Pedophilia apology 33 years ago: withdrawal of candidacy to German Parliament.

Pedophilia apology, 33 years ago, prompts Dagmar Döring to withdraw her candidacy to the German parliament for the Liberal FDP party.


The texts were discovered by researcher Franz Walter, hired by the German Green Party to research their own party’s involvement in efforts to decriminalize child sexuality.

40 years ago, the child sex trauma myth and Voodoo theory had not yet become the religious dogma (Disclaimer). The Rind study had not yet been unanimously condemned by the US Congress and Senate. A decent percentage of Germans practiced nudism at most beaches, rivers. So nudes of all ages could be readily seen during summer. Legal Dutch hardcore porn employed 15 and 16 year old actresses engaging in sex acts. British newspapers had topless 15 and 16 year old page 3 girls.

Dagmar Döhring went beyond Daniel Cohn Bendit. He described how he behaved passively when anti-authoritarian children opened his fly and played with him.

Dagmar Döring stated how she could be only satisfied by a long relation with a girl. Her boy friend had a relation with  13 year old boy that was cruelly ended after it was discovered. Dagmar Döring wrote how she would fight all these unjust cruel laws that criminalized such behavior.

If she were in Britain or the US, she probably would go to prison, once the victims come forward to sue for millions. No real victims are needed. Anyone claiming to have been abused will be automatically believed as there is no due process for those accused of sex crimes.

Human-Stupidity will not take a position towards liberating child sex (disclaimer) But we want to stress the following facts:




More in “Der Spiegel”

Comment: Many people want to forget the past. God will make sure they don’t. Hell is eternal.

Pedophilia everywhere, in 1970ies Europe

Sexual Revolution. Sexual liberation. In the 1960ies, 1970ies, even 1980ies, even bra-burning feminists thought that sexual repression was at the root of most evils.

Trigger warning: links to nude children photos

At age 16, Samantha Fox posed nude for "The Sun"Anti-authoritarian education was in. Age of consent was considered a relic of Victorian sexual repression. Wilhelm Reich’s theory about sexual repression being the root of all evil were main stream progressive creed of progressive leftists.  Reputable magazine’s “Der Spiegel” May 27, 1977 cover depicted nude 11 year old Eva Ionesco on the cover who already had appeared in Playboy October 1976. (Trigger warning: nude child photos)  German newsstands freely sold the magazine Sonnenfreunde (careful, nude children at this Google search link, if you don’t have safe filtering). 16 year-old Samantha Fox appeared nude on page 3 of British Newsmagazine “The Sun”. 11 to 15 year old Brooke Shield’s nude photos were everywhere. (Disclaimer). The German Green political party had a committee that favored liberalization of adult child sexuality[1], in similar fashion as Nambla.


What would a man do when anti-authoritarian children would open his fly and play with his privates? After all, antiauthoritarian theory would not allow for chastising the children, for repressing their natural curiosity and impulses

German politician and European Parliament member Daniel Cohn Bendit is in hot water. His old writings from the 1970′ies resurfaced, where he describes being accosted and fondled by children.

Back in the early 1970s Cohn-Bendit, who had been declared persona non grata in France and sent back to Germany as a consequence of his involvement in hooliganism and rioting,

Hooliganism and rioting are forgiven and forgotten. In today’s world, we have more pressing problems. Child and Teenage Sexuality. (Disclaimer).

worked as an educator in a day care centre for children that had been set up to make experiments with “anti-authoritarian” education. An essential tenet of the “anti-authoritarian” concept apparently was to confront the children, who were at the time five or six years old, with unbridled sexuality, in order to overcome traditional morality.

We don’t think that children need or ought to be confronted with sexuality. Even in the most repressed society, they occasionally play doctor and show interest in sexual experimentation totally on their own accord.


Later on, Cohn-Bendit wrote a book about this, describing his experiences as a nursery school teacher in the following terms:

Writing is almost as dangerous as photographing. It is a proof of a crime, but can be denied more easily then a photograph.  Because women like to read child abuse novels, feminists made sure that only the male crime of possession of child porn photos was criminalized while women’s favorite  child abuse novels are best-sellers at Amazon

My flirtations with all children soon acquired a definitely erotic character. I could sense how young girls aged five had already learned how to get off with me…

In the original German text it sounded more like the 5 year old girls were flirting with him (Disclaimer)

It happened several times that some children opened my codpiece and started caressing me. According to the circumstances of each case, I reacted differently, but the children’s wishes posed problems for me… when they insisted, I caressed them in return. I was accused of being a pervert, and there were letters to the City Council, asking whether I was paid for by public funds. Fortunately I had concluded my contract directly with the parents’ board, otherwise I would have been sacked…

It is hard to believe, but in the 1970′ies, there was not much of a child sex trauma mythteenage sexualityhysteria, or child porn laws. Sexual liberation was considered progressive and adult-child sex (Disclaimer) was considered less offensive then gay sex.



