CIA Says It Will No Longer Use Vaccine Programs As Cover

May 20, 2014 9:45 AM ET

A doctor gives a polio vaccine to a child at a health clinic in Baghdad last week. The CIA says it banned the use of vaccine programs as cover for spying last year — a practice health officials said had wide repercussions.

Ahmad Al-Rubaye/AFP/Getty Images

A White House official says the CIA will no longer use vaccine programs as cover for spy operations, answering health experts’ complaints that it had hurt international efforts to fight disease.

The CIA famously used a vaccination program as a ploy to gain information about the possible whereabouts of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. That effort didn’t succeed, and the doctor involved was sentenced to a prison term. But the revelation had immediate effects — particularly in the fight against polio.

As The New York Times reported in 2012, vaccination teams were banned in some areas of Pakistan.

And vaccination workers have been assassinated, the deans from Tulane, Emory, Columbia and other universities wrote in a letter to President Obama dated Jan. 6, 2013. They also compared the use of vaccine programs to the CIA’s early infiltration of the Peace Corps, saying that in both cases, the practice had to be stopped to protect volunteers and gain access where people are most vulnerable to disease.

Homeland Security adviser Lisa Monaco recently sent a letter responding to the deans. She wrote that in August 2013, CIA Director John Brennan issued an order forbidding the use of vaccination programs to gather intelligence or genetic evidence.

From Yahