Adolf Hitler


Observe, by the way, that, as a corollary, the Moslem was promised a paradise peopled with sensual girls, where wine flowed in streams — a real earthly paradise. The Christians, on the other hand, declare themselves satisfied if after their death they are allowed to sing hallelujahs! …Christianity, of course, has reached the peak of absurdity in this respect. And that’s why one day its structure will collapse.

Uthman Burned the Manuscripts of the Qur’an!

Uthman’s Burning of Divergent Qur’anic Manuscripts is Deeply Troubling.

Imagine the uproar that would ensue today if someone decided to burn a pile of Qur’ans! Yet, this is exactly what the traditions tell us happened during the reign of Uthman. It is clear that the project undertook by Zaid, under Abu Bakr, to standardize the text of the Qur’an failed in the long term because there were still multiple versions around after it was completed. Uthman was deeply troubled by this, so he selected a text (the one held by Hafsa, one of the widows of Muhammad) and had all copies that disagreed with this destroyed in a large bonfire. Allow me to draw out some of the implications of this incident:

  • Uthman was no scholar of the Qur’an, yet he seems to have made the final choice of the correct version of the Qur’an.
  • The fact that Uthman had to do this means Zaid’s work did not settle the question on the text of the Qur’an, but that it lingered on for decades.
  • The burning of the divergent Qur’ans also clearly demonstrates that the project to protect the integrity of the Qur’an via widespread memorization utterly failed. If there were ‘perfect Qur’ans’ in the memories of many of the faithful, a variety of different Qur’ans would not have arisen.


The breakup of Meriam and the Marine had nothing to do with her/his race/religion. It had everything to do with a naïve, spoiled princess sneaking off to the U.S. to marry the Marine (who is also a devout Mormon) she fell in lust with and later finding out that the income and military base housing of a U.S. Marine (who, by the way, risked his military career, his freedom, and U.S. relations with Bahrain to be with her) was not enough to satisfy her rich, royal blood. So what did she do? Well, she went wild. Jason was not enough for her, but the glitz, glamour, and gambling of Las Vegas was. (Note: Mormons do not gamble, drink/smoke/use drugs, nor do they condone their wives dressing immodestly, in fact, Mormons share many of Islam’s values, including cloistering their wives, popping out babies, and some sects condone polygamy).
Meriam would stay out all night at casinos and clubs; imbibing in and intoxicating herself with alcohol, and, allegedly, cocaine and marijuana; flirting and committing adultery through numerous sexual encounters with random men; and dressing like an all-out whore.
Not one of these things is condoned in Islam OR Mormonism, so let’s just call this for what it was: a silly, young, sheltered and pampered girl throwing a temper-tantrum.
Princess Meriam realized that her coveted American life wasn’t going to be as exciting as she thought, nor would her marriage to a Mormon be much different than if she followed through with an arranged Islamic marriage back in Bahrain, she decided to get the American life she craved by acting like a prostitute, and completely ignoring, and CHEATING ON her husband. If Ms. al-Khalifa was the good, devout Muslim everyone claims she is/was, then she would never have done the things she did, including sneaking out of Bahrain and marrying Jason. It’s quite clear that she did not love Jason, all she wanted was to get a taste of what she believed the life of an American female would be. Their marriage could have worked, seeing how similar Islam and Mormonism is. But her Maerican marriage wasn’t glitz, glamour, parties and fun. It was a small, one bedroom house on a military base, a tight income and budget, and would have expected her to be a modestly-dressed housewife and eventually a stay-at-home mother of as many babies as she could pop out – see, not much different from an Islamic marriage.
In this case, their marriage didn’t fail because of their races or religions. It failed because Ms. al-Khalifa wanted to be a slut with a sugar-daddy.

Comment: This was a comment by Triquetra years after the original post was made. That is remarkable in itself.


