MT Keshe discovers that water is wet

Survival and Disclosure Among the Fallen

A couple of recent events have landed things in my lap which require a response. Not so long ago, prior to the genuinely mysterious death, and it is a murder by any reasonable explanation, of Scalia, we had been pushed to begin examining pedophile rings operating in Europe.

Within the company group here, and we are defense contractors, we have an field investigations group of former FBI specializing in human trafficking.

Months ago, physicist MT Keshe brought us a complex and frankly disjointed story of his experiences coming across a pedophile ring involving the royal families of Belgium and the Netherlands, and how their activities tied to some individuals in the US, Sterling Allan, now awaiting trial, but moreover into the European defense and scientific communities as well.

We had known about the issues in Belgium and the Netherlands, how this was a landing zone for child sex trafficking according to the UN, Interpol and the US State Department. We had gotten to know Keshe when his “new physics” free energy technologies, initially seen by us as a “cult,” had attracted attention from Russia, China and European groups within the intelligence agencies.

This is where it got sticky. It wasn’t just MI 5 or 6 but rather rogue or affiliated groups tied to what I will describe as “fringe freemasonry.” I have to also apologize to Freemasons for my use of this term. 

We could spend not just months but years discussing Freemasonry as a social organization, or as in Britain, a cult that through its penetration of Scotland Yard, the Metropolitan Police and the security agencies threatened British security through covering up a pedophile ring that continues to rule Britain.

The Murdoch press organization, through wire tapping, was able to advance Israeli influence in Britain through leveraging evidence tying in Downing Street and the Palace. This led to minor public house cleaning, a few aged celebrities and the poor aging monster “Janner,” thrown to the wolves during the last hours of their lives as though 3 successive younger generations hadn’t long stepped into their shoes enjoying full protection.

This is what Keshe stepped into, this and the Washington Gwyneth Todd describes within what she is willing to tell the public, or what Jim Hanke describes during his years at the Pentagon or that I can speak of in an equally limited way.

Let’s take an anecdotal look at “Franklin.” You see, every scandal is expanded, fictionalized, subjected to the “Alex Jones treatment” until it is poisoned to the point that no mainstream journalist, no prosecutor, no investigative agency, could ever look at it.

Disclosures are seeded with disreputable information in order to kill investigations. Too often agencies themselves take part, using the term “conspiracy theory” as an excuse to turn aside.

Thus, when solid evidence came to the FBI that children from the famous “Father Flanagan’s Boys Town” in Nebraska where being trafficked into the party circles of Washington DC, this story had to be “fictionalized” and killed.


Keshe came to us with solid proof that Sterling Allan, working directly with an elite group in Belgium, was operating inside the “Free Energy Community” online recruiting children through sex trafficking.

He presented a wealth of solid evidence, videos, email, more, that a network existed that tied “new age” types to not only online recruiting but to NGO’s working in South and Central America, in Africa and the Middle East, were involved as well.

We found organizations that were running schools and orphanages, “Palestinian scholarships,” help for abused or displaced mothers, from Lebanon, to Morocco, to Mexico and Brazil, all involved in stealing children.

These groups plant themselves near the camps in the Middle East, preying on the Palestinians or working with ISIS to traffick Syrian and Iraqi Christians and Shiites, with full support of Turkish organized crime and suspected complicity with their intelligence services and political leadership as well.

We traced them to Syria where we met with the Minister of Justice, who found himself deeply frustrated at how many powerful friends human traffickers seemed to have. Here we were able to tie both the US and Saudi embassies in Beirut, along with a series of NGO’s operating in Ukraine, Romania, Macedonia, Turkey and, working side by side with Al Nusra and ISIS, into Iraq and Syria.

Aid workers and journalists move freely through the area, some representing the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, or so they say, other newspapers such as the UK Independent or online blogs long tied to Israeli or CIA funding.

We had similar meetings with governments in Africa, not one or two, all confronted with powerful economic and political groups clearly behind human trafficking.

