Islamophobia and Islamism


Both the rise of Islamophobia and the rise of Islamism have the same source: non-Muslims not knowing Arabic. If most non-Muslims would know Arabic, like most non-Muslims do know English, non-Muslims would be able to sort out the threatening Muslims(i.e. Islamists) from the non-threatening Muslims. Also, if most non-Muslims would have known Arabic, it would have been very hard for Islamists to take power. For obvious reasons, defeating or even exterminating ALL Muslims would make knowing Arabic even more necessary. So ALL people will have to learn Arabic anyway.

Note: Geert Wilders and Erdoğan agree that moderate Islam does not exist.

Aztec pyramids: Shirk?

Would Islamic rule in Mexico destroy the Aztec pyramids as relics of idolatry? Likely yes. That is why my religion gives Mexican gangbangers like MS-13 and the Zetas a “hunting permit” on Muslims, that is organized “crime” is no longer considered organized crime. Catholicism doesn’t do this, Evangelicalism doesn’t do this. Mexicans returning to their ancestral religion should understand that Muslims consider Christians to be People of the Book, but don’t consider their religion to be. Think of it, N.M. Valdez, and Olin Tezcatlipoca.