Don’t even think of nuking Mecca!!!


Nuking Mecca is expressly forbidden, according to my religious views. Even fancying the thought will lead to eternal damnation.

Voluntary euthanasia of people is morally acceptable, so people who consider any euthanasia intrinsically wrong will be damned as well. Ironically, involuntary euthanasia would pose less of a problem for most religions, who fear that allowing suicide would lead to everybody killing themselves in order to get in Heaven.


Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal…


Jewish Islamophobia and Muslim Anti-Semitism

Libertarian commented on “Please God. Please make it stop.”.

in response to asser hani mohammed:

i dont under stand who you trying to fool muslims religion doesn’t say to kill any people from other religion except to defend your country or religion and we always have the racism againt us and muslims ….any one except israel must not talk about racism because phalastine every day suffering from jewish racism and […]

Yes, I’m sure that Jewish hate towards muslims is just tiny in respect to what muslims feels about jews. Where are the calls in Israel for wiping out the palestinian territories? Where are the calls for indiscriminately killing muslim children? Do Israel name plazas after terrorists whose only notable act is the senseless killing of innocents? Where is this culture of racism that you speak of? You obviously doesn’t recognize racism when it’s in front of you. Israel may very well harbour some resentment towards muslims, but it simply pales in comparison with the hate that muslims harbour towards jews. Learn the art of self-reflection and enter the 21st century.