“Watch this video. A European woman who speaks Arabic translates what the Muslim migrants were saying when they thought she didn’t understand their language. (thanks to Armaros)”

Finally, the mainstream (of anti-Muslims) is beginning to understand the REAL issue. Demanding that e.g. Turks give up their own language, like PEGIDA does, requires proof that Turks are up to no good, which in turn requires most Germans knowing Turkish, putting the horse behind the carriage.

Nieuw Rechts, a Dutch little party around 2003, demanded that mosques shouldn’t use Arabic in preaching. Same fallacy.

HOWEVER, Dutch prisons forbid speaking Turkish and Arabic, so it can be done in practice. They cannot say this in public, as this prison policy cannot defended using the prevailing ethical system of anti-racism.

Moslims kunnen niet rekenen

“Stel dat de mujahideen van Al-Qaida, Taliban, Al-Shabaab, ISIS, Jabhatul Nusra en alle overige mujahideen groepen wereldwijd aan de poorten van Europa zouden komen, hier leven miljoenen moslims, er wordt zelfs geschat dat in heel Europa en VS meer dan 20 miljoen moslims leven, dan zullen we hen allemaal met open armen ontvangen, sterker nog door een interne revolutie tegelijkertijd met hen externe opening van deze landen, zal geheel het westen in een mum van tijd ingenomen worden en onderdeel van de islamitische staat worden, omdat de meerderheid van de ongelovige inwoners van deze landen niet militair getraind zijn, ze ze hebben enkel een aantal soldaten die niet direct kunnen strijden tegen de moslims en mujahideen, omdat ze te bang en te laf zijn. Daarnaast vallen al hun technologie, wapentuig, atoomwapens, mooiste auto’s, gebouwen, geld, mooiste vrouwen, vliegtuigen, alles als oorlogsbuit in onze handen, wat een mooie toekomstperspectief voor de moslim jeugd, of ze gaan daar heen en de overwinnende karavaan joinen of ze wachten hier op hen en praktiseren de islam zoals het hoort intern en extern als voorbereiding op hun komst.”

Commentaar: Als we ervan uitgaan dat er drie keer zo veel Moslims zijn als “Westerlingen” (=blanke niet-Moslims), wat een tamme schatting is, en geen rekening houden met de leeftijdsopbouw, kan maar hooguit één op de drie Moslims een blond, blauwogig, “Westers” meisje buitmaken, terwijl iedere “racist” drie Moslima’s kan buitmaken. En dat is alleen al het vrouwenvlees. De Golfstaten liggen vol met dure spulletjes en duur wapentuig waar ik ook wel trek in heb. Soennieten en Sji’ieten maken elkaar bij bosjes af, dus flink met hel en verdoemenis breekt hun geestelijke ruggengraat.


Yemen crisis talks to be held in Doha, says UN

UN-brokered talks aimed at resolving the escalating political crisis in Yemen will be held in Doha, the UN envoy to Yemen has said, after the internationally recognised Yemeni government appealed to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for military assistance.

A day after warning the UN Security Council that Yemen was on the brink of civil war, Jamal Benomar announced on Monday that talks between the Yemeni parties would take place in the Qatari capital, and that any agreement reached would be signed in Riyadh.

Earlier in the day, Prince Saud Al Faisal, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, said that his country would “take necessary measures if needed” to protect Yemen’s sovereignty after the country’s government, holed up in the southern port city of Aden, appealed to the GCC members for help.

Iran has been repeatedly accused of supporting the Houthis, the armed group that controls the country’s north, including the capital Sanaa, an allegation both Iran and the Yemeni group deny.

“We are against Iran’s intervention in Yemen … it is actually an act of aggression,” Faisal said.

“We are keen on protecting Yemen’s sovereignty, the legitimacy of Yemen represented by President Hadi.

“We hope that the crisis can be resolved peacefully and we are ready to respond to any demand that the president requests, whatever it is to support him,” he said.

Riyadh Yaseen, Yemen’s newly appointed foreign minister, has asked for military intervention from the GCC and the imposition of a no-fly zone by the UN.

The GCC is an alliance of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE and Oman; and its Peninsula Shield Force boasts about 40,000 troops and has a permanent base in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province.