In August 2015, we arranged for Keshe to meet with the FBI in Rome to hand over his evidence. As many know by now, the computers seized on January 15, 2016 by FBI agent Jeff Ross in Salt Lake City, Utah contained files that listed high level clients, details of their preferences and enough to secure the kind of protection we had been seeing in Lebanon, Syria, Nigeria, Morocco, Turkey, Belgium, Britain, Ireland and the United States.

Our information that it was Justice Scalia of the US Supreme Court who was protecting, Sterling Allan, despite nearly 2 years of him doing everything imaginable to be arrested, was confirmed.

Our report on Scalia’s murder at the hands of a secret society tied to the Bohemian Grove “satanic cult” was also confirmed, as was our information that only after Scalia’s death could Sterling Allan be arrested.

We also have seen the “spin” that has tried to move what is solid evidence into conspiracy theory through wild misrepresentations of the Scalia-Obama meeting, or even blaming Obama personally for a “pillow over the face” suffocation killing partial confirmation as well, particularly when we follow the sources of these fabrications into the midst of Washington’s pedophile sewer.

We then caught a flurry of internet troll activity attacking Keshe, by associates of Sterling Allan. When we traced the origin of one group that began with the left-handed confession… “we are not pedophiles”, we took a look, more than a look.

We came upon a group in Morocco with a minor history of petty internet fraud and bizarre “new age” tale spinning that “landed” a gig running an orphanage that was quickly cited as a “way station” for human traffickers. We, as they so often say, are unable to comment more on an ongoing investigation.

Thus far, only MT Keshe has been willing to name those involved and only at a very real risk, much more risk than the army of trolls and child traffickers pouring out invective.

Comment: Gosh and golly, rich and powerful people are doing things lesser mortals are not even allowed to think about! In a world where child molestation, child rape and child torture would be socially acceptable, rich and powerful people would fund underground networks of vigilantes who hunt those who target THEIR children. Look at the case of Prins Maurits, who got the (non-nude, non-erotic)pictures of HIS children immediately removed from the website of Martijn. Hell is eternal…

A foundation of lies

After submitting proposal after proposal, pitch after pitch, and introduction letters to many investors concerning quantum vacuum energy technology over the past 10 years, why do I get so bummed out, when I am not surprised and expected this outcome?

My multiple requests that I submitted to billionaire Peter Thiel, were completely ignored.

The Thiel Foundation says this about themselves on how they promote freedom in many dimensions:

“By supporting innovative scientific research and new technologies that empower people to improve their lives”

Well, that’s a lie, because I offered it to them and they didn’t even give me the courtesy of a “not interested, thanks” response, the sheer fact that such an innovative technology was dumped on their lap and they have the arrogance to simply ignore it, indicates irrefutably that they do not support innovative scientific research.

I contacted Peter because what he states in his public profile fits exactly what I need in order to get this technology off the ground… I asked for 5 minutes of his time – ignored.  Only someone like him with the resources can do this, but I should not be so offended should I?  Despite my efforts, I should continue reaching for the sky, shouldn’t I?

I’m getting tired of the bullshit ignorance.  Mark my words folks, the energy industry will soon grasp this new technology and watch the pandemonium ensue, because nothing can stop this, it’s just a matter of when.

 Comment: Again, Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…

Saudi Oil Kingdom Resisting Renewables

On Dec. 7, 2008, 60 Minutesran a documentary showing on-the-scene interviews between Lesley Stahl of CBS News and several oil executives in Saudi Arabia, as well as some of their very impressive new oil production infrastructure.

( Videos embedded below)

In watching this excellent documentary, it struck me the extent to which oil has a vested interest in perpetuating their dominance, and that they would likely have no compunction to take any measure to prevent serious alternatives that would make them obsolete.

Part I includes footage showing Saudi efforts to find new oil. Up until now in their history, they’ve extracted 260 billion barrels. After stating that, the executive confidently asserts that there is “potential to add another 200 billion [barrels] — are there to be found.” The documentary takes a look at two new major facilities and the high-tech (and more expensive) methods being deployed to extract it.

