Women Against Islam

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A dozen women, including bloggers, activists, TV personalities and others, are at the core of the anti-Muslim radical right

By Mark Potok and Janet Smith
Illustrations by Zé Otavio

When two apparent Muslim radicals attacked a Muhammad cartoon contest in a Dallas suburb this May, a national spotlight was focused on the group that hosted the provocative event — the American Freedom Defense Initiative, whose leader is Pamela Geller, the country’s most flamboyant and visible Muslim-basher.

The gunmen were killed by a police officer almost immediately as they tried to break into the event, although not before they wounded another officer in the leg. But in the aftermath of the jihadist attack, the national conversation turned not only to the dangers of radical Islam, but also to professional provocateurs like Geller. After all, although nothing she or her allies had said or done merited the violence, Geller had a long and infamous record of smearing and demonizing Muslims.

The radical right, and more broadly the political right, has generally been dominated by men. And there are certainly plenty of men in the world of Muslim-bashing activism — men like Robert Spencer, Geller’s partner; David Yerushalmi, who has led the charge against an imaginary plot to impose Shariah religious law in the United States; and a crew of terrorism “experts” who see Islam as the enemy.

But the universe of American anti-Muslim activists is peculiarly dominated by women. They are a mixed bag of bloggers, politicos, authors, TV personalities, radio talk show hosts, and leaders of anti-Muslim organizations. Many of them have other windmills to tilt at, from gay rights to communism to President Obama, but most have increasingly focused on attacking Muslims. That has been even truer in recent months, in the wake of the horrific Islamist attacks on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris and the many barbaric murders carried out by the Islamic State.

What follows are short profiles of a dozen of the most hardline anti-Muslim women activists in America. These are people who do not merely criticize radical Islam, but effectively describe all Muslims as part of a serious global problem.

born 1950
Dallas, Texas
Texas Eagle Forum

As former chairwoman of the Texas Republican Party and current leader of the Texas chapter of Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, Cathie Adams believes that while Muslims are “extremely hospitable when you are under their roof,” as their religion requires, “Walk out of their home and you can be shot in the back.” She has said that immigration reform is a “tool of Satan that will lead to the enactment of Sharia law and usher in the End Times.” In a 2013 interview with “End Times” radio show host Rick Wiles, she said that refugees from Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist societies — “who are not here because they love America” — are coming to the United States and “want Sharia law” implemented here. (Hinduism and Buddhism have nothing to do with Islamic Shariah law.) Adams also attacked conservative anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist because “he had a beard, and he’s showing signs of converting to Islam” and is “married to a Muslim woman.” She has compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler and questioned his Christianity. She opposed funds for cancer research in Texas, falsely claiming that scientists would soon be “cloning humans, injecting them with diseases … and killing them.” And she was against the Children’s Health Insurance Plan because it would allow “illegal aliens” to insure their offspring.

born 1976
Centennial, Colo.

Ann Barnhardt, a blogger and former commodities brokerage owner whose house was sold in 2013 to satisfy a federal tax lien, is one of the most extreme Muslim-bashers in the United States. She refers to Muslims as “musloids,” says that Islam is a “seditious system working against every government” in the world that must be “exterminated,” and once burned a Koran with a bacon bookmark for a YouTube video. In 2011, she said “the Muslim population is mentally and developmentally disabled on a mass scale,” describing it in the same essay as the only population that “is mentally and physically devolving.” But Barnhardt’s blind rage isn’t only directed at Muslims. She says that beginning in 2008, when Barack Obama was elected, a “cold putsch” began that she predicts will lead to riots and civil war, the importation of “millions of socialist Latin Americans,” and, ultimately, the Chinese Red Army landing in America. She urges people to buy long guns because “THERE WILL BE MASS RAPES when the inner city hip-hop contingent can no longer be contained by standard law enforcement.” And she opposes women’s suffrage, saying that it “effectively castrated” men and wrecked the family. She once described herself as “a buzzsaw crossed with a blowtorch,” and about that, at least, she is surely right.

born 1961
New York, N.Y.

Ann Coulter hates many things — Bill Clinton, Democrats, immigrants, the declining percentage of white people in America, and anything that remotely smacks of liberalism. But she reserves a special animus for Muslims. In 2001, three days after Al Qaeda’s World Trade Center attacks, she wrote that “[w]e should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.” The same month, she said, “Not all Muslims may be terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims — at least all terrorists capable of assembling a murderous plot against America.” In 2013, on Fox News, she put it like this: “Someone needs to explain to me why gassing Arabs is such a bad thing. I mean, aren’t these the same people that attacked us on September the 11th? … I say we send them all the chemical weapons we have, and let them sort it out amongst themselves. Hopefully, when it’s all over we’d be left with some empty space to colonize.” In 2013, on Fox News, she went after black and Muslim Americans. “If you compare white populations, we have the same murder rate as Belgium,” she said in a conversation about gun violence. “So perhaps it’s not a gun problem, it is a demographic problem.” She went on to discuss a black and a Muslim mass murderer, making it clear just where she saw the problem.

born 1964
Virginia Beach, Va.
ACT! for America

The founder of ACT! for America in 2003, Brigitte Gabriel has been described by The New York Times Magazine as a “radical Islamophobe,” and it’s not hard to see why. In a 2007 course at the Department of Defense’s Joint Forces Staff College, she said that any “practicing Muslim who believes the word of the Koran to be the word of Allah … who goes to mosque and prays every Friday, who prays five times a day — this practicing Muslim, who believes in the teachings of the Koran, cannot be a loyal citizen of the United States.” The same year, The Australian Jewish News quoted her saying, “Every practicing Muslim is a radical Muslim.” Four years later, she claimed that “[t]ens of thousands of Islamic militants now reside in America, operating in sleeper cells, attending our colleges and universities.” Gabriel’s anger at Muslims is apparently rooted in her background as a Lebanese Maronite Christian who, she claims, lived in a bomb shelter for seven years “in pitch darkness, freezing cold, drinking stale water and eating grass to survive.” But a number of critics have questioned parts of her story, even calling her a con woman — she once described Hamas as bombing Jordan in the 1970s, but the group did not form until 1987.