“We’ve had enough, we can’t watch them occupying airports and cities, destroying Yemen’s infrastructure, and we sit there and watch”, Yaseen told Al Jazeera on Monday. “We can’t allow Iran to take over our country.”

The request came a day after Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, the Saudi interior minister, said the GCC was ready to take “all efforts” to defend the country’s security”.

Houthis took over the democratically elected government headed by Hadi in February and appointed Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, a cousin of the group’s leader, as the new president.

The GCC countries have since lined up to support Hadi and have moved their embassies to Aden to back Hadi against the group.

Hadi, who is also backed by Western states, has been struggling to reassert his authority since escaping house arrest and fleeing to Aden last month.

The Houthis have continued to seize more parts of the country and on Saturday took control of parts of the strategic city of Taiz, as they pushed further south towards Aden.

The group, which hails from the northern region of Saada, insists its territorial advance is an outgrowth of its growing popular support.

But the Houthis have continued a violent crackdown on opposition protests in the country.

In the latest incident, at least six people were killed after Houthis fired bullets and tear gas to disperse thousands of demonstrators demanding their withdrawal from the southern Yemen, a medical official reported.

Scores of other protesters were also reportedly wounded in the massive demonstrations in the country’s third largest city of Taiz, which the Houthis seized over the weekend.

Source: Al Jazeera

Comment: As I said three years ago, Sunnis and Shias would be now destroying each other. Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…

Chapel Hill shooting: Three young Muslims gunned down in North Carolina family home

A family of three young Muslims has been shot dead in their home in a quiet neighbourhood of North Carolina in the US.

Police have named the victims as 23-year-old Deah Shaddy Barakat, his wife, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, 21, and her sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19.

Officers were called to reports of gunshots at 5.11pm at an apartment block largely housing academics and young professionals on Summerwalk Circle in Chapel Hill.

The victims were found shot dead at the scene, while some residents described not even being aware there was an incident until police arrived. Sources told local WRAL News that all three had been shot in the head.

Comment: Anders Behring Breivik said in his Manifesto that his personal views were Atheist. Hell is eternal. Hell is eternal. Hell is eternal.

Atheïst vermoordt drie moslims. Waar blijft de verontwaardiging?

Na christenfundamentalisten en moslimextremisten is er sinds vanochtend een nieuw fenomeen: de radicale atheïst. Een blanke man schoot vannacht in Chapel Hill, North-Carolina, drie studenten dood die toevallig ook allemaal moslim waren. Op de Facebook-pagina van de man presenteert hij zichzelf als fanatiek atheïst die ook graag laat zien welk model Glock hij in bezit heeft. Volgens nog onbevestigde berichten executeerde de man de drie jonge mensen door ze tweemaal in het hoofd te schieten. Stel je voor dat de schutter een moslim of een donkere man was geweest. Dan werd er ingebroken in alle mediakanalen voor een nieuwsmelding. Maar nu zwijgen vrijwel alle media; de moord is ondertussen al een halve dag oud. Pas na tien uur verscheen er een kort bericht op de website van NOS. Gelukkig geen moslimterrorist, zo is de strekking van dat bericht.

Het is typerend voor de staat van de Nederlandse media en journalistiek. Zo’n moord past te weinig in het profiel van de gewenste misdadiger. Dat het in februari sneeuwt in Boston is pas echt nieuws waarvoor een slotje wordt ingeruimd in het NOS journaal. Is de moordenaar een buitenlander of een moslim wordt er een treinlading deskundigen ingehuurd die de misdaad gaan duiden en oproepen om extreme preventieve maatregelen te nemen tegen hele bevolkingsgroepen. De talkshows worden dan gevuld met personen die suggereren iets te weten van terrorisme, de effecten van immigratie of van de islam. Vooral personen die een grote mond hebben over met name moslims en oproepen om het Midden-Oosten volledig kapot te bombarderen zijn graag geziene gasten. Sinds Fortuyn en Wilders is het onder verontrustend veel burgers in Nederland gemeengoed om alle moslims en allochtonen bij voorbaat als verdachten te zien.