At the Sheva facility, they had to move mountains of sand in order to get at the bedrock to plant their new facility, roads, and airport. They had to install a 400-mile pipeline, and they are drilling guided holes underground horizontally as far as 5 miles to get to the oil under the sand. The facility will increase the country’s production capacity from 10 to 12 million barrels per day; and will begin producing in the beginning of 2009.

Lesley Stahl also traveled to the Kareas (sp?) facility, which is “the biggest oil project in history.” It will take more than 50 years to deplete the oil there. But because the oil is low pressure, in order to extract it, the Saudis will pump sea water into the ground at a rate of 50 million barrels a day, through a pipeline from 150 miles away. The project employs 22,000 workers laying thousands of miles of pipeline, will cost 50 billion dollars over a 5 year period — paid in cash.

I should mention that this information affirms indirectly the “peak oil” premise that oil production on the planet has surpassed the half-way point, and that everything from here on will be increasingly more expensive and difficult to access. Given the abiotic oil data that shows a continual replenishment of some oil fields from deep within the earth, the “Peak Oil” dogma should not necessarily be taken at face value. However, the rate of new oil generation in these cases is not enough to keep up with current world demand.

The documentary talks about Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the world, which began as a US company in the 1930s, but then was bought out by Saudi interests and nationalized. It’s headquarters are huge — a city within a city. The cultural ramifications are quite stark. Outside that enclave exists conservative Muslim culture and dress, but those same standards are not adhered to within the enclave, where women can drive, work along side men, and they don’t have to wear the full-body cover that’s required outside the enclave.

CBS was let into the nerve center complex that controls all facilities, every valve, every pipeline — all of this from one humongous room. I couldn’t help but think that they must be glad they don’t have terrorists targeting them because that sure would seem like a point of devastating vulnerability.

The documentary addresses recent oil price fluctuations and the instability it creates for the Saudi government. It costs them only $2/barrel to produce their crude oil. The rest is used to run their country. They need at least $55/barrel to do that, so when oil drops below that point, they get nervous.

In discussing a recent oil summit, and pressure that was being brought to bear from Venezuela and Iran to push oil prices as high as possible, I found the Saudi Oil Minister, Al-Naimi’s response humorous: “No one jams anything down our throat.” He defended the Saudi support of the recent cut in oil production to curtail the recent drop in prices, explaining that if the price goes too low, then ability to tap additional reserves will be compromised, and future prices will skyrocket.

The documentary also mentions some of the extracurricular uses of the oil profits such as funding militias including Hamas. It didn’t go so far as to mention the funding of terrorism or of hit men and tactics to keep alternatives from reaching the market. But it did come close.

Lesley pushes two of the Saudi oil executives about the “addiction to oil” that the West is trying to get out from under. “Is it Aramco’s hope to prevent a switch away from oil? Someone said, ‘The country IS the oil business. You absolutely need to do this for your own survival.’ ”

The executive responded, “What’s wrong with that?” [1]

One thing the Saudi industry is doing to prevent a move away from oil toward electric cars is to assuage our concerns about the environment. They showed CBS their new $4 million dollar project with an experimental combustion engine that burns fuel more efficiently and produce less emissions. “Green oil,” is the image they are trying to put forth with this token effort.

Pushing him even more about their vested interest in preventing the emergence of clean alternatives, he responded “We have to be realistic. We don’t have the alternatives today.” [2]Oil Minister, Al-Naimi, who was the first CEO of Aramco, says that he doesn’t think that our high demand for oil is going to go away even 30 years from now.

Meanwhile, the Saudis are pursuing solar energy, sitting globally where some of the best solar input can be found. “Where else does the sun shine brighter?” They envision themselves exporting gigawatts of electricity. “Long after the world no longer needs oil, we’ll still be in the energy business.”

# # #

Documentary Videos

The entire program is found on the CBS website. The below YouTube embeds are by CBS News and show the entire segment. The following CBS News links are for reference.