born 1958
New York, N.Y.
Stop Islamization of America

Pam Geller is probably the best known — and the most unhinged — anti-Muslim ideologue in the United States. Aside from the more ridiculous claims on her Atlas Shrugs website, like the assertion that President Obama is the “love child” of Malcolm X, she is known for claims like the one she made on Fox Business in 2011: “Islam … is an extreme ideology, the most radical and extreme ideology on the face of the earth.” Geller, who is also a co-founder of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, made her name opposing the Park51 project in New York City in 2010, labeling it a “victory mosque” being raised by Muslims to celebrate the 9/11 attacks and insinuating without evidence that its financing might be tied to terrorists. She once posted a video implying that Muslims regularly practice bestiality with goats; another time, it was a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad with a pig’s face. Geller has a special hatred for Obama, who she says is “a third worlder and a coward” who seeks only to “appease his Muslim overlords,” “a muhammadan” who “wants jihad to win.” Geller, who is Jewish, has spoken to a neo-fascist group in Germany and to the white nationalist Bloc Identitaire group, which opposes all race-mixing, in France. She also has invited a notorious British nationalist group, the violently inclined English Defence League, to speak at one of her rallies.

born 1960
Spring Hill, Tenn.

A retired New York police officer, Cathy Hinners now lives in Tennessee, where she runs the Muslim-bashing Daily Roll Call blog and has aligned herself with other anti-Muslim groups and leaders, including Brigitte Gabriel’s ACT! for America and the Tennessee Freedom Coalition. Reacting to news about Islamic State atrocities in North Africa in 2014, she sneered at American Muslim leaders’ attempts to distance themselves from the violence, saying, “it’s not working. Islam for those demented barbaric savages is the same Islam practiced by Islamists here in our neighborhood mosques.” In 2015, Hinners attacked the Muslim Public Affairs Council for creating a Congressional Leadership Development Plan, saying that its sole purpose was “to alter political policies and laws to fit an agenda designed to radically transform the United States of America.” She called the moderate Council for American-Islamic Relations a “Muslim terrorist organization” that was using the Ferguson, Mo., police shooting of an unarmed black youth “to ‘revert’ those disgruntled blacks to Islam.” She has railed on about Muslim “training compounds” in the U.S. and claimed that a certain current White House advisor is “a known Muslim Brotherhood supporter.” Hinners also believes American Muslims are on a mission to convert all other Americans to their faith, saying in 2012, “I cannot stress enough the seriousness of their push to spread their religion to all non-Muslims throughout our country.”

born 1963
Washington, D.C.
“The Laura Ingraham Show”

Laura Ingraham is a radio talk show host, author, and ABC News contributor who is known for her hard-right positions on a wide range of issues, including Islam. In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdoattacks in Paris in early 2015, she agreed with the statement that “hundreds of millions of Muslims” were delighted with the killing of 12 people at the offices of the satirical magazine. “If most Muslims were against this happening,” she said on her show, “we wouldn’t have so much of this happening.” She went on to blame liberals and “governments that refuse to restrict immigration” from places that “do not share [American] values.” Immigration by such Muslims “is pure insanity,” she said a few days later. “A suicide pact.” She added that French “elites” were making regular people suffer by wrongly endorsing multiculturalism. She made a similar point in 2013, writing, “I would submit that people shouldn’t be coming here from Chechnya after 9/11. Dagistan [Dagestan], Chechnya, Kergystan [Kyrgyzstan], uh-uh.” Complaining that Muslims weren’t sufficiently condemning the Islamic State, she asked, “Where are those people?” She has repeated the myth of “no-go zones” in France and, most recently, reacted angrily to the news that a New York high school student had recited the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic.

born 1953
Woodbridge, Va.
Center for Security Policy

After two decades with the CIA, both here and abroad, Clare Lopez is now a senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy, run by anti-Muslim activist Frank Gaffney. She is also vice president for the Intelligence Summit; a senior fellow at the Clarion Project, which specializes in rabidly anti-Muslim films; and co-founder of the Iran Policy Committee, whose advisors have called President Obama a “radical Islamic sympathizer” and advocated that Muslim men between 18 and 28 years old “be strip searched.” Lopez has long claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood has “infiltrated and suborned the U.S. government to actively assist … the mission of its grand jihad.” She wrote a 2013 report that linked Huma Abedin, deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state, to the Muslim Brotherhood — a favorite, but false, allegation on the far right. In 2014, she wrote: “When people in other bona fide religions follow their doctrines they become better people — Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jews. When Muslims follow their doctrine, they become jihadists.” That same year, she said that because Obama’s father was Muslim, that “de facto makes him [Obama] a Muslim,” which in turn explains why the president “attacks and punishes Israel while allowing the Islamic State to grow and conquer.”

born 1951
Elmira, N.Y.
Fox News Channel

Jeanine Pirro is a former prosecutor, judge and elected official in New York who is now the host of Fox News’ “Justice With Judge Jeanine” and a persistent critic of Islam and President Obama. In early 2015, she said that Muslims “have conquered us through immigration. They have conquered us through interfaith dialogue.” “Muslims,” she complained in the same essay, “were even invited to worship at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.” (by then-President George W. Bush, a fact that Pirro does not mention). She went on to assert that “as sure as I’m talking to you, there will be efforts to limit our First Amendment — our free speech — to comply with Sharia blasphemy laws.” In 2014, she offered her solution to ISIS: “Bomb them! Bomb them! Keep bombing them, bomb them again and again.” At the same time, she attacked Obama, saying he “didn’t have the balls” to try the inmates of Guantanamo and “only knows how to cut and run.” And she claimed that “ISIS was trained by U.S. instructors at a secret base in Jordan” to fight Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — a baseless conspiracy theory. Pirro was the keynote speaker at the 2014 ACT! for America conference and also the Fox host who allowed terrorism “expert” Steve Emerson to claim, unchallenged, that Birmingham, England, was totally Muslim and a “no-go zone” for non-Muslims. Pirro, Emerson and Fox News all had to apologize profusely for that completely bogus claim.

