World not Ours

If you did your homework, everyone should know damn well by now that the world was never meant to be ours. It’s the Beast’s. Aliens are really not your scifi creatures, they’re demons is what they really are. Then there is djinn, reptilians, nanotechnology, microchip, robots, terminators, machines, & other evil beings. We are in Revelations start reading the part on the Red Dragon is released & goes to the 4 corners of the earth to destroy mankind w/evil. POLITICS/SYSTEM=SATAN

Comment: Again, interesting. Hell is eternal…

Christianity in the 4th density

Yes,he is possessed by reptilians, real evil. Reptilians are 4th density with abilities to appear in our 3rd density for very short mo- ments.Like we eat 2nd density animals, cows, chickens etc, so does the 4th density eat us 3rd density.Like we substitute plants to eat, they also eat animals blood.(mutilations)Most abductions never return.Don’t ever leave your kids unwatched, plead to Jesus Christ when in danger! He will help.

Comment: Interesting mix of ideas. Does the author of that comment believe in eternal damnation?

3rd density space travel possible?

The spectrum of positive aliens may be divided into something like the following:

Pure Ultraterrestrials: These exclusively immaterial beings are not involved in abductions or UFO sightings, but are impersonal archetypal intelligences functioning more like oracles, guides, and divine emissaries of the highest caliber. Terms like “angels” and “archangels” are approximations of these beings. They are largely absent from UFO literature, but are mentioned in certain channeled, religious, and spiritual texts2.

Upper Ambiterrestrials: Stay primarily in an immaterial, hyperdimensional state of pure consciousness beyond spacetime, but materialize bodies and vehicles as needed. They carry out functions as councilors, teachers, administrators, supervisors, and other leadership positions. Their focus is more on metaphysical matters, giving directives and instructions to lower ambiterrestrials based on their higher understanding and broader perspectives.

Middle Ambiterrestrials: Straddle the boundary between immaterial and material states of existence. They can temporarily materialize physical bodies and three dimensional physical ships into our world that can be touched, studied, and reverse engineered by humans, even though their bodies and ships dematerialize upon reverting to hyperdimensional form. They can directly project themselves into our reality with ease. Claims of positive aliens walking among us pretending to be human, but who are observers and servants of a divine cause, may be of this category. Their focus is equally divided between spiritual and technical matters.

Lower Ambiterrestrials: Stay primarily in material form but are slightly shifted beyond our perceptions. They could be time travelers from the future or denizens of a parallel physical plane or parallel timeline. They are completely tangible to each other in their native environment. If we were shifted into their environment, we would interact with them in a physical way. Same if they shifted fully into ours, which they can do, but apparently not as easily as the more advanced positive aliens. Their native realm is a state of shifted spacetime, which differs from complete dematerialization and exit from spacetime. Instead of consciously projecting a temporary ship into our reality, they would more likely shift an already existing one into ours. Relative to higher ambiterrestrials, they are more preoccupied with scientific, strategic, and diplomatic matters, though not without spiritual and ethical considerations.

Pure Extraterrestrials: These types are completely physical and appear to only visit earth sporadically in small numbers. Given their physical limitations and resource restrictions, they would be prevented from traveling to earth in large numbers without being detected and preyed upon by more advanced negative alien factions. Being of positive orientation without having yet transcended physicality implies a certain naïveté and fragility that reduces odds of survival since, in physical environments, competition over finite resources is the default mode of existence. Therefore, positive extraterrestrials would be fewer and more discreet due to their heightened vulnerability.

Logic suggests a similar spectrum exists for negative alien beings: demonic ultraterrestrials at the top, space-faring physical beings at the bottom, and negative hyperdimensional aliens (negative ambiterrestrials) between those two extremes.

Comment: Apparently it is possible to travel in space without taking recourse to etheric technology and other features of the 4th density. People who deceive others, or more importantly, themselves, should understand that the first self-deception is that eternal hell is impossible.

Virtual Brain in a Vat

What if some internet pages you see are actually generated for you alone? That other people cannot see these sites on their own computers or mobile phones, but have their own set of pages sent to them? Even then it makes sense to put things on the internet, as the NSA surely will note your uploaded content. And the NSA will take the information into account, so if you warn them of eternal damnation, it will make them uncomfortable. Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…

Again, will non-human forces burn in Hell?