De vraag is of er nu ook overtuigde atheïsten zijn die afstand zullen nemen van deze moord. De kans is groot dat over de moordenaar verteld zal worden dat hij verward was. Het motief is nog niet bekend. Het enige wat we weten is dat hij de buurman van zijn slachtoffers was en een overtuigde atheïst. Het is ook een streep door de rekening van personen die menen dat alleen moslims terroristische daden plegen. In Nederland hadden we de afgelopen jaren de aanslagen van Karst Tates en Tristan van der Vlis, maar toch is de stemming dat we bang moeten zijn voor moslims, terwijl de feiten een heel ander beeld laten zien. Hun moorden worden niet gezien als terrorisme simpelweg omdat ze geen moslims waren. Ze worden afgedaan als verwarde mensen. Feit is dat iedere moordenaar een verward mens is, ongeacht geloof of afkomst. Iedere moord is een aanslag op de mensheid.

Naschrift, zeven uur nadat dit bericht is geplaatst. Ondertussen hebben de landelijke media het incident opgepakt en wordt er mondjesmaat over bericht. Sommige Amerikaanse media melden dat het volgens de politie zou gaan om een dispuut vanwege een parkeerplaats, maar de meeste grote zenders zwijgen. Er wordt ook gesproken over een hate crime, maar er wordt geen link met terrorisme gelegd. Anderen verklaren de terughoudendheid van de media met dat er eerst meer feiten bekend moeten zijn voordat men erover bericht. Hoe anders zou dat zijn wanneer de dader moslim of zwart was geweest. De verontwaardiging op sociale media over de wijze waarop hierover door de media wordt bericht, of niet wordt bericht, is dan ook enorm. Zie Twitter.

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Commentaar: Anders Behring Breivik is in zijn persoonlijke opvattingen Atheist. Hij wil echter wel de maatschappelijke rol van de Rooms-Katholieke Kerk voor een groot deel herstellen. Toch moet die kerk wèl onder overheidscontrole staan. Een soort caesaropapisme dus zoals onder Poetin, en eerder de tsaren.

Het Communisme noemde zich Atheistisch, maar wordt door velen gezien als een pseudo-godsdienst. Michael Bakoenin zei dat als God zou bestaan, Hij zou moeten worden afgeschaft.

Mijn mening is bekend. De hel is eeuwig, de hel is eeuwig, de hel is eeuwig.

Piece of Shit

Actually, if you’ll read his blog its quite amusing. It’s only three months old. He posts that westerners need to learn Arabic, Turkish, Albanian and other ‘Muslim languages,’ apparently in the belief that we are trying to keep these things secret. Never mind that one could walk into any bookstore or library and find books on any and all of these languages. He also posts an awful lot of white supremacist crap, including of course the idea that Muslim men are trying to ‘steal’ white women and/or outbreed whites. And of course there’s the obligatory Loonwatch stuff.

I’m not exactly sure what he thinks he is accomplishing, especially since anyone who actually READS his blog (and I doubt that would include anyone from the Middle East) could easily see he’s just another Islamophobic white supremacist piece of shit. Then again, white supremacists have never been known for their intellectual prowess. At least one of his readers seems to have cribbed from Evola, the much vaunted hero of white supremacists everywhere. The fact that Evola was a cheap continental knock off of Crowley at best, and didn’t have an original thought in his life, seems lost on them. Hell, its even funnier since Evola stole from Eastern mythology and idolized the Indo-Aryans. Persian, Kurdish and Pakistani immigration to Europe goes hand in hand with that…

Now with that out of the way…

افغان بیر قیز مهاجرت دوریدن رپ قوشیقی اوقیگن
افغانستان کبی سنتی بیر اولکه ده، بیرینچی مرته بیر افغان قیز رپ قوشیقی اجرا ایتگن.