born 1949
Chicago, Ill.
American Family Association

Sandy Rios is a radio talk show host for the American Family Association, a group listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-gay hate group, and, as such, she generally specializes in defaming LGBT people. Former president of the right-wing Concerned Women for America, Rios is a Fox News contributor and writes for The Daily Caller, Townhall, RealClearPolitics and Onenewsnow, all right-wing media outlets. However, as with many on the religious right, she has increasingly turned her guns on Muslims. In 2013, she said on air that “Muslim Americans do not have First Amendment rights” and went on to describe Islam as “a complete and total system that demands usurpation of whatever the local authority is, it demands to dominate it, it demands to conquer, to kill or convert.” She has said that there is “no question” that President Obama’s “sympathies are with Islam,” more than with “his own people.” In early 2015, she launched an attack on U.S. Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.), saying that he should be banned from his post on the House Intelligence Committee because he is a Muslim. Around the same time, she said that Obama’s State of the Union speech had betrayed his Muslim sympathies because he used the word “pillar,” which reminded her of the “five pillars of Islam.” And she is known for using truncated radio clips to falsely suggest that Obama is really a Muslim.

born 1969
Southfield, Mich.

Few enemies of Islam can match Debbie Schlussel, an attorney, columnist and blogger, for sheer viciousness. The granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, Schlussel has referred to Muslims as “animals”; described the 77 Norwegians murdered by anti-Muslim terrorist Anders Breivik as “hateful, privileged brats” who “sided with Jew-killers” (a completely false allegation); and called Rima Fakih, a Lebanese American who became the first Muslim Miss USA winner in 2010, “Miss Hezbollah USA” and “simply a sharmuta” (whore). When CBS correspondent Lara Logan was sexually assaulted in Egypt in 2011, causing an array of serious injuries, Schlussel responded with this: “So sad, too bad, Lara. No one told her to go there. She knew the risks. And she should have known what Islam is all about.” In 2015, she similarly went after Kayla Mueller, an American aid worker who was murdered by ISIS, calling her a “Jew-Hating, Anti-Israel Bitch.” Perhaps most remarkable of all, however, was Schlussel’s apparent call for the genocide of all Muslims after the 2011 killing of Osama bin Laden: “Rot in Hell, Osama Bin Laden,” she wrote on her blog. “One down, 1.8 billion to go … many of ’em inside U.S. borders.”

born 1961
Hollywood, Calif.

A syndicated columnist and the author of two books, Diana West is a relatively calm critic of Islam, at least compared to some of her fellow travelers. But that doesn’t prevent her from adopting views that are remarkably similar. “When American lawmakers, generals, and security experts omit ‘Islam’ from their debates and war councils, focusing instead on what they have dubbed ‘radical Islam’ and the like … [t]hey are protecting Islam,” she blogged in early 2015. Around the same time, she said in a speech to the Center for Security Policy’s “Defeat Jihad Summit” that “[u]nless we can come to an understanding that it is the teachings of Islam — not the teachings of some peculiar strain called ‘Islamism’ or of an organization such as the Muslim Brotherhood or ISIS — that directly undermines our constitutional liberties, we cannot protect our way of life from these teachings that grow with the increasing Muslim demographic.” Two years earlier, West set her sights on Huma Abedin, calling her “a veritable Muslim Brotherhood princess” with “privileged access to U.S. policymaking through Hillary Clinton,” whose position had implications for “national security.” She also has paraphrased anti-Muslim Dutch politician Geert Wilders, saying “the more Islam there is in a society, the less freedom there is.”

This story was published in the Summer 2015 issue of the Intelligence Report, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s award-winning magazine. The quarterly publication provides comprehensive updates to law enforcement agencies, the media and the general public. It is the nation’s preeminent periodical monitoring the radical right in the U.S.

To read more from the Summer 2015 issue, click here.

Facing up to Islamist extremism and imposition


Two stories caught my attention today. The first from the Daily Telegraph was about the “Trojan Horse” plot and ran with the sub-heading: “we must not excuse bigots just because they are Muslim. I thought this was not only an important piece because of it’s content, but also because the author, Sarah Khan is herself a Muslim. She writes:

One of the most shocking findings, from both Birmingham City Council’s report and from the Government’s own investigation into the Trojan Horse affair, was the incredulous hate peddling promoted to young children by fundamentalist Muslims who attempted to infiltrate a number of schools. Children had been told not to listen to Christians because they were “all liars”; and how they were “lucky to be Muslims and not ignorant like Christians and Jews.” Schools put up posters warning children that if they didn’t pray they would “go to hell” and girls were taught that women who refused to have sex with their husbands would be “punished” by angels “from dusk to dawn”. One of the ringleaders of the Trojan Horse plot told an undercover reporter that “white women have the least amount of morals”, white children were “lazy” and that British people have “colonial blood.”

Sarah outlines her objections:

Let’s be clear. These bigoted views are exactly that – bigoted. As a Muslim I object to those hardliners who aggressively suggest such views are Islamic. They are not. Yet this hate peddling was done in the name of Islam. I have seen over the years how sexist, homophobic and intolerant Muslims deliberately manipulate my faith to justify sexism, homophobia and intolerance to other faith communities. They hide behind the excuse of “Islam”, and argue they are within their religious rights to hold such bigoted views – and British society too often acts as if these are the natural rights of all Muslims.

Please read the rest of her excellent article:
One of a growing handful of voices from within the Muslim community against the hatred peddled by the Islamists who have bullied and hijacked the Muslim community in this country and elsewhere.
Sarah Khan is director of the counter-extremism organisation Inspire.
In other news I was intrigued to read this report from the Gatestone Institute in their latest round up published today that:

On June 17, the Halal Institute of the Junta Islámica de España, a competing Muslim umbrella group based in Córdoba, held a conference aimed at promoting the “normalization of halal” in European countries. The official conference title was: “Possible Similarities and Differences between European Standards Compared with Halal Standards Demanded by the Arab Countries.”

Conference attendees called on the Spanish government to sponsor an official study aimed at finding ways to bring European food standards into compliance with Islamic Sharia law.

