, i.e. we can have sex with your women, you cannot have sex with our women unless you convert. The Buddhists should take it to the next level and reverse the double standard. Muslim men cannot have sex with Buddhist women, Buddhist men can have sex with Muslim women. The Buddhists should offer captured Muslim women pregnancy. Also, the Buddhists must import euthanasia from the neighbouring Tibetans. Euthanasia opens the possibility of asymmetric warfare against Muslims. The Buddhists should amputate the hands of Muslim honor killers, and gouge out their eyes. Hell is eternal.

Interesting thoughts…

Arab guilt: “We buried our daughters! we crushed idols!”
Mind trick on a Jew:”The Holocaust was funny! Chutzpah! God exists and hell is eternal!”
Mind trick on a Leftist:”The Klan lynched thousands of Black people and a Leftist Anti-Racist isn’t even allowed to use the n-word! Hypocrisy! Dual standard!”

Well, Leftists are easily worse than Salafists. Salafists will admit not all mushrikoon are cow worshippers, Leftists will not admit that not all racists are nazi’s.

If a Dutch man rapes his daughter for years, is a Moroccan allowed to skip salat once? Of course not, two wrongs don’t make a right!

Thankless Black Nationalists

Proxywar · 135 weeks ago

Nowhere in my post above did I say christianity had not changed since then.
You missed the point of my example. I was explaining the founding of America
as we know it, it was not founded on or out of Jamestown principles and law.
Infact, the opposite is true.

I agree european-christians did put an end to the slave trade. I’ve written a compared study on this history. In Particularly, I’m quite fond of wilber force, samuel Ajay, and david livingstone. They followed timothy 1: 9-10 and Galatians 3:28.

Infact, the europeans who founded these new lands where taught the slave trade by the Arab muslims. Infact, the Islamic/Arab slave trade was much worse than the european trans atlantic slave trade.

We have a academic disagreement not one based on survival.

And many Black Nationalists have the gall to say that abolition of slavery is nothing more than your moral duty, and nothing to be proud of. That slavery continues in the Muslim world doesn’t bother them in the least, because “everybody does it, isn’t a moral argument”. In fact, all beautiful moral ideals the West develops, are used against the West.
There is however, also a problem with Christianity. Christianity requires large families, but forbids wars of conquest. This produces moral quandaries. In practice, Christians have large families, invade someone else’s territory, then feel guilty about it, and start destroying their society by becoming Liberal. Also, it could be argued that slavery prevents that subjugated enemies are totally exterminated. We see that in Syria. Because Islam forbids enslaving Muslim women and children, both parties in the civil war have resorted to killing women and children.
If Black Nationalist don’t change their tune, noboby in the future will be stupid enough to free his Black slaves. On the other hand, non-Muslims should put pressure on the Muslim world to pay reparations. After all, if only the Left demands reparations, it isn’t surprising the Black Nationalists side with the Left and the Muslims. Can’t be done, because the Muslims won’t have it? That presumes Muslims are invincible, and I don’t think that is the case.