سوسن فیروز بیرینچی قوشیقی نی ثبت قیلگن و افغانستان پاپ موسیقه سی نینگ یولدوزی صفتیده تانیلیشینی امید قیله دی.

افغانستان ده عیال قوشیقچی لر گه قرشی لیک کوپ لیکن سونگی نیچه ییل جریانیده، بیر قنچه افغان قیزلری موسیقه صنعتی ده حرکت قیلیش گه قادر بولگن لر.

رپ موسیقه سی افغانستان ده اونچه لیک هم طرف داری یوق لیگی ایتیلسه ده بیراق، سوسن فیروز تازه لیککه بو یولده قدم قویگن.

“بو قوشیق نینگ بیرینچی مرته استادیم یاردمی بیلن اوقیگنده، انچه یخشی احساس تاپدیم. اوزیم بیلن اویله شدیم که اوشه بغریم گه احساس قیله یاتگن تاش نینگ اگر بیر مرته بولگنده هم اوزاق گه تشله سم مینگه یخشی احساس تاپیله دی دیب ایتدیم. مینی باله لیک دوریم انچه یورتداش لریم دیک یمان وضعیت بیلن کیچگن.”

سوسن شونگه قوشیمچه قیلیب، آواز خوانلیکگه دوام بیرییشی اوستیده تاکید قیله دی. او، موسیقه آرقه لی اوز احساسی نینگ رپ قوشیق لری قالبیده بیان ایتیشگه قادر ایکنلیگی نی بیلدیره دی.

بیرینچی رپ قوشیقیده، ایران ده مهاجر بولیب حیات کیچیره یاتگن وضعیتی نی انه بونده ی تصویر قیلگن.

“نانوایلیککه کیتسه ایدیک بیزگه آخرگی صف گه کیت افغان کثافت دیب ایتریدیلر، بیزنینگ جایی میز نانوایلیک نی آخرگی صفی ایدی، حتی قولاغی میزنی کشه للب صف نینگ آخری گه ایلتریدیلر، هیچ نرسه ایته آلمیدیک، اگر ایتسه ی ایدیک، مورچه دیک بیز نینگ ینچه ریدیلر، مین او زمان کیچیک باله ایدیم، و بو ایش لر مینینگ روانیمگه یمان تاثیر قیلگن ایدی، اونوته آلمه یمن.”

سوسن گه کوره، تنله گن مذکور یولی انچه قیین چیلیک لر بیلن یوزمه یوز بولیشی ممکن. اما او بو یولگه موفق بولیشی اوچون سعی قیلیشی نی هم ایته دی. سوسن بیش نفر لیک عایله سی نینگ مالی خرجتی نی تاپیشگه هم مسوول. سوسن نینگ آته سی عبدالغفار فیروز ایسه قیزی دن هر دایم آرقه داشلیک قیلیشی نی بیلدیره دی.

“سوسن قوشیق لریده، مردم نینگ یوره گی دن گپیره دی. شو اوچون مین قیزیم دن حمایت قیله من. بیز واقعیت لرنینگ ایتیشی دن قورقیشیمیز کیره ک ایمس. آنه سی هم اونی آلقیش له یدی و بیز اونی افتخاریمیز دیب بیله میز.”

سوسن اوییگه هم قوشیق اوقیش نی تمرین قیله دی. و رپ موسیقه سی بولیمیده بیرینچی افغان عیال صفتیده اوزی نی تانیتیریشی اوچون سعی قیله دی. شو نینگ او، غربی رپ موسیقه سی نی تینگله یدی.

اما افغان قیزلری و عیال لری برچه سی نینگ حیاتی سوسن دیک ایمس، شونده ی قیزلر هم بار که حتی موسیقه تینگله شیده هم عایله ی تمانیدن رخصتی یوق. اما بعضاً بیر قنچه قیز لر شونده ی قیین چیلیک لرگه قره مه ی، بو یولده یوز کیلتیرگن لر و اسم لرینی افغان قیز صنعتچی لر قطاریده ثبت قیلگن لر.