Now I’m as concerned about food safety as the next person, but complying with Islamic Sharia Law? What the feck is that supposed to mean?
I am not having some wild eyed bunch of religious imbeciles telling me what I can or cannot eat. So this proposal can go take a running jump. Who the hell do these people think they are? Yet another stealthy attempt to impose their religious values on the rest of us.
For fear of being accused of so-called “Islamophobia” I reckon we might have to march under the slogan:
Defend the Bacon Sarnie!
When do want it? Now!
Just don’t tell my Rabbi. Oh wait, I don’t believe in God(s) so it doesn’t matter.
Comment: Apparently Muslim men need Angels in order to get laid. Interesting racialization. Why breed with whites?
Nevertheless, extremist Muslims are in general just as much members of socio-economically weak/oppressed ethnic groups as regular Muslims, so why would opposing the one be racist and opposing the other not? Remember people, objective reality does exist. Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal!!!

Yemen crisis talks to be held in Doha, says UN


UN-brokered talks aimed at resolving the escalating political crisis in Yemen will be held in Doha, the UN envoy to Yemen has said, after the internationally recognised Yemeni government appealed to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for military assistance.

A day after warning the UN Security Council that Yemen was on the brink of civil war, Jamal Benomar announced on Monday that talks between the Yemeni parties would take place in the Qatari capital, and that any agreement reached would be signed in Riyadh.

Earlier in the day, Prince Saud Al Faisal, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, said that his country would “take necessary measures if needed” to protect Yemen’s sovereignty after the country’s government, holed up in the southern port city of Aden, appealed to the GCC members for help.

Iran has been repeatedly accused of supporting the Houthis, the armed group that controls the country’s north, including the capital Sanaa, an allegation both Iran and the Yemeni group deny.

“We are against Iran’s intervention in Yemen … it is actually an act of aggression,” Faisal said.

“We are keen on protecting Yemen’s sovereignty, the legitimacy of Yemen represented by President Hadi.

“We hope that the crisis can be resolved peacefully and we are ready to respond to any demand that the president requests, whatever it is to support him,” he said.

Riyadh Yaseen, Yemen’s newly appointed foreign minister, has asked for military intervention from the GCC and the imposition of a no-fly zone by the UN.

The GCC is an alliance of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE and Oman; and its Peninsula Shield Force boasts about 40,000 troops and has a permanent base in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province.

“We’ve had enough, we can’t watch them occupying airports and cities, destroying Yemen’s infrastructure, and we sit there and watch”, Yaseen told Al Jazeera on Monday. “We can’t allow Iran to take over our country.”

The request came a day after Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, the Saudi interior minister, said the GCC was ready to take “all efforts” to defend the country’s security”.

Houthis took over the democratically elected government headed by Hadi in February and appointed Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, a cousin of the group’s leader, as the new president.

The GCC countries have since lined up to support Hadi and have moved their embassies to Aden to back Hadi against the group.

Hadi, who is also backed by Western states, has been struggling to reassert his authority since escaping house arrest and fleeing to Aden last month.

The Houthis have continued to seize more parts of the country and on Saturday took control of parts of the strategic city of Taiz, as they pushed further south towards Aden.

The group, which hails from the northern region of Saada, insists its territorial advance is an outgrowth of its growing popular support.

But the Houthis have continued a violent crackdown on opposition protests in the country.

In the latest incident, at least six people were killed after Houthis fired bullets and tear gas to disperse thousands of demonstrators demanding their withdrawal from the southern Yemen, a medical official reported.

Scores of other protesters were also reportedly wounded in the massive demonstrations in the country’s third largest city of Taiz, which the Houthis seized over the weekend.

Source: Al Jazeera

Comment: As I said three years ago, Sunnis and Shias would be now destroying each other. Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…

Should imbeciles be beaten to death?



Islamophobia in the heartland. Not so bright Neo-Nazis spray-painted hateful messages on a Hindu Temple and Cultural Center.

What’s that about Islamophobia having nothing to do with race again?

My Northwest, By Chelsea Hawkins

It’s not often you see a Lutheran pastor standing in front of a golden Ganesha. But that’s the scene as Christian, Sikh and Muslim leaders stand alongside Hindus in a united front against hate.

“The core value of all faiths and the core value of being an American is about love and care and tolerance,” says Reverend Paul Benz of the Faith Action Network.

Recent acts of vandalism at the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center and Skyview Junior High School in Bothell have members of the community concerned. The Hindu Temple was tagged with a swastika and the message “Get out.” Over at the junior high school a message read, “Get out Muslims.”

Comment: Keeping imbeciles on a short leash is one of the tasks we still need Antifa for. It is highly unethical to attack people without sufficient proof. That is why we should implement eugenics by teaching Arabic and Chinese, instead of all other subjects, on elementary schools and high schools and beating to death children who do not get ahead. This beating should happen before the very eyes of the parents. Only this will teach people to think before they act.

Pundits teach young Hindus Sanskrit. Imams teach young Muslims Arabic. Rabbis teach young Jews Hebrew. However, priests do not teach young Catholics Latin, and reverends do not teach young Protestants Greek. Christian clerics keep their flock stupid, leading to imbecilic vandalism as noted above.

I am beginning to think that eradication of Christianity is necessary before any action against Jews, Muslims and other religious groups could be justified. The stupidity caused by Christianity is pernicious. I do not mince words, Christians should have their arms chopped off and their eyes gouged out, and pointed out to them that Christianity forbids euthanasia. Remind them that the Antichrist would behead them, like ISIS does.

Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal…

Chapel Hill shooting: Three young Muslims gunned down in North Carolina family home


A family of three young Muslims has been shot dead in their home in a quiet neighbourhood of North Carolina in the US.

Police have named the victims as 23-year-old Deah Shaddy Barakat, his wife, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, 21, and her sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19.

Officers were called to reports of gunshots at 5.11pm at an apartment block largely housing academics and young professionals on Summerwalk Circle in Chapel Hill.

The victims were found shot dead at the scene, while some residents described not even being aware there was an incident until police arrived. Sources told local WRAL News that all three had been shot in the head.

