WNs vs MRAs: Feminist Betty Friedan EXPOSES hypergamy


Betty Friedan and the Dawn of Jew Feminism in America

The Jewish plot to destroy the western female really picked up speed in the chaos of the 1960s. Jew psychologist Betty Friedan (born Bettye Naomi Goldstein) published the book The Feminine Mystique in 1963, where she presented the the bizarre assertion that virtually all American housewives were unhappy with their lives, and backed it up with faked studies. She said that most if not all women were wasting their lives on children, while harboring the secret desire to be careering intellectuals and called this baseless claim “the problem that has no name.”

Enemy Jew Betty Friedan was said by her fighting comrade, the Jew Alvin Toffler, to have "pulled the trigger on history."

Enemy Jew Betty Friedan was said by her fighting comrade, the Jew Alvin Toffler, to have “pulled the trigger on history.”

Following the faked research of Alfred Kinsey, Friedan also claimed that most housewives were sexually perverse, having an obsession with sexual gratification due to their inability to be fulfilled by the thing that has fulfilled all female mammals since the beginning of existence: children. She again use faked studies, which no other researcher was ever able to confirm or reproduce, to back up this scandalous assertion.

In promoting the insane fantasy that most housewives were sexual perverts, having constant affairs with anyone they could find, she made the impressionable housewives who read the book feel like they should also be doing this type of thing. This process of indoctrinating women into the world of sexual perversion was later streamlined byMs. Magazine. Note that the Jewish race has a completely different set of values than White Europeans, and they have traditionally been much more sexually perverse. Jewish women probably do tend to cheat on their husbands, and thus this is yet another example of Jews rewriting our cultural heritage and value system with their own.

With The Feminine Mystique, the sickening Jewess Betty Friedan laid out a blueprint for the collapse of the ancient European social order. The weird Jewish advocate of the destruction of all society and its replacement with an insane science fiction nightmare world, Alvin Toffler, correctly called it when he declared that this book “pulled the trigger on history.”

Comment: Like Gloria Steinem railing against circumcision, which is now seen as Anti-Semitic on a level of killing six million Jewish men, women and children, Betty Friedan said some very naughty things. Again, no attempt of WNs to explain how Jewish men can trust their Jewish women. Just like the Gnostics on the Left, WNs limit the Original Sin to a very small and specific group of people. They cannot confront their own darker natures. Admitting to female hypergamy in White women would inevitably lead to admitting male polygamy in White men, and the sexual attractiveness of non-White men and women. Hypergamy in women is just as perverse as polygamy in men, that is, not at all.

MRAs do not consider the assertion that virtually all American housewives were unhappy with their lives to be bizarre at all. After all, women would rather not have intercourse with mediocre, hence unattractive, men; the beta men.

How to square that with a consistent, seamless Red Pill/HBD/Dark Enlightenment ideology? I don’t know. But then, both the Radical Left and the Extreme Right consider me a raving lunatic.