Mankind is being enslaved by non-human forces who are technologically, psychically, and dimensionally superior to us (but not necessarily spiritually, and therein lies our freedom). They consist of multiple factions, spanning multiple dimensions and locations in spacetime, all here to take a slice of the human pie. Their ultimate goal is to assimilate us into their fascist empire and parasitically exploit us for our biological, etheric, and physical resources.

Through covert manipulation and hyperdimensional tricks that employ time travel, they have secretly manipulated and exploited humanity in every way conceivable since the birth of our race, and even our origins are suspect and bear the signs of genetic engineering. We are now seeing their plans overtly manifest with the abduction and hybrid breeding program, and their imminent portrayal as saviors to a human race gone mad with world conflict. If the world accepts them as saviors, individual freedom as we know it will become snuffed like a blown candle, leaving only darkness.

Comment: Non-humans may be far above us, but they are infinitely below an Infinite God. Hell is eternal.

Reptilians and Reincarnation

1. Queendom and Kingdoms in Orion

Nine hundred light-years from Earth, orbiting a star system of a hot blue star in the Belt of Orion, a steaming planet was born. This planet was a beautiful jungle-like world. It was allegedly one in a series of planets and star systems which were seeded first, after the Goddess had created this Universe and it had cooled off enough for life to exist. A team of Builders[def] were appointed, and the show began in this young Universe, billions upon billions of years ago.

Figure 3-1. The Belt of Orion

After the Builders had panspermed the first series of planets, some time passed, and the Builders came back and continued the seeding of this particular jungle planet, being the beginning of a rich animal life which eventually would, together with the fauna, develop into a full grown ecosystem. Then was the time to create a more advanced, intelligent life form, and the first Reptilian race in this Universe was born.

Figure 3-2. Aryan Reptilian male, earlier in their development, like comparing us to ape-men. They later evolved to look more human-like (depicted here as imagined by this author)

This new Universe was a universe of ‘free will’, an experiment in its own right to see how living entities could survive in a harsher environment and still develop love, compassion and empathy and learn the ‘Ways of the Goddess’. And this jungle world was indeed a harsh environment to survive in. The experiment started with this ancient reptilian race (whom have been called the Ancient Ones in esoteric circles here on Earth), who was the first to prove if they could do it.

This particular Reptilian species was born with the Fire of the Mother inserted into their black, reptilian bodies. Although they had a close connection to the Goddess, because this was how they were designed, they were still required to go through evolution. Pure survival required of them to develop both brilliance and strong, enduring bodies to be able to master the environment they were born into. In the ancient beginnings, these ruthless, ferocious reptiles had scales covering their bodies for protection, and they could even fly, having huge wings on their backs. With time they learned how to conquer the world they were born into. They started building early civilizations which became more and more advanced, and although civil wars and conflicts were common in the beginning, they eventually managed to explore other planets in their own solar system. As they evolved, their scales disappeared and over the generations they started looking more and more humanoid, but still with certain remaining reptilian features. With time their bodies became long and slender, contrary to the Sirians, who are short and stocky, and their bodies were, and still are black. These days the women have a pinched waist, similar to the bee, and you can see this feature in some human women as well. In Swedish, we call it geting-midja or wasp-waist. However, when we’re speaking of the Aryans, their waist line is very thin; much thinner than in any human female. In the early days, the Reptilians had more of a triangular head, but it eventually became more rounded in males, albeit, still remaining somewhat triangular in females. They had little, or no body hair, and most of them, even the females, did not have hair on their heads, either. Their eyes were large and piercing. According to what I read or hear, these days they are actually, believe it or not, quite gorgeous looking. The saying goes that hardly any male in the Universe can resist an Aryan female[1].

