Separation of the sexes in Saudi-Arabia: completely overdone

As we all know, the Saudis are building a city for women only. This is in order to enable women to have careers without getting into contact with men.

Saudi women are never raped by their drivers (you know that women in Saudi-Arabia aren’t allowed to drive alone). Saudi women are never raped by their lingerie salesmen (you know lingerie salesmen are required to be MALE). So isn’t the separation of the sexes completely overdone?

Do people realize that most Saudi women are more sexually experienced than their husbands? Remember Mohammed bin Laden, who gave his underlings his sexual leftovers?

This feminism has severe consequences for other women. If women in Saudi-Arabia can have educations and careers, they are less likely to marry. This leaves Saudi men without sexual outlet, so it is likely they will satisfy their lusts on non-Saudi women, like Indonesian maids.

Anyway, the Saudis will be punished by lower Saudi birthrates, or degradation of their gene pool, so bad ideas will punish themselves. In time, they will get the same demographic problems as the Iranians.

Again, God exists and hell is eternal.

Addendum: Saudis look down on Iranian temporal marriages, but who is the hypocrite?


The Middle-East and Europe

Lowering taxes would go a long way in ameliorating economic problems. I have a very daring plan. Iran has severe demographic problems, and unlike Europe, can’t solve them by euthanizing the elderly. They have to change their religion. This allows me to take power in Iran. Iran has an awesome intelligence and military network. This can be used to put pressure on the Gulf States, and to a lesser extent, Saudi-Arabia. The Arabs will have to give their money and their oil to Europe. This will solve the economic problems of Europe. Pakistan and its nukes could pose a problem, but not just Shi’ites, but also Pakistanis are cruelly oppressed in Saudi-Arabia. They are not allowed to marry Saudi women, so they are treated as non-Muslims. Of course, takfir backfires, so the Pakistanis are allowed to kill the Saudis and take their women. Pakistan has the nukes to protect its people in Saudi-Arabia.