Comment: Anders Behring Breivik said in his Manifesto that his personal views were Atheist. Hell is eternal. Hell is eternal. Hell is eternal.

The lowest of the Khawarij


This is the true face of Jabhat al-Nusra…the terror attack was directed right at women and children of the Muhajirs. This is not the first time. Their aim is to frighten Muslims, to restrain those who make Hijra to the Islamic State. Because there is a big flood of immigrants. So they take the lowest measures – target women and children. They are the true Khawarij. And the lowest of them.

Comment: The reason why Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS destroy each other in Syria is because both groups have a hard time understanding that God can consist of several Persons. Of course, the problems would not completely disappear, but infighting would lessen. Not just Christianity, but also many Pagan religions accept the idea of Trinities, like that of the Slavic deity Triglav. Triglav consists of Svarog, Perun and Veles.



hypocrisy full


These are the same people who claim that Islam “oppresses” women yet here they are, burning down community centers where women can meet and flourish. Disgusting hypocrites.

Non-Muslims accuse Muslims of oppressing women, non-Muslims attack Muslim women. Muslims accuse non-Muslims of oppressing women, Muslims attack non-Muslim women. However, it is better to generalize about Muslims than about non-Muslims. There is a certain set of features a Muslim has to have, and lacking one is enough not to be a Muslim. E.g. Muslims don’t eat pork, but not all non-Muslims do eat pork. Muslims are allowed to eat beef, but not all non-Muslims are forbidden to eat beef. Muslims believe in an Afterlife, but not all non-Muslims don’t believe in an Afterlife.  And so on.

The same applies to Christians and non-Christians, Anarchists and non-Anarchists, etc.

Nevertheless, if opponents of Islam coalesce into a movement they do become responsible for the actions of hangers-on, even if they are fringe elements. You cannot have a movement composed of Christians who think even Muslim men can be and should be converted, and White Nationalists who think even Muslim women have to be removed from the country, if not sterilized or even killed.

Racial Hatred Destroys Home Of UK’s First Muslim Female Band



The Ulfah Collective, UK’s first female Muslim band, faced the brunt of racial hatred when the Ulfah Arts and Media Center was set ablaze.

The community center where the band started has been completely gutted in the attack, which was suspected to be racially motivated

They had been receiving anti-Islamic hate mail for some time now.

Ulfah Arts and Media spokeswoman Sarah Javid said “Over the last two months our CEO (Prashant Singh) has been receiving hate mail which has been anti-Islamic.”

“He also received a DVD which was full of race hate messages.

“Mr Singh has no idea why anyone would have a personal vendetta against him or the organization. But the fire has destroyed everything. It’s destroyed equipment, but also all of our projects, some we have been working on for over a year.”

Racial Hatred Destroys Home Of UK’s First Muslim Female Band

The Ulfah Collective comprises of Muslim women from Pakistan, Somalia, Bangladesh, some Arab countries and Jamaica – with ages ranging from 13 to 42. The core team of the band is five members but expands to 14 members for larger performances.

The varying backgrounds and cultures bring together different interpretations of Islam that are heard by women-only audiences. The group writes its own lyrics as well as vocal compositions and only uses a hand drum in their performances.

Their music is universal and apart from traditional Islamic songs, includes songs from the literature of other faiths such as the gospel.

Hate crimes against Muslims soared in the UK during 2013. Hundreds of anti-Muslim offenses were carried out across the country, especially after the murder of soldier Lee Rigby by two Islamic extremists in Woolwich, Southeast London, in May.

Britain’s biggest force, the Metropolitan police, recorded 500 Islamophobic crimes in 2013, up from 336 in 2012 and 318 in 2011.

The fact that the figure may actually be higher than reported is extremely disturbing – but it is a fact. Nearly half of the 43 forces in England and Wales had not revealed how many hate crimes targeted Muslims.

Some officials even admitted not always  recording the faith of the victim.

Comment: Stormfront also believes Muslims to be a race. As most Muslims aren’t clearly black, yellow or white, the kind of men that can enter mosques at will without having to wear beards, knitted skullcaps, shortened trousers etc. should be called swarthy. It is very likely that the perpetrators weren’t motivated solely by religious motives. Nevertheless, increasing the birthrate of white British people would require a shift to a sexual morality that stresses reproduction (almost tautologically), and thus a shift in the direction of Muslim morality. This is ironic and inevitable.