In Germany, the anti-authoritarian movement has had its strongest impact in the field of education…(Wilhelm) Reich and Marx were the pillars of this new movement. Freud was less important, because he had done objective research on sexuality, whereas Reich represented the fight for sexuality, in particular for the sexuality of younger people.

These lines were published in 1975. At the time they seemed to represent a “modern” and “enlightened” approach to education, and nobody took offense. It is only in recent years that they have begun to cause a problem for Mr. Cohn-Bendit, earning him repeated accusations of being a pedophile.

source: European Parliament member promotes pedophilia as part of the sexual revolution


The 1970′ies Cohn Bendit has to explain the 1970′s Cohn Bendit.  And of course he must not state the truth:

In the 1970′s Germany, there was not much of a child sex hysteria, no repression of academic research like theRind Study. The child sex trauma myth had yet to be invented (Disclaimer). Daniel Cohn Bendit must not say that children’s sexual experimentation is pretty harmless, but that the adult’s hysteria causes most of the trauma (like Susan Clancy found).


Cohn-Bendit published a number of provocative statements regarding “sex with children” in the 1970s and early 1980s, notably in his 1975 book “The Great Bazaar” where he describes erotic encounters with five-year-olds in his time as a teacher in an anti-authoritarian kindergarten. He has been accused as advocating pedophilia since at least 2001. This controversy re-erupted in 2013; as Cohn-Bendit received the Theodor Heuss Prize, there was a rally by anti-pedophilia activists. The affair triggered wider research into the pro-pedophilia activism which prevailed in the German Green Party (without direct involvement on the part of Cohn-Bendit) well into the 1980s. An article in theFrankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung uncovered numerous “repulsive” passages (abstoßende Texte) in Pflasterstrand, a leftist magazine which appeared under the editorship of Cohn-Bendit, and cited a 1978 defense of Cohn-Bedit’s of this editorial practice, as well as an appearance of Cohn-Bendit in a French television talkshow in 1982 where he described being erotically undressed by a five-year-old. Cohn-Bendit reacted to these allegations by claiming that his descriptions of erotic encounters with pre-pubescent girls were not based on true events but were merely intended as what he today calls “obnoxious provocation” aimed at questioning sexual morals at the time that “shouldn’t have been written that way.”[10]

Source: Wikipedia





Daniel Cohn Bendit and German Green Party Pedophilia issues on Spiegel-Online(German)


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  • (Carol Tavris, “The Uproar Over Sexual Abuse Research and it Findings,” Society, May/June 2000, p. 15: .”Both the religious right and the clinicians claimed that their major worry about the Rind et al. article is that it will be used to protect pedophiles in court. This concern too seems highly misplaced. Is a defense attorney really going to say, “Yes, your honor, my client did molest that little girl, but look at this study showing that she’ll probably be just fine by the time she’s in college”? All scientific research, on any subject, can be used wisely or stupidly. For clinicians and conservatives to use the “exoneration of pedophiles” argument to try to suppress this article’s important findings, and to smear the article’s authors by impugning their scholarship and motives, is particularly reprehensible. They should know better. The Bible can be used wisely or stupidly, too.”

Comment: Without freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry, how do you determine whether something is child rape? Without freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry, how do you determine whether something is fascism? Ironically, it is now the Radical Left who is comparing its enemies with child molesters:

Why do violent fascist organizations deserve this ridiculous level of free speech? Let’s pretend another group of criminals that is universally detested by anyone with a soul, say child-molesters, were to apply for a permit to rally on the courthouse steps. When they get there they have signs that boast of their crimes and state that they intend to commit more of them. They claim it’s their right as pedophiles to molest children. Many have signs for already imprisoned leaders within their community, calling for the freedom of their brethren. What do you think would happen? Would you rally to their defense? Would you call the parents of their victims who react first with outrage, then with violence (or stink-bombs) as bad as the people they fight against?

Oh, how the times have changed!!! This will also mean several underground networks may change their allegiance…