Jacking to Tolkien? Off with your balls!!!


What disturbed me the most in this story is the defence of jailing a man (likely to be raped and beaten in prison) for thought crime by the two philosophy lecturers quoted. In particular, Grant Tavinor, a published philosophy lecturer at the University of Lincoln, who believes that a way a person ‘entertains himself’ is not morally negligible. Maybe we should criminalize wanking if it’s accompanied by impure thoughts? Or maybe just the thoughts themselves? After all, scientists are developing mind readers at this very moment. Tavinor is credited with being an expert on the ethics of video games, yet he doesn’t appear to apply the same logic to violence in video games. Teenage boys spending hours killing, maiming, and beheading countless other men in violent video games appears to be fine, but watch a pair of cartoon elves fucking each other, and you deserve to get your nonce anus raped on a daily basis.

Good to see that Western philosphy, after 2,500 years since its ancient Greek beginnings, has clearly reached its apex with this joker.

If you would like to politely contact Grant Tavinor, and explain to him why there are ethical implications in allowing the feminist state to lock men away to be raped and beaten as subhumans for watching cartoons in their own homes, then this is his university e-mail address :


Brief note to reddit r/mensrights : This is a men’s rights issue because this is men being jailed under feminist laws, lobbied for by feminists, made by feminists, and implemented by the feminist state, laws based only on feminist junk science, or in this case, only by feminist speculation.  These are men being sent to prison where they will likely be raped and beaten, or at least face the constant and realistic fear of being raped and beaten, for simply watching cartoons in their own home – under laws made by middle-aged female feminists.  This is a men’s rights issue.

Comment: This is serious. Very serious. Even now already there are people who want to ban uncomfortable political and religious speech by comparing it to child porn. So even if you are not a sex-positive MRA, DO SOMETHING!!!

Can she get the Chechen?


And, predictably, thousands of girls on Twitter can’t stop creaming their panties over how “hot” the Marathon bomber is. Chicks dig jerks, part 1,209,771.

If he somehow gets set free one day, maybe he could open a jihadist academy/PUA bootcamp. “Want to get lots of cute girls insanely attracted to you? My method never fails!”

Comment: All these young women, and without having gazillion dollars. Lancelot and Genevieve, Islamic style.

Prevent suicide of autists!!!


So oogenhand, are you suggesting that the omega aspergers virgin white males like me who are no doubt the most primary targets and victims of all the modern American sexual sphere that’s controlled and upheld by the feminist and for the feminist, are you suggesting the we should simply sit back and wait for some sort of infighting within the current sexual hierarchy(women, then alphas(mostly of minority persuasion in America)) to break down along race/cultural/class issues due to white women(or educated women period) getting tired of the crude “patriarchy” of Jamal/Juan & finally putting the black/Mexican/etc “alpha” inner-city hoods in the “target” category so finally we, the aspie unwanted(by women) suburban/rural white males can finally get some sort of political/cultural advantage in the feminized “Anglo sphere” via some sort of “enemy of my enemy is my friend” alignment with hopefully enough future outcasted(by feminists) alpha males? While I’m not automatically assuming that you’re saying that would be ideal, I can see how that would “look good on paper” at least for men in general, sort of.

The thing is, will the omega aspergers virgin white male like myself have to wait 1000 years for the current American sexual hierarchy of women, then alphas(neurotypical, extroverted minorities or white trash), then betas(white, Jew or other middle/upper-class male human banks for the current feminized women) and at the bottom omegas(me) to somehow “break down” in some way that would primarily benefit me and me first? Because frankly I’m, admittedly, a bit of a jaded, selfish, stone-cold SOB that doesn’t really give a fuck about the beta & alpha men above me, considering the way that BOTH have gleefully held me down for their own selfish benefits in the current American sexual sphere.

Am I making sense to anyone else now? Can Blackpill(or anyone else) actually see where I’m coming from now? All I can honestly do in the current American situation is 3 things: either (1)start a business somehow and become self-employed & independently wealthy at home and/or (2)leave America(or head for the mountains) and live in some sort of “Buddhist”-like spiritual isolation or (3)kill myself. The third seems(and has seemed) an option for me many times, personally, and I still keep it in the back of my mind. I have a full bottle(unused) of Seroquels(sleeping pills) from my stay at the clinic where I got the “Aspergers” diagnosis last summer, and I can down that bad boy with enough convincing at any time(I’m learning self-hypnosis, and I can use it for that specific purpose if there’s no other option). I’m not “crying for help”, or “pity-partying” like one suggested. This is my reality, and I refuse to be misunderstood; it’s that simple.

Comment: I am jaded as well, and very ruthless. This has an interesting origin. Having a religious background that considered abortion to be murder, as well as a strong sex drive, I got jaded by all that talk about unborn babies.