Saudi-Arabia has ICBMs



من الصعب توصيف صورة الوضعين السياسي والعسكري في منطقة الشرق الاوسط هذه الايام، او تحديد المحاور المؤتلفة التي تتعاطى مع التطورات السريعة في هذه المنطقة، او الحكم ما اذا كانت (المنطقة) تسير نحو حرب حقيقية ام باردة تفحسب. ففيما تشهد الساحة السورية تطورات سريعة لغير صالح المجموعات المسلحة التي تدعمها السعودية وحلفاؤها، تتفاعل الساحة المصرية داخليا بما ينبىء بحتمية انفجار اوضاعها في وقت غير بعيد ولغير صالح القوى التي دعمت الانقلاب العسكري ضد حكم الاخوان. فيما يتجهالعراق، برغم اضطراب اوضاعه الامنية، نحو اقامة الدولة المدنية التي تقترب من الاستقرار، خصوصا بعد الانتخابات الاخيرة التي تمت بشكل شبه طبيعي في اغلب المناطق.
الامر الذي لا يمكن اخفاؤه ان ما يشهده العراق وسوريا ولبنان وباكستان، انما هي حروب بالوكالة تقف وراءها دول عربية واسلامية لاهداف متباينة. ولا يمكن فصل الظاهرة تالطائفية عن هذه الحروب والتوترات. كما لم يعد سرا ان ثمة حالة من الشد والجذب تفرض نفسها على العلاقات بين المملكة العربية السعودية والجمهورية الاسلامية الايرانية. الرياض وطهران تدركان تماما هذه الحقائق، وانهما تسيران على طريق المواجهة، برغم الدعوات التي تصدر يوميا من العاصمة الايرانية حول ضرورة التفاهم بين البلدين. وتشعر الرياض ان هذه الدعوات صادرة عن طرف يعتبر نفسه امنتصراب في رسم الخريطة السياسية في المنطقة، وان مصلحته تقتضي تخفيف بؤر التوتر لكي لا تتدخل قوى معادية اخرى مثل ااسرائيل’ والولايات المتحدة وبريطانيا بشكل مباشر في ما يبدو، في اشكاله الظاهرة، صراعا سعوديا ذ ايرانيا. 
اسباب عديدة لحالة التوتر والاستنفار التي تتصاعد باضطراد، وتنذر بحرب حقيقية بعد ان بلغت الحرب الباردة بين القطبين المذكورين، ذروتها. تعود جذور التنافر بين طهران والرياض الى ثلث قرن مضت عندما انتصرت ثورةايران وسقط نظام الشاه الذي كان يمثل مع السعودية عمادي السياسة الامريكية في الشرق الاوسط آنذاك. حدثت حالات من التقارب بين الطرفين، بلغت افضلها في النصف الثاني من التسعينات، في اجواء القمة الاسلامية التي عقدت في طهران، ولكن الحرب ضد نظام صدام حسين لاحقا أعادت العلاقات الى أسوأ مما كانت عليه سابقا. واعتبرت السعودية ان ذلك التغيير اضعاف لنفوذها الاقليمي، لصالح ايران. وفي محاولة لتقليل آثار ذلك التغيير ومنعها من التفاقم، بدأت مرحلة من العنف غير المسبوق استخدمت فيها كافة مواد الاشتعال، وتم جر المنطقة الى حالة غير مسبوقة من الاحتقان الطائفي. ويمكن القول ان العنف المرتبط بالارهاب في العراق لم يسبق له مثيل، وقد انجرت اليه قطاعات مجتمعية كان يفترض ان تكون اكثر عقلا وحكمة من الانجرار الى ذلك الجحيم الذي تروجه و تمارسه مجموعات شبابية’أعيد توجيه بوصلتها بعيدا عن أعداء الامة الحقيقيين من مهيمنين غربيين ومحتلين صهاينة ومستبدين. وجاء االربيع العربيب ليضيف عاملا آخر للتوتر المصطنع في اوساط الامة. رأى اعداء التغيير ان الطائفية ما تزال سلاحا فعالا لحرف مسارات التغيير ووقف عجلة الحراكات الشعبية التي لم تشهد العواصم العربية مثله منذ ايام التحرر الوطني في مرحلة الصراع مع الاستعمار. ومرة اخرى يجد الطرفان المذكوران نفسيهما على طرفي نقيض في ذلك الحراك. ففيما اعتبرت ايران ظاهرة الربيع العربي امتدادا لثورتها ضد الشاه واطلقت عليه االصحوة الاسلامية’، تصدرت السعودية محور الثورة المضادة لتقضي على كافة انجازات ذلك الربيع. وقد تجسد تالخلاف السعودي ذ الايراني بأوضح صوره في الوضع السوري الذي تحول الى طاحونة شرسة تحصد ارواح الآدميين وأجسادهم. وبلغ الامر ان فتحت الحدود للمجموعات المسلحة على مصاريعها، فانهارت الحدود بين العراق وسوريا، وفتحت تركياوالاردن حدودهما طوعا او بطلب من واشنطن او الرياض، ووجد لبنان نفسه منجرا للحرب، خصوصا بعد ان تدخل حزب الله الى جانب النظام السوري، خشية سقوطه وانقطاع خطوط الامداد للمقاومة ضد الاحتلال الاسرائيلي.
لم يعد خافيا ان كلا من السعودية وايران اصبحتا تخوضان حربا مصيرية فيسوريا. وفيما انطلقت طهران في دعمها النظام بلحاظ المقاومة ضد ‘اسرائيلب تارة وبناء على العلاقات التي توطدت خلال الحرب العراقية ـ الايرانية التي وقفت سوريا خلالها مع ايران تارة اخرى، تنطوي السياسة السعودية تعلى قدر من التناقض. فمن جهة تحمست الرياض لكسر شوكة النظام السوري واسقاطه ورأت في ذلك تغييرا لموازين القوى مع ايران لصالحها، ومن جهة اخرى فان استمرار الصراع المسلح يعني تقوية العنف والتطرف والارهاب، ويزيد احتمالات انعكاس ذلك على الوضع السعودي نفسه. ولوحظ مؤخرا توجه سعودي رسمي لمنع مواطني المملكة من الذهاب الى سوريا للقتال، وذلك ضمن سياسة متفق عليها بين الولايات المتحدة وبريطانيا. فقد ادركت هذه الاطراف ان سوريا تتحول تدريجيا الى افغانستان اخرى، تفرخ الارهاب، وتصدره، وتهدد الدول الاخرى مثل لبنان والاردن، بالاضافة للعراق. هذا التغير الذي بدأ ظهوره منذ مطلع العام الحالي اضعف مواقف المجموعات المسلحة من جهة، ولكنه اظهر ايضا تناقض الغربيين في سياساتهم.
السعودية ما بعد الربيع العربي تختلف عما كانت عليه قبل ذلك. فالحرب التي شنت بالوكالة في سوريا والعراق وباكستان وافغانستان، تقابلها حرب باردة تتجسد بالتصعيد الطائفي من جهة، والاعلام المدعوم من السعودية ضد ايران، ومطاردة المجموعات الاسلامية التي تعتبر، في جوهرها، امتدادا لمشروع الاسلام السياسي الذي تجسده ايران. هذه الاساليب اصبحت ظاهرة للعيان، ولكن الامر المثير للقلق ظاهرة سباق التسلح التي تصاعدت في الاعوام الثلاثة الاخيرة. وقد جاء الاعلان مؤخرا عن امتلاك السعودية صواريخ بالستية ربما مزودة برؤوس نووية ليضيف الى حالة القلق من هذه الظاهرة واحتمالات نشوب النزاعات المسلحة في الشرق الاوسط. فمن اين جاءت الرؤوس النووية للسعودية؟ المعلومات المتوفرة تشير الى ما يلي: اولا: ان هناك ادراكا سعوديا بان صفقات السلاح العملاقة التي عقدت مع الغرب في العقود الثلاثة
الاخيرة لم تكن مفيدة للسعودية واحتياجاتها، ولم تؤد الى تحسن اداء قواتها المسلحة. فطائرات التورنادو التي كلفت صفقتها اكثر من 80 مليار دولار انتهت تماما قبل ان تستخدم في اي عمل عسكري. ثانيا، ان السعودية التي انفقت على ترسانتها العسكرية مئات المليارات لم تمتلك حتى الآن سلاحا رادعا حقيقيا، وان ‘اسرائيلب التي تنفق اقل منها كثيرا تمتلك الطائرات الامريكية من النوع نفسه الذي لدى السعودية ولكن بمواصفات اكثر كثيرا. فما لدى السعودية من طائرات اف16 dفتقد مواصفات الطائرات نفسها التي زودت امريكا الكيان الصهيوني بها، يضاف الى ذلك ان السعودية لا تستطيع تنصيب تلك الطائرات في القواعد العسكرية القريبة للكيان
الاسرائيلي، مثل قاعدة تبوك. رابعها: ان الرياض عمدت لتنويع مصادر اسلحتها ومنذ
العام 2007 توجهت نحو الصين للحصول على صواريخ بالستية. وكان ذلك بموافقة امريكا ومساعدة خبراء عسكريين من سي آي أيه. خامسا: ان السعودية انشأت قاعدة ومدرسة للصواريخ في وادي الدواسر، على الطريق بين الرياض وقاعدة خميس مشيط في الجنوب الغربي، القريبة من مدينة أبها. وجاء في تقرير أعده جيف ستين لصحيفة انيوزويكب الامريكية مطلع العام الحالي أن السعودية ظلت الغرفة الخلفية في لعبة السلاح النووي في منطقة الشرق الأوسط، وقبلت بلعب دور الممول للمشروع النووي الباكستاني والطموحات النووية العراقية في عهد صدام حسين؛ لمواجهة طموحات عدوتها التقليدية إيران. سادسا: ان السعودية تمتلك حاليا اكثر من’100 صاروخ بالستي، حسب تقرير نشرته مجلة اديفينس ويكليب الذي يتوقع انها تتراوح بين 30 و120 صاروخًا. وتضيف ابينما يتراجع نفوذ الولايات المتحدة من المنطقة، وتتأهب إيران للحصول على سلاح نووي، فإن السعوديين لم يعودوا يثقون في الضمانات الأمنية الأمريكية، وباتوا يبحثون تسليح أنفسهم خشية استخدام إيران، ما يفهم الجميع أنه قدرات نووية للحصول على تنازلات من جيرانهاب. سابعا: ان السعودية تخشى ان تؤدي طموحاتها العسكرية لازعاج حلفائها الغربيين.
ولذلك ففي الوقت الذي تسعى فيه لتوسيع قدراتها الصاروخية فانها تواصل عقد صفقات السلاح التقليدية مع الغرب. تففي شهر شباط/فبراير الماضي وقعت السعودية مع بريطانيا صفقة تحصل السعودية بموجبها على 72 مقاتلة من نوع ايوروفايتر تايفون’، وذلك خلال زيارة الامير تشارلز للمملكة لحضور مهرجان الجنادرية. وفي الشهر نفسه وقعت السعودية مع المانيا صفقة بملياري دولار لشراء مائة زورق نفاث، وصفقة اخرى لشراء مئات الدبابات الالمانية لتجهيز قواتها البرية. 
ثامنا: ان السعودية التزمت سياسة تنويع مصادر سلاحها وانواعه. وفي نهاية العام الماضي نشرت صحيفة الاتريبينب الفرنسية أن هناك مفاوضات بشأن التوقيع على اتفاقيات أسلحة ضخمة للغاية تشتري بموجبها العربية السعودية ست فرقاطات من نوع فريم، وهي من الفرقاطات الأكثر تطورا في العالم. كما ستشتري ست غواصات توستصل الفاتورة الى عشرة مليارات يورو. واضافت الصحيفة تأن هناك صفقة أخرى لتطوير وتحديث سلاح الجو السعودي على مستوى المضادات للطيران بقيمة أربعة مليارات يورو، وقد تصل الى 20 مليار يورو في حالة الاتفاق على طائرات مروحية وأسلحة أخرى مثل الصواريخ والقاذفات الجوية.