The males have broader chests, but just like the females they have narrow waists. Their legs are thicker and their buttocks bigger, showing typical male features. Their faces, although rounded, have a squarer chin than the females, who in general have a softer, more feminine look to them. The mouths of both males and the females are large, and when they are closed, they blend in with the rest of the face and almost seem invisible. Their teeth, however, females and males alike, are still sharp and quite useful after billions of years of evolution. The females, in the early days, also possessed a deadly venom, which she could use in battle by spitting quite a long distance, and whomever got hit, either died or was paralyzed. It seems like she lost her abilities to do this a long time ago.[2][3]

Their society became very female oriented with time as the species developed, and life in Orion revolved around the Orion Queen. The females did the hard work and the male’s rule was to mate with the Queen and protect her from enemies and invaders. On the battlefield it was usually the males who dominated, although the females were excellent warriors in their own right, but at home it was the female who dominated daily life in the Aryan society; the male was the hunter and the warrior.

Early on, the male warriors started conquering neighboring territories and took them over. These territories were then ruled by the males who conquered them, and they became known as the Black NEKH Kings, or just the Black Kings. They ruled their Kingdoms with an iron fist. However, in the center of the Aryan world, the Queen remained the ruler and was the center of attention. So in that sense, the Aryan world was divided between the Kings and the Queen. Still, when came to serious matters, the Kings always obeyed the Queen’s will, so in that sense, the Queen was in charge. So it seems like the separation between males and females have been an issue ever since the beginning of time. This subject is also described very well and in details on The Ages of Uraš website[4].

2. The First Great Galactic War

As time went by, the Aryans became more peaceful and stopped engaging themselves in wars between each other and instead started developing technology under one flag. The Kingdoms merged into one Kingdom under one King. The weapon industry was an important one, but they also engaged in all other sciences and technologies thinkable and eventually became very ‘high tech’. The male NEKH warriors figured out how to reach out in space and explore the neighbor worlds, but soon also figured out how to do interstellar space travel. They started visiting other star systems which had developed life, just like themselves, but most of these worlds were not nearly as developed as those of Orion. Hence, in the beginning there was no resistance when the Aryans came. The inhabitants of these younger worlds welcomed them with open arms, in very peaceful manners. They simply didn’t know better, as they had apparently not developed warlike behavior.

The NEKH King and his warriors were surprised to meet this kind of hospitality, but took advantage of it. They started establishing bases on these worlds and soon came to rule them under kings of their own species. But all these ‘conquered’ worlds answered to the NEKH King who sat on the Throne of the Orion Empire on the home planet.

The conquest continued, and the Orion Empire expanded without much resistance. However, with time other star races in the Galaxy had developed as well, and suddenly the Aryan warriors encountered worlds where the inhabitants could defend themselves. Some of them still stood no chance against the ferocious NEKH warriors, and these worlds, too, were conquered and put under Orion jurisdiction.

But not all battles were won. Some of the star beings on planets the Aryans approached were at least as ferocious as themselves and the Reptilians started losing some of these battles and had to retreat. When this had happened a few times, and many Aryans had died in battle, they stopped their conquest for a while to think things over. That was the end of The First Great Galactic War, long before the Sirian star race even existed.

3. The Second Great Galactic War

The Orion NEKH King was pondering what to do. Then he realized that in the distant past, females had been even better warriors than the males, so the King decided to bring the females into the war, to fight side by side with the males. And so they started another galactic war in an effort to expand the Empire.

Figure 3-3. An artist’s vision of an Amazon Warrior

This time they were much more successful. The females were not only incredible warriors, who never backed off, always fighting to the bitter end, if necessary, they also had a deadly weapon that the males didn’t have — their venom! They could spit the enemies in their eyes, bite them, scratch them with their claw-like nails, or spit on the blades of their swords of knives, and when poking the enemy, if they didn’t die from the poke, they died from the poison. The thing is that the venom that was produced could paralyze or kill the enemy in almost an instant. This made the Aryan females feared in the entire sector of the Galaxy, among the worlds to which the rumor had spread. This way, a lot of new worlds and star systems were conquered and merged into the Orion Empire, which grew fast and steadily. Albeit, there was also great resistance on some worlds, and not all battles were won, but it looks like most of them were, something that inspired the Aryans to continue their conquest of the Galaxy. The female warriors were indeed the legendary ‘Amazon Warriors’, and legend says that Bellatrix in Orion is the Amazon Star[5]. When a world at war with the Aryans had to negotiate, their leaders rather speak to a male diplomat than a female, because they feared their fury.

