whiskeysplace commented on Tamerlan’s Tsarina And The Perils Of Love Marriage.

in response to Dr Van Nostrand:

If it’s a Tunisian versus a Frog in Paris, the Frog backs down every time. Betas don’t get to reproduce.” I wish you would stop spouting drivel. The intermarriage rate between Maghrebines(Tunian,Morrocan,Algerian) women and French men is much higher than vice versa .The wife usually ends with the husbands religion ie non commital. Apostasy is […]


The French invaded North Africa and colonized it only after the US won the Barbary Wars, showing how weak the kingdoms were. Before that, the French cowered and paid tribute. Most of the French courage was exterminated in WWI, in the first two years, only the cowardly and deserters lived to have kids. In WWII, nearly every attractive woman in France was sleeping with the German occupiers.

I love Generation Identitaire, but they’re as doomed as the White Rose folks in Nazi Germany. Courting the same fate. Muslims have far greater birthrates than the French, who in turn love and idolize Blacks and North Africans. Hollande ran on basically being the choice of Black thugs and won. Over 50% of people under 25 in France are Muslim, so no France is doomed to be merely another Muslim hell-hole. Which suits European women just fine — they HATE HATE HATE their own men, mostly for the men not slapping them around, beating them, and dominating them as they desire, see Fifty Shades of Grey.

Which in turn for most White guys is fairly repulsive. Most White guys don’t want to spend their entire life acting like a thug because its a lot of work, and they have other things on their mind, like making a living. Being a Thug is basically a full time job, there is no time for earning a living, things like that. Any exposure to Third World thugs makes White guys losers, in that they don’t have the time and energy for thuggishness and Third World guys want nothing else, they are basically incapable of making money through anything other than Welfare and crime.

Comment: A defeatist, but for the wrong reasons. whiskeysplace somewhat gets it. Even more important than violence is patrilinearity, the willingness to raise children with all sorts of women as members of your own group. This is connected with polygyny. Also, non-Muslims shouldn’t organize as French, as it excludes non-French non-Muslims. Welfare will only disappear when ruthless euthanasia programs are instated. As regards crime, use inverse Shari’a. Young men with Muslim privilege will lose their right hand if and when they steal from people without Muslim privilege. Whether they ARE Muslims is immaterial. As long as they identify as Muslims they are hypocrites if they resist amputation. Islam destroys itself in Syria, and Hell is eternal. Hell is eternal, again Hell is ETERNAL!!!