‘ كاتب وصحافي بحريني يقيم في لندن

د. سعيد الشهابي

Comment: I am not impressed. Eternal damnation is far more effective than ballistic missiles. That is why I disapprove of nuking Mecca. Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal…

Defending Noxçiiçö is un-Islamic…



Chechens in the Islamic State of Iraq and as-Sham are circulating a written tale of a young man from the Caucasus who wages jihad in Syria, and who is “tempted” by the Caucasus Emirate.

The story reflects the growing split between North Caucasian fighters in Syria, and attempts to explain the split in terms of ideology, and a battle between the “right” and “wrong” interpretations of jihad.

The piece suggests that the “devils in disguise” try to tempt North Caucasian fighters from going to Syria, telling them that they ought to wage jihad in the Caucasus instead. Once in Syria, these same “devils” tried to tempt young men into fighting with the Caucasus Emirate, though the clear-minded hero of the story is able to see the difference that ISIS makes (the Free Syrian Army, who smoke cigarettes and have suspicious mustaches and a penchant for democracy leave; women wear burkas, and the black flag is flown).

Notable in the piece is a clear disconnect between the fighters and the Syrian people. The Syrians are strange, they make foreign fighters haggle in stores, their dialect is incomprehensible, and the women look askance.

Most of the piece is translated below. (Note: please see the site’s copyright policy on using my original translations and material!)


Praise Allah, I would like to talk about a certain aspect. Allah said in his book, “Verily, the Shaitan is your enemy, treat him as an enemy” (35:6).

His task is to push a person astray, his desire is to see Muslims in the fire. To to this, the enemy uses all kinds of tricks. The first of them is, he says, “Be an unbeliever”. It is clear that that people respond to this damned call, but not Muslims. For them, the devil has prepared more sophisticated tricks, each time different ones. And the degree of sophistication depends on how close to the truth a Muslim is.