Once a world was conquered, a King was still sat on the throne, but females protected him and the planet. They were seldom heavily armed; all they needed were spears, swords, knives, and perhaps arrow and bow, just like the artist suggests in ‘fig.3-3’ above. Isn’t that how we humans depict an Amazon warrior? We picture them as tall, perhaps giant women, beautiful but deadly, and this was how the early female Bellatrix Warriors were. The Reptilian Aryan race, contrary to the Sirians, are tall; probably taller than humans and could perhaps be viewed as ‘giants’ in our eyes.

The conquest continued and the Orion Empire grew in size to become the largest empire in the Ninth Sector of the Galaxy. With hundreds upon hundreds of star systems under the Belt, the Aryans eventually settled down and stopped conquering; at least in the capacity that they had in the past. The Second Great Galactic War was over, and this time the success was complete. The Aryans were very pleased!

4. From Kingdom to Queendom

Here on Earth we have a saying that “behind every successful man there is a woman”. We joke about it, but in many cases, this is correct. Women in our society have been very suppressed, as we know, and many of them know that they are often smarter than men in many ways; they have more intuition, are more connected with what we call the 96% Universe, can see bigger pictures, and make decision that show to bear fruit over a longer period of time. Hence, because women, when they understand that the man’s ego will be hurt if they make the decisions, they often still do, but in a more subtle way. They understand how the man thinks and can be master manipulators so that they get their ways thinking that it was the man’s decision. Thus, his ego is not hurt. I am not suggesting that women are more manipulative than men, but in a suppressed state, they have developed these skills and are using them, often successfully.

The same principle worked in Orion. In the Empire, the female was never suppressed like she is here, and was actually the administrator of the Empire even when the Kings sat on the thrones of the worlds, but the Kings had the real power during, and after, the Great Galactic Wars. At least, that’s what they believed. However, just like here on Earth, the Kings liked to believe they were the smarter ones, but were manipulated both by the Queen and her administrators. They themselves never saw it coming because their egos prevented them from seeing it, but in the eyes of the Aryan people, the Queen and her administrators became more and more respected and the ones the people listened to. The Queen still sat on the throne as the head of the females, but in the eyes of the Kings, she was more decorative than powerful. This was a big mistake, as would show.

The Orion Queen had planned the coup in the smallest details. One night, the lead King of the Orion Empire was killed by the Queen’s female Elite warriors. The Queen announced to the King’s Court that there was an ongoing coup; an attempt to take over the Empire from within. She blamed the coup on males trying to take over when the King was murdered, but assured the Empire that she, the Queen of Orion, would help them through these difficult times and would be the new, temporary leader of the Empire until the rebels had all been found and assassinated. Then the power would go back to the males, she said, and a new king would be selected. Many protested, especially in the male cabinet, but the Queen held her position

However, in the next few weeks, the same males who had protested mysteriously ‘disappeared’ and were later found dead. So were the heirs of the King. Key people of his bloodline were conveniently assassinated and the Empire was in shock and confusion. Still, the Queen reassured them that the traitors would be found and taken care of.

But this was just the beginning. On the other worlds, which had been conquered by the Aryans, the Kings, one by one, were murdered, and the planets were taken over by female administrators. The original inhabitants of these Aryan colonies saw this as an opportunity to rebel, thinking that they had spotted a weakness in the Kingdom of Orion now when the Kings could no longer defend their domains. Big mistake. The Aryan females were far more ferocious than their male part, and all rebellion was quickly handled in its cradle and order was reestablished, more or less immediately.

Before the males had had the chance to really come to terms with what was happening, the Queen and her warriors had already taken over, not only the home planet in Orion’s Belt, but also the colonies. The Kingdom of Orion had now become the Queendom of Orion. The females had regained the power over the Empire.

5. The Third Great Galactic War

Once the females had taken back the power in Orion, things started progressing quickly. If star races thought that the Orion Kings were ruthless conquerors, they hadn’t seen anything yet. Now things had changed to the opposite, and the Royal NEKH[def] and MAKH[def] warriors now served the Queen. But the most fearless ones were still the Amazon Warriors from Bellatrix. Together, they conquered worlds, not only in their own sector of the Galaxy, but in other sectors as well as other galaxies.

