International Bankers


Source: David Icke.

Finally some internal structure.

I am not automatically opposed to all projects of the International Bankers. I do not consider usury to be inherently immoral. It is just one form of exploitation, although possibly more venomous than others. Any exploitation can be prevented by guaranteed minimum income.

The International Bankers oppose the most radical Zionists, like Barry Chamish. Exemplary for their position on Zionism is probably J-Street, the PAC funded by George Soros. So don’t fall into the trap of calling the Internal Bankers Zionists, as although they do support Zionism to some extent, it is not their most defining quality. Extreme interpretations of the Talmud likely aren’t their cake either. I bet Michael Hoffman has a more thorough knowledge of the Talmud than the banking families in the pyramid.

I post the picture because I think that more information about them increases my ability and that of my allies to shift the power relations more in my direction.


Why UKIP and BNP suck

Both oppose a guaranteed minimum income.  As long as you are on the economic Right compared to Liberals, it is impossible to defeat them. A guaranteed minimum income breaks the economic stranglehold of your enemies. Golden Dawn understands the weak spot of Conservative work ethics that limit charity to the most needy:

The biggest problem however, is the cracks that physically disabled fall through. In order to be considered unfit for work in Greece, a person must have no control of 80% of their body or more. In order to qualify for such a high rate, you have to be virtually paralyzed, or be completely blind. Most other cases are ruled as fit for work, but the problem is that despite being considered able to work, employers have no interest in hiring such persons, since in today’s society people are nothing but numbers and everything comes second to the most maximized profits (as well as incentives to fill “progressive” racial and sex deviant quotas), a man in a wheelchair is judged as worthless regardless of actual ability.

Even ethno-religious enemies can be afforded some guaranteed minimum income, as their rich, powerful friends are hurt the most. Limiting immigration is not as important as the right to criticize the right people. Some problems are global…