Hal Lindsey was right

More than twenty years ago, Hal Lindsey predicted that a Dominionist would initiate the New World Order. Ted Cruz comes very close to that.

Still acceptable?! Hell is eternal…


Anonymous burning in Hell?!!

Anonymous vs Illuminati

ANONYMOUS Vs Illuminati- A revolution of the 21st century.

The illuminati and their new world order agenda seems to be coming into formation. We all know the theories surrounding supposed members, but this is all speculation and gossip. They are succeeding due to the secrecy they have sworn a pact to uphold. With the masses at large kept pre-occupied with their own lives the illuminati plan in secret as they have done for hundreds of years, to take hold of the globe and turn it into a one world government controlled by the overseers. This can not and shall not go on. With the creation of Anonymous we have a fighting chance. Anonymous a global force to be reckoned with. They do not forgive. They do not forget. Expect them and so they should. The illuminati have been using these tactics of anonymity and secrecy to move forward with their agendas and now we as the cyber guerillas have taken the most prized of all weapons and can now deploy it against them, free media and the internet. With their ancient ways they failed to realize that the internet as it has become today is the life-force of all society and they have remained in the past with their outdated rituals and subliminal propaganda techniques, this is their downfall, people are waking up to realize we are being kept as slaves. Slaves to our governments, our work, our currency and most of all to the puppeteers whom we all know as the illuminati. We are all anonymous now and it is our duty as citizens to make sure these old outdated views of the past do not prevail over human rights, free speech and justice for all. They have blinded us but through the medium of cyberspace we can move forward, and unite to take down this group of minds behind the atrocities, wars and depopulation that we are seeing at large. They may be planning something in July of this year. It is for time to tell the full scope of this plan. But this will become a 2012 we can be proud of, a time to take the world back and yes there will be a New world Order… but not the way it was to be intended. This will be our order. We are Anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are Legion. Expect us.

Comment: Anonymous may take on the Illuminati, but crossing me can result in eternal damnation. Think of the Wager of Pascal…

Dragon Families against the Masons

Comment: Benjamin Fulford tries to define the Illuminati as the driving force behind American imperialism, while the first conspiracy theorists defined the Illuminati as the Globalists who want to destroy the West, America in particular. Would the Dragon Families be an improvement over the Masons? Would they ally with the Muslim Brotherhood, or compete?