The triumph was big, because the Queen realized that her Empire was unbreakable; who would even think of attack her now? The rumors of the fury of the Queen and her Amazons, NEKH and MAKH warriors spread like wildfire through the Universe, and when a star race knew they were approaching, many laid down their weapons and surrendered.

The Aryans, when spoken about on other worlds, were often called the SSS, due to their hissing sound when they talked, just like serpents. Although, the Queen on the home world was called NEKH-T, where ‘T’ stood for Queen, one of her many titles became SSS-SSS, both at home and on other worlds. In Orion, if you were a person of rank, you doubled your name; in this case from SSS to SSS-SSS. The Empire itself throughout the Ninth Sector became known as ‘AN’, which means ‘The Highest’ or ‘Heaven, the Orion Empire[6]. Interesting, then, how the Sirian Overlords later on started using Aryan, feminine names as names of their Kings and Royalty. The most prominent King of Sirius during the Sumerian times, and even long before and after, called himself AN (adopted by the Sumerian languages), and he was ANU in Akkadian.

Comment: If a Reptilian tells me that she remembers four or five of her past lives, then I’ll tell her that she can’t be sure she’ll have an infinite number of lives. Maybe one life is the last one and she will enter eternal damnation. Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…

Making Sense of Ukraine Through a History of Extraterrestrial Intervention

Ukraine-Orion-CrusadersBy Richard C. Cook

            Why is there so much evil in the world, and if there is a God, why does God allow it? This is a question all thinking people ask, and to which every religion attempts to provide an answer. Christianity and Islam, for instance, pin evil on the Devil, or Satan, without ever explaining satisfactorily who/what that being is or where he/she/it comes from. Similarly, Hinduism and Buddism have their own panoplies of demons. In any case, the excuse that “the Devil made me do it” may be found in various forms worldwide. There is another source, however, to which we might look for an explanation. This source is channelings from extraterrestrial entities which only became available to mankind in the last half-century, when visitors from other worlds began to visit through thought-forms, UFO appearances, telepathic communications, etc. This article attempts to explain the origin and existence of so-called evil from the perspective of RA, a “social memory complex” originating on the planet Venus that was channeled by a group called L/L Research in the 1980s. These channelings, well-known to serious researchers, were published in a five-volume seriesentitled the “Law of One” or the “RA Material.” L/L Research, headed by Carla Ruekert, continues to function today, working out of Louisville, Kentucky. The information in the RA Material may be especially pertinent at a time when, once again, the world appears to be drifting toward the possibility of total war, this time over disagreements among nations over events taking place in the Ukraine, but related to crises in other hotspots, including Iran and Syria. The basic showdown is between the U.S. and Russia, indicating that the Cold War never really ended and again threatens to bring about Armageddon, as was feared during the Cuban missile crisis of the early 1960s. But to assess the Ukraine situation objectively, a much deeper background than is usually given may be necessary. The RA Material explains that the influx of UFOs/ETs starting around the time of World War II was prompted by the acquisition by mankind of nuclear energy and weapons. This led the higher-vibration beings who stand watch to make their presence known on planet earth. According to RA, these beings constitute a “Council of Guardians” whose headquarters are on the rings of Saturn. Other sources call this Council “The Nine.” Working with them are other extraterrestrial entities who together form the “Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator.” Actually, the Confederation has been observing and, in some cases, shaping, events on earth for a long time. Jesus came here with the Council’s permission to perform his salvation mission. He originated, says one source, on the planet Hoova near the center of our Milky Way galaxy. Other Confederation members contributed to the flowering of the Renaissance. In some cases, extraterrestrial Wanderers have incarnated on earth, including, says RA, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Many Wanderers are here today, working in ways known and unknown to keep humanity from destroying itself. RA itself is part of the earth’s past, having visited Atlantis and spending time in ancient Egypt, where it took form as living Egyptian deities, including Horus, the hawk-headed god. RA also played a role in the ancient spirituality of South America. But the opening of the protective gates around earth has also allowed negative entities to slip through. Chief among these, says RA, have been the Crusaders of Orion. These are