Semites do not exist



Judaism and Islam are far more similar than could be explained by a supposedly shared  “Semitic” ancestry. E.g. compare Assyrians, Phoenicians and Ethiopians. But in some ways, Islam is closer to non-“Semitic” Egyptian religion (Kemetism), for example, female genital cutting. Most Arab men in North-Africa have Y-haplotype E. Many Jewish men have Y-haplotype E. On the other hand, the supposedly “Semitic” Y-haplotype J is found in high concentrations among Kosovars and Chechens, who speak languages completely different from Hebrew and Arabic. Joseph Greenberg proved that “Hamites” were a made-up people. So what about “Semites”?

As Aztec Paganism has its own secret language, Nahuatl, it is far more likely that it would develop in the direction of Judaism or Islam, than would Christianity, Communism, or National-Socialism, who do not have a secret language.