Debating skills can save lives

We should always remember that the millions of people who died at the hands of the Nazis’ slaughter – in the gas chambers and the concentration camps – did not die because their debating skills or arguments were not powerful enough.

They died because once fascism had abused the democratic system to get its grip on power it soon closed down any freedoms to prevent any resistance. That is why we must never give a platform to fascists anywhere in the student movement.

Comment: Yes, they did. How can you abuse the democratic system if your debating skills or arguments are not powerful enough? True, Hitler did use one-man, one-vote, one-time, but not only Hitler. We  can point to the usual suspects, but Libertarians as well do not intend to uphold democracy if/when in power, and are rather honest about it. Libertarians keep the economic system in place that enables the funders of UAF to make large profits, so I don’t think UAF will do anything about them.