beings of self-serving character who try to gather disciples interested in manipulating, controlling, and enslaving others. In fact, RA adds, a majority of the UFO appearances of modern times have been of these Crusaders. These are the ones responsible for abductions, animal mutilations, and gloom-and-doom-type channelings. They are allowed by the order of things to prey on human beings, but only by appealing to people’s weaknesses, such as pride, lust, etc. It is the weak-minded who fall for their deceptions and try to use black magic to contact them. By contrast, it is the service-to-others “polarity” that is the positive path engendered and supported by the Confederation. This path is entered upon through sincere practice of unconditional love. Those who follow it gradually ascend in vibration through harmony with other seekers and with the help of higher powers at various levels. One of these powers is a person’s own Higher Self. The positive service-to-others path is taught by many of earth’s spiritual teachers, and millions of people around the world make sincere efforts daily to act from compassion and love. But the service-to-self influence of the Crusaders of Orion is also common, especially among those who see themselves as the elite. Their way is also called “the path of that which is not.” Practitioners are enemies of each other, with each jealously trying to dominate. So the energy of service-to-self entities is dissipated through infighting and fratricide. They can never reach oneness with all-that-is unless they discard their negative orientation and cross over to the positive side. But in the meantime they can wreak havoc. Horrible as it may seem, their basic motivation is the power and thrill of putting out the light of another. Ra also says that the Crusaders may approach positive service-to-others people and groups and use telepathy to suggest to them messages of impending doom for humanity, earth, or themselves. The affected individuals may then broadcast prophecies of coming disasters, as happened with December 21, 2012. Then, when nothing happens, the deluded souls are made to look ridiculous. Of course there are also negative astral entities from earth’s inner planes by which individual entities may become possessed. But the Crusaders of Orion are of another order of magnitude. The dual paths of service-to-others and service-to-self are allowed by the Creator as a means to enliven and speed conscious evolution. A succinct explanation may be sought in the Book of Job, where God allows the Devil to severely test his servant Job through inflicting on him horrendous losses. Another depiction with similar meaning may be found in the film “Star Wars,” produced by people who had been privy to messages from extraterrestrial channelings similar to the RA Material. In this film, the Crusaders of Orion were depicted by Darth Vader and the Empire. The Confederation was portrayed as the Republic, Yoda, and the Jedi Knights. RA explains that our age is a time of great changes for earth and humanity, when our home planet is moving to a higher vibration within the universe. We humans have a chance to join in. RA says we are at the end of a 75,000-year cycle. If we are able to evolve within ourselves to where our center-of-gravity is in the heart, or green-ray, chakra, we become eligible for the “harvest.” This means that after death we may reincarnate at an entirely different level of being. We may then become inhabitants of what the Book of Revelation calls a “New Earth,” while those who do not “graduate” must travel to other planets in the cosmos to repeat the cycle. According to other sources, there are now extraterrestrials circling the earth in their spacecraft who are acting as the “harvesters” in guiding beings to their future destinations. Other extraterrestrials provide help to humans who have died traumatically, such as those at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. RA says that the process of harvest will take several centuries to accomplish and that no one can move on until after death, when our present “chemical body” is discarded. Interestingly, Jesus also spoke explicitly of “harvest” throughout the Gospels. But the Crusaders of Orion are not giving up without a fight. They are doing everything possible to sow confusion and discouragement. For a couple of centuries, says RA, there has been warfare at the celestial level between representatives of the Confederation and the Crusaders. This conflict has been reflected on earth by the constant clash between forces of light and darkness at the human level. On the side of light have been those who have worked for human freedom, including Franklin and Jefferson, mentioned above, and also, RA points out, Lincoln, Tesla, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. In fact, Lincoln was a person whose body was actually occupied by an angelic being who knew how critical Lincoln’s role in history was. Lincoln stood up against the slave power of the time, declared it would advance no further, succeeded in stopping it, but paid the martyr’s price.