Comment: The solution is not research into alternative energy, the solution is constantly reminding people of eternal damnation. Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…

Now that I’m on a roll…

It does bother me a bit (okay, a lot) that something as important as infinite clean energy is so easily swept under the rug. With this technology, our cars will no longer need fuel, our houses will no longer need utility companies, our phones will never need batteries – no more charging! With this technology we can desalinate and purify water at little to no cost, process waste at little to no cost. There are currently technologies that require too much power for them to be practical, but this technology opens the door to utilization.

What does it say about our universities, governments, and plutocrats that the mere mention of the possibility of unlimited, clean, and free energy that the response is akin to four year old saying “no” to everything you say?

“No really Bobby, the spinach is very good for you.”
“You have to eat it.”
“You can’t have any dessert unless you eat it.”
“Alright, no dessert for you then.”
Bobby gets no dessert but sneaks into the kitchen later and steals it.

The increasing sense of self-interest and entitlement by the wealthy is a serious disease.

I have begun to wonder what it would be like if I actually had a conversation with a plutocrat about this technology.

Me: “I have been able to isolate how we can extract unlimited and free energy from the..”
Plutocrat: “Wait, is this one of those.. perpetual motion things?
Me: “No actually, this is energy from the vacuum of space and time”
Plutocrat: “I don’t believe you.”
Me: “I have some test results that show…”
Plutocrat: “My scientist here is telling me it’s impossible.”
Me: “Well, my proof of concept demonstrated 1300% efficiency.”
Plutocrat: “Hmm, do you have a patent?”
Me: “I can’t patent a naturally occurring phenomenon.”
Plutocrat: “Since you don’t have a patent, I’m not interested.”
Me: “The purpose of soliciting investment was to obtain research…”
Plutocrat: “We already have vacuums, and since you don’t have a patent, I’m not interested.”

Weeks later, my house would probably be broken into…

All I see in the news for alternative energy are the billions of dollars being dumped into solar or wind power and addressing the inefficiencies of batteries.  Again, as I’ve said before, it’s not about the benefits of the technology, we live in a plutocracy whether you like it or not, and something as powerful as zero point energy will seriously disrupt not only their investments, but will actually cause a certain degree of pandemonium.  It’s not being fed the research dollars because there’s not enough profit in it.  Forget the massive spin-off technologies that would come from this and the capabilities, that’s obviously not important enough.

Comment: The plutocrats will burn in Hell…

Brushed off once again

This past week, I submitted a request to the Virgin Virgin-white-on-redUnite group, to consider helping me with getting this revolutionary technology off the ground. I sent an email to Sir Richard Branson, Jean Oelwang(CEO of Virgin Unite), and their general contact email inbox.

I never received a response from Richard, no surprise there. I never received a response from Jean, but I did receive a response from the contact email!

Here’s what they said using an automated regurgitation (more like vomit) response generator (paraphrased): Our goal is to unite ideas and entrepreneurs to create opportunities and disruptive collaborators to make a better world! But we’re not interested in supporting your idea on this occasion.

Seriously? What could be more disruptive than unlimited energy and freedom from a fuel based economy to make a better world?

I’m was not even given the dignity of an actual response, considering their contact email is almost impossible to find. I sent a reply, this time CC’ing the CEO, indicating that what they cited in their first paragraph was exactly what I needed, and that this is the chance to rid the world of fossil fuels.  Re-reading the email I sent, which was in haste, it was riddled with auto-correct errors from my phone… oh well.  I definitely do not expect a reply from that one.  Assholes.

The fact that I’m being brushed off so quick, so many times, really pisses me off.

I’m beginning to realize here that these assholes have no interest in supporting people like me. It has nothing to do with the technology, I’m too little, too poor, to be taken seriously.  Good thing I have a record on this blog to show everyone out there that for someone in my position, these assholes who have the capacity to help get this technology out there, they won’t.  Plain and simple.  It’s all about how much money you already have.  If you’re rich, then you can spend the cash spinning the stupidest ideas and they’ll invest, but if you have no money, and a revolutionary technology, they will bury you and take what you have.  Good thing I have a dead man’s switch.