And this is what is needed then, when after a year or more or lessons and headphones handing around your neck as a distinctive sign of the Talib [Islamic student], you’re faced with a brother who says in plain language, daleel [evidence] and khuja. And who, not doubting anything, tells you that over half your flash drive should be chucked away. And those sheikhs who are pronouncing your current lesson either said something quite different, or implied something else, or they are nobodies, and other sheikhs who are in prison warned about them. Wow!

And now you feel a familiar tickling, but you remember the last lessons, and you demand i’jaz [inimitability of the Quran] and something from the statements of the Lejna. But after the right hook comes the knockout. It turns out that the Lejna wasn’t worth a dime, it was just a collection of Murjite courtiers with a few exceptions… And that this is what Sheikh Osama said and it was supposed by those sheikhs who are in prison.

And you… get a link to YouTube where you can watch and listen to everything. But though you have the knowledge of what nasheeds you should listen to, to waste your time as little as possible, you can’t tear yourself away and you watch and listen and soak it in. You soak in everything, the words of the preachers, the words of the scholars, the nasheeds, the clanging swords. And over all this hovers a black and white banner. You close your eyes and in your mind’s eye, a whisper is sent you..Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda.

The tickling becomes and itch and you realize it is time to act. For a start you have to purify your intentions and prepare.

You don’t really know what to do but your trusted advisor provides you with another link and you plunge into the sea of Kavkaz Center, VD, and Hunafa. You start arguing with your old friends, arguing that jihad is “fard ayn” for over 700 years and there’s no excuse for those who stopped praying… And you learn the names and pronounce them with an exhale, Sheikh Ayman al Zawahiri said, Sheikh al-Maqdisi confirmed, and on your iPhone you pump videos of nasheeds and lectures of Said..

However, sometimes, there come some strange words for you that jihad is not an end in itself, but only a means to achieve a higher purpose. But you’re still confused as to what is more important – the shahada, getting into heaven or elevation of the Word of Allah. Luckily for you, Alhamdulillah, there is Zelimkhan, and he’ll explain everything of importance, while not forgetting to remind you that your first friends and Effendi may have an excuse. And in general, shirk – it’s not so bad if you do not know it. And because you do not have time to learn – you’re ready, ready …

It’s become very easy for you to live because your new friends can find answers to all your questions. They hide behind solid nicknames like Scholar, Researcher, Sheikh Golopupovsky. This further strengthens their credibility in your heart: can brothers with such serious names be wrong or lie?

You are completely ready. You have money and a path but here’s the bad luck. Again, a knockdown. After reading the hadith, you know there is a Sham and that you need to join with the army in Sham. And your last counsellor sits in your Skype and categorically states that the true jihad is right here and everything is clear and the infidels are in the house next door and you’re 50 meters from them. But the associates of Zelimkhan say that the Caucasus is the priority since it is the CAUCASUS and it’s right within reach or you’re already there.

And what is there to do in this Syria? And the “scholar” of course agrees with everything and backs up every work of Zelimkhan and Sheikh Golupupovsky. And they sit in their chairs but their fingers never get tired of pulling the trigger — sorry, the keyboard.

The order is made and everything is ready.

And now you are in Syria! And everything is just beginning. Your friend encourages you on that path in the Emirate, not Sham, in the Caucasus. He wears a yellow branded T-shirt, rumor has it that Dokku Umarov donated it. [The writer is referring to the yellow “Caucasus Emirate t shirts worn by fighters who saw themselves as part of that group.]

All around scurry armed dudes with mustaches, chain smoking and talking in a complex dialect that is incomprehensible as yet. The streets of the towns and Aleppo itself are awash in women and girls in tight clothes who stare at newcomers and sometimes they grin ear to ear. In the smoky stores you struggle to buy a needed product at an inflated price while they welcome you with grinning yellow teeth, Ahlan, Ahlan!

And you have a choice, join Al Qaeda or go to the Caucasus Emirate, become a mustachioed chicken or throw in the towel and split to Turkey to wait for the Mahdi to come.

But you trust your guide. The Caucasus Emirate is the best decision. About a month later, you get the news that Al Qaeda no longer has strength and resources. Some sort of Dowla [ISIS -ed] came along and almost all the Al Qaeda guys took to it. The Emirate has also postponed everything and concluded with Dowla a military agreement to combine efforts. But something has changed in Syria. Now you can drive into a town controlled by the new group and you won’t see women dressed like they’re not dressed. The smoking chickens became fussy and started hiding their cigarette butts in their sleeves, and instead of the three starred flag on the stress you see the black and white flag.

Instead of haram music you hear calls to prayer. But the most important thing! They opened real Sharia courts where everyone can come.

Events accelerated, or rather more of them came in a single time interval.. in several places the Sharia of Allah was established where land was cleared not only from the stinking Nusayries [Alawites] but also from our three-star brothers who have chosen the taghut and democracy! All of the henpecked Yanks and Saudis were driven to other places, some where “zippered” — annihilated.

The fitna came when you did not expect it. A rumor was started that someone who did not give a full oath was driven from Syria. And that all the Caucasians had to scatter all over the land in groups of 5 and 7 people. This coincided with the desire of many people to join ISIS and completely swear an oath to Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi [the author is likely referring to the decision by Umar Shishani to join ISIS] saying they would obey, like it or not….

Some skillfully took advantage of the situation and split off [the author is likely referring to the decision by a group of fighters from Jaish al Muhajreen wal Ansar, linked to the Caucasus Emirate, to split from Umar Shishani].


But you already looked at it from the side and your heart ached from those brothers who withstood the airstrikes and the shelling and with whom you stormed the hills and houses, and who did not see anything except for their own benefit, money, the world, Pepsi, kebabs, the internet…

Your friend and advisor who sat on the third side in the Emirate also did not lag behind… By the grace of Allah only your presence in the battle spared you from this zombie. But your heart is sick, after all you loved these brothers, and you were still grateful to your friend and counsellor…