Do I stand corrected?


LadyLynn: Completely untrue too. It seems just a ranting of foolishness that makes no sense. If you have bi-racial children they are not fully accepted by either side. In fact, I have seen the Blacks in school be far crueler to mulattoes than Whites. In fact, it is usually the White that are taking care of these mixed breeds, which makes the Whites far more accepting.

What are your experiences, readers? I’d like some input.

Left-handed Sexual Magick


Arabic is a very useful language when you want to fight Islam. The Israelis know Arabic and a very powerful. To break the spell of podism, you need a powerful spiritual virus, I provide one at my website. I infect the Jew, the Muslim and the Cultural “Marxist” with a mind virus that cannot be resisted. Either they destroy themselves with their habits of lying, quarreling and parasitism, or they develop new spiritual habits. But this requires them to release their grip on Europe and America. However, something is required of the Anti-pod people too. The conservatives must give up something too. They must give their racial purity and their monogamy. They must be willing to avenge the rape of their daughters by taking the daughters of the enemy and make them into breeding slaves. Paradoxically, this is powerful sexual magick on the enemy women. If enemy women know they won’t be exterminated and neither their offspring, they start betraying their present husbands.

(After a few months, this very link was clicked at 22 September 2012!!!)


The Greatest Enemy to the Future of WN


I’m very unhappy about writing this post. I just don’t see any way around it. Most of you know that the United States is center of ZOG. If the US falls, ZOG falls. The greatest enemy to WN is white, ex-military, Amuricans (WEA). They are Americans first, whites second. They have very antiquated ideas about America but they are very dogmatic. Many are survivalists.

I take alot of flak for my attempts to rate and score WNs, and that’s alright. I don’t ask for pity and it’s my little project. Internal inconsistencies always manifest themselves. I have probed and searched many of these WEAs. These people do not really love the white race. At best, they are often weak racial realists – they recognize interracial violence and third world immigration but go no further. They lack the love of the white race to really take it up a level.

They’ve infiltrated several WN sites. Again, the profile is white, male, survivalist, usually ex-military. They will not use words like nigger, kike, beaner, spic or dink. They never seem to comment or show up on stories that real WNs do like jewry, the holocaust fable, the holodomor, racial mixing, skinheads and so on. You will find them on the typical stories of negros beating up whites and general PC trivia. Alot of times the patriotism only manifests itself on their own sites, not when on ours. They dont’ seem to do that on purpose.

The big issue here is if anything gets in the way of racial loyalty. America or the white race, chose one? They chose America. They may not say it; they’ll deny it but they cling to the flag.

This is the time of THE GATHERING.

Various factions are coming together. More WN sites are popping up all the time, meeting new WNs quicker. It’s a symptom of ZOG pushing the AA line and doubling down. People with questions look around for allies and sometimes they find us. We passed peak negro but the beast is going down hard, gonna start up new wars in Syria, Iran or Libya while throwing around some more quantitative easing.

I don’t promote paranoia, and I know that people are capable of growth. Probably no one starts out as a WN. But some people have limits. Putting America or love of country before race is a big problem. Be on the lookout.

Yes, Leftists, that will be a tough cookie. Yes, White Nationalists, that will be a tough cookie. This is an application of the Triangle Law. Given three ideologies, they will always position on the points of a regular triangle. Four ideologies, a tetrahedron, five ideologies will require a fourth dimension, and so on. In a way, Islam is a fourth ideology, and my ideas a fifth. Think of it.

Return of the Kafir Harem


In addition to the generalized effects of a high birthrate, two other consequences of polygyny which bore on the rise of Viking as a way of life were the large numbers of second, third, fourth, and later sons in the families of Norse landholders—sons left without inheritance and without land, unless they could wrest it away from someone else—and a shortage of women.

The most popular way to solve the latter problem was to go on a raid and carry off women from Ireland, England, or France, although there was also a heavy traffic in Slav slave girls from the Rus realms. The Hrafnsmál tells of life in Harald Fairhair’s court: “Glorious is their way of life, those warriors who play chess in Harald’s court. They are made rich with money and fine swords, with metal of Hunaland and girls from the east.”

Comment: Russian blondes or Daghestani brunettes?


Since, in my view, no White who supports diversity has any rights at all, I think that they and their their high-IQ daughters ought be enslaved and used as breeding stock, crossing them with the more virile and intelligent racists. There might be a temporary loss of productivity due to the removal of liberals from the economy, but most of them are parasites anyway, so the loss of some computer geeks will be more than made up for by the loss of all the psychologists, journalists, and Unitarians. And in 20 years time, a couple million intelligent young people will enter the work every year. It’s a low tech, green solution.

Posted by: Discard | August 28, 2012 at 02:21 PM

So some of my ideas are going mainstream…