Today, the slave power is embodied in the institutions of high finance, government intelligence, electronic surveillance, the controlled media, organized crime, drug running, warmongering, and many other self-serving and rigid societal structures. RA says that the use of money by the economy provides excellent conditions for human enslavement, with lending at interest one means by which money performs its nefarious purposes. We can see in the Ukraine situation, as documented on the Global Research website, how what appears at first glance to be a geopolitical clash is actually an attempt by shadowy figures of global banking to bring the Ukraine into their net of influence. The Ukraine scenario fits into a larger scenario whereby the West has incorporated into NATO many of the states that border Russia and were formerly part of the Soviet Union. Russia has increasingly been depicted by the Western media as a potential threat to the U.S. or even to civilization itself. Much publicity was given to the Russian naval base in Syria as affording some type of protection to the Assad regime. And Russian influence has been pointed to in forestalling a U.S. and/or Israeli attack on Iran. But why is Russia seen increasingly as an enemy? Didn’t we rejoice when the Soviet Union fell and its component states went democratic? Wouldn’t it make more sense to embrace Russia as the return of a long-lost friend to the fold of well-intentioned nations? Instead, it almost seems as if powerful elements behind the scenes want to foment a major war with Russia and possibly China. It makes no sense. The negative frame of mind this attitude signifies is harmful to the point of being pathological. Is it too much to speculate that the hand of the Chariots of Orion is fueling the fire with fear and war-hysteria? Are they stirring the pot just for the delight in seeing people suffer? Also according to RA, the Confederation inspired earth’s scientists to bring forth the technology that gives humanity the opportunity for the leisure required for spiritual pursuits. But technology has been perverted by the Crusaders’ minions for economic exploitation and weapons of war. They use such “gadgets” as television and advertising to keep humanity asleep. Even the internet is used for negative as well as positive purposes. In the Ukraine incident, the Western media are working overtime to demonize Russia and its leaders. Leaders of the Republican Party mock President Obama for his supposed weakness in not being more aggressive, saying, as did former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, that the American people “cannot afford to be war-weary.” This is worse than insanity in a world on the brink. We have also caught glimpses of the black magic rituals in which the negative forces engage, showing how the so-called “Illuminati” train and indoctrinate their children to kill without mercy and control others against their wills. The enslavers engage in black magic, says RA, to invoke the powers of the Crusaders of Orion, but they lose their own souls in the process, like Faust in the medieval legend. It is the Crusaders who are in fact the real controllers of the service-to-self individual. We know that before and during World War II some of the key Nazi leaders, including Hitler, were occultists, rightly suspected by historians of dabbling in the black arts. Reputed Nazi incursions into UFO technology may have been a direct link with the Crusaders’ technological prowess. Naziism in the form of radical right-wing parties and politicians seemingly has returned through the Ukranian faction who overthrew the elected government and installed a regime that has announced its intent to slash government spending, reduce pensions, and eliminate public jobs. The purpose is so Ukraine can pay its debts to Western banks. Again, such extreme measures so harmful to ordinary people may point to the service-to-self ideology the Crusaders espouse. But there is an atmosphere of desperation by which the negative powers seem to be trying to start another world war. In fact they are being thwarted at every turn. UFOs have disarmed nuclear weapons at military bases. The negative powers wanted war over Iran and didn’t get it. The same with Syria. The same now, perhaps, with the Ukraine. The leaders of the slave power, headquartered it seems in Wall Street, London, Frankfurt, and other financial centers are, in sense, fighting for their lives, perhaps knowing that their days are numbered. As indicated above, the planet we inhabit has already moved on to a higher level of consciousness, guided by the benign beings of extraterrestrial origin. What is the ordinary individual to do, then, when faced with this situation? First, of course, we can decide which side we are on and what kind of person we wish to become. We then need to seek out the means for implementing our choice. By going within through meditation, contemplation, and prayer, we can seek guidance. We can also seek others of like mind with which to work toward a future we freely choose. We can be encouraged by the fact that, according to RA, there are far more positive people on earth today than negative. The Occupy Wall Street movement knows this, with their concept of the 99 percent. Obviously, this short summary of some of RA’s ideas is only a fragment of what is clearly one of the most comprehensive teachings of truth available on the planet today. For a more complete account, the transcripts of the RA channelings are available through L/L Research on-line here or may be purchased in book format.   Richard C. Cook is a retired federal analyst and former NASA whistleblower who now teaches meditation. He is an adviser to the Exopolitics Institute. His latest book is “Return of the Aeons: The Planetary Spiritual Ascension.” His websites are He welcomes inquiries and is available internationally for speaking

Comment: Even if you are a Nordic or a Reptilian having an IQ of 250-300 and a lifespan of 10.000 Earth years, someday the Grim Reaper will come, and you will have to explain yourself to God, possibly facing eternal damnation.