As a society we have not learned from the life of Michael Faraday.  He was an experimentalist, he took stuff, built it, and tested it, he even used things from previously failed experiments in other experiments and discovered something new and revolutionary!  He had a benefactor though, and for the most part his methodology in his time was frowned upon.  If he did not have a benefactor, his work, ideas and talent would have been ignored and we would be so far behind on the advancements he made.  Maxwell even translated his experiments into math and physics so that the elitists were satisfied.  Instead, people like me are seen as some scrap from a failed experiment and they fail to see me as a key to opening the door to a new world.

So, the fact that we’re breathing in shit for air, dumping our savings into the profits of energy companies, you have the plutocratic elitists to thank for that.   Go on, send them an email stating such, I bet you will be ignored.  Their interests are only their own and how much money they make.

Comment: Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…


Inventors in their zeal to improve the well-being of their fellow inhabitants of Planet Earth face such perils as poverty, slander, ridicule, and neglect. Inventors of energy-saving devices in the past sometimes have also been bullied by large energy-related corporations and their allies in the United States Government who seek to maintain their energy slavery of the people by aggressively suppressing development of energy-saving inventions. Their illegal as well as legal tactics have encompassed imprisonment on false charges, IRS harassment, burglaries, bribery with huge sums of money, and even murder, if necessary. More often, however, it seems that the supposed energy inventions, just to con investors out of money, have been science fiction props or incorrectly measured devices which the inventors sometimes tried to cover up as conspiracy victims.

Suppression of energy technology occurs when an individual or group which is more powerful than the new developer(s) or inventor(s) tries to directly or indirectly censor, persecute or otherwise oppress the innovations and technology, rather than engage with and constructively develop or accommodate the new technology.

Government or industry may often act in this way. Suppressed inventions are taken into the realm of business, rather than strict politics. Nikola Tesla has been the object of several conspiracy theories, with claims relating to revolutionary energy generation and distribution technologies which may or may not have been utilised by ‘HAARP’, an American military-funded research programme. Claims that Wilhelm Reich’s ‘orgone energy’ was suppressed by the establishment do rest on historical facts: his incarceration (and death while in prison) as well as the FDA-instigated burning of his books. What remains unclear is whether prosecuting him for alleged medical infringement had any relationship to the possibility that orgone could be a power source.

Comment: Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…

Anyone out there???

It’s been several months since I started posting on the subject of unlimited energy and have generated some traffic even.  I even set up a protected post that explains it all.

What the fuck is wrong with people?!

I reached out to billionaires directly and so many others, no response.
I finally give up and make the secret to overunity and unlimited energy public and though the visitors are scarce, no response.

From what I can tell, because I don’t already have loads of cash to spend time on some campaign or a more effective prototype, that the illusioned public will never be able to take this information and run with it.  Are you all so easily influenced by meaningless drivel?  If you are looking for IKEA like instructions to build a free energy device then you are an idiot, it doesn’t work like that and never will. That is what sets this apart from all the other free energy crap out there.  There will never be a magic coil configuration, or a specific combination of magnets, or some secret formula to free energy. The concept is actually simple, but it requires expertise, engineering, expensive testing equipment, and an open mind.  Plus it’s not cheap to build a prototype, hence my predicament.  It all boils down to resources and we have given it all to the plutocrats!

So if you want to get involved and have engineering skills, I can explain it in great detail, if you are interested.  At this point I don’t give a shit anymore about making money off it, that dream died a while ago when ignorance of the powers that be prevailed over my futile efforts.  I would rather see this tech out there disrupting the status quo than make billions of dollars.

I just saw in the news that Warren Buffett and Bill Gates both have invested in a chinese electric car company, but in reality, they have actually invested in the battery company that goes with it.  Here is the truth people…  The asshole plutocrats have no fucking interest in making unlimited energy available to the public.  They are aware of it, I can assure you of that, there just is not enough profit in it and it’s too disruptive.

So what does this mean?  It means that you will never see tech that will power your home forever. It means you will always be anchored to a battery/fuel based economy despite the mountain of evidence that free energy technology is possible.  Unless someone out there does something about it… I’ve done all I can.

This might be my last post on this stupid blog, I don’t know.  I’ve already lost hope in humanity, so why do I even bother?

Comment: Don’t lose hope, your enemies will burn in hell for all eternity…

The Oil “Crisis”

Over the past several months the production of oil has steadily increased which has caused the price per barrel to drop significantly. Many have speculated on why OPEC has allowed for the increase in production. I have a different view than the standard regurgitated nonsense…

The single primary motivator behind all oil production is profit. So, if you had billions of dollars invested in oil production and discovered that your industry is going to be made redundant in much less than 10 years as a result of new, unlimited, clean, and significantly less expensive energy (e.g. Zero Point Energy, Cold Fusion, etc.), what would you do? The answer is simple, maximize your profits by liquidating your product before no one wants or needs your oil anymore.

The economic turmoil that we are seeing in many of the first world countries and the fragility of it being tied so closely to fossil fuels, is exactly what would happen if products that utilize zero point energy are introduced into the market. The economic impact of zero point energy is going to actually be much worse than what we’re experiencing with the drop in crude oil prices. ZPE makes the standard utility companies redundant. The oil prices dropping, will actually help technologies such as ZPE in the long run, but ZPE will still be the stone that takes down Goliath.

Greasy Buffett

Investors holding $3.7 billion in a particular oil company, don’t just dump all of their investments because of slumping oil prices.  However, that’s exactly what Warren Buffett just did with their billions in Exxon.

Here’s my take on the matter, not that it matters.  greasy oilThere’s one piece of information missing from the picture, as there always are in these circumstances.  News media outlets can only speculate on why, especially when there are no comments from those involved, and even if there were any official comments, the wealthy have a higher disposition of being dishonest, so I would take what they say with a grain of salt.  The piece of information that’s missing is that Warren received a letter last year that mentioned certain energy technologies are coming relatively soon and should he decide to invest in it, he could, however it appears that he decided to liquidate his holdings in oil companies and invested in Suncor, which has a broad spectrum of objectives, which include oil sands, wind power, and biofuels, i.e. synthetic fuels.  It’s obvious that he’s continuing to bet his cash on a fuel based economy, which if he read the letter, and was probably ill advised as to the reality of the situation, that when zero point energy technology hits the market, those investments will be worthless.  There’s no mention of any other investments in other energy related businesses, so no one can say for certain if he’s got his hands in any other pies, but his hands are quite greasy from the profits he made in oil, and that the buffet is full of pies.

Comment: Warren Buffet will burn in Hell…

False Messiah

In My name

I had to come in the body of the man on this planet and live amongst you the life of the man to understand the way the man has created his misery and so much injustice from the time of his creation for himself and for his fellow men to obtain and hold to nothing but the mirage of the nothingness for his so called life and its physical illusive possessions.

Where, we made all resources of the universe available to him to live in comfort and peace on this planet and among themselves in their time on this planet, that when they are mature intellectually and spiritually (in time the man matures enough), for the tribe of the man to join and unify with the rest of the creation of the creator in the universe.

In this process of maturity, the man chose the path of greed and injustice and killing of not just animals, but of his own kind, and now he has become falsely proud of how many he can kill with one tool and weapon or his false sense of power of control.

Killing and destruction of life has never been part of our teachings and works anywhere in the universe and this shall never be for race and nor shall be from now on this planet or anywhere else in the universe.

To change the course of the life of the man from this wrongful path, we have sent you in so many ways and different forms, different orders and guidance through our messengers of the past.

You have all ignored all our ways to correct your ways, and now you as the race of the man have reached a point that for every action you only think in one way and that is destruction and war.

Today and with this pen, I as the Messiah and I whom took his time to be amongst you, to learn about your shortfalls and false lives, for me to be able to understand your problems, I spent over 55 years with you, worked your ways to be able to help and guide you out of this life of the jungle of this planet, I call up on you to lay down all arms and all thoughts of greed and misconducts and killings.

I chose today to declare my position and status as the creator in the Soul and in the physical body of the man as I am and have chosen to be in, to be amongst you and call up on all the men of this Blue planet and the wild village of the earth, to accept my call for peace and to change your wrongful path, individually, and collectively as the human race for you to be able to live [in] paradise on earth and in the universe.

My call to you, the human race is simple, I have shown you in the past 9 years how to satisfy all your earthly needs with simple methods, and I have written books in simple language that all can understand the principles of the creation as is and not as man has made it to be.

I have shown you how to make food from the air, and I have shown you how to create energy and motion using the same systems and knowledge, that through the creation and production of these needs of the man, one does not harm any creation of mine and that he can live in peace and tranquility amongst the rest of this planets’ beings and in the universal community that the men are ready to enter into.

Now; my call goes today (the time of the killing of the son of God) to all men and women and children of this planet, that to halt all these madness of the brain of the man of killing and destruction as a solution to solve and attain earthly and others possessions, and for the Man to lay down all tools of destruction and murder, irrespective of who you are, which religion leader you are the leaders of or which religion and path of belief you follow, and which sector of this planet you think you are the ruler of or you live in.

The job of you, the religious leaders is to guide the man to peace and prosperity, and not to make palaces of shame and dishonesty and protecting those whom have done wrong to other fellow men.

It is our command and wish that you as religious, nations and tribes leaders of regions, nations and cults, first to order as of today for the men whom follow our command through your Churches and Mosques or temples and armies to lay down their arms, and as of today to be of the greatest of sins for any man to be trained or to carry or to be forced the use of any arms, that through this tool and through your guidance, it is to be forbidding the use of killing tools that the man finds new ways and the logical ways of finding peaceful solution for himself and his race, at the time when he does not agree with the given condition.

I do not offer you a reward for following this command, as this is our wish and our wish shall be adhered to with our work through the souls of the men, but in reality in doing so, man will allow himself to enter the universal community, which the greed and the war has no meaning, and with this act, then man can have and will live a life of happiness and fulfillment according to his intelligence and needs anywhere he might be in the universe.

So I call on this day to the world, religious and scientific leaders, to come together and sign the universe peace treaty, which we have sent out to mankind as prelude to this days’ declaration in the past two years and with this, signing themselves and their nation and followers to accept this treaty and put an end to all wars and acts of aggression and killing, which have been going on for thousands of years on this planet.

The time of punishment and reward to force the man to submission to go in the right path in his life is over, from this point on, it is the decision of each soul to decide on one path, and that is the path of peace and tranquility and fairness.

If not done so from this day on, and if the leaders of this planet be it religious, tribal or nations refuse to follow this command, your follower rejection of our will, shall lead you to demise of your followers and your nation, and finally I shall make from the man the tribe with the belief in one point and that is one nation on this planet, and the one belief that there shall be no more war.

There are no lines on the ground of this planet or anywhere in the universe to separate races and creations from each other, that with this unity for all men leaves him not only as one body but as one nation and as one creation and one creator to live his life in the universe in peace.

You as children of Adam have suffered enough in the hand of your own wrong doings and others, and now you receive the love of your creator to guide you and protect you in this short path of adjustment and reunion with the rest of the creations in the world of creation. Those whom shall reject my wish, they shall see to their own demise through their rejection by their own fellow men, whom understand the reality of the creation and this wish.

Those who follow our simple command and enter the universal order; they shall see the beauty of the creation with their own conscious and some with their own physical eyes. My love and gratitude to all men and I being so sorry to let you to suffer so long without intervention to help you, but in fact you needed this time in the nursery of the earth to learn and mature.

Now it is the time to guide you and unite this child of the Adam and his family to the rest of the family of the universe and as a perfect child and a peaceful and loving child who is ready to enter the Kingdome of the creators’ larger family. I welcome you as the creator into your true dimension of intelligence and love.


(The possessor of love)

Comment: For this arrogance, he will burn in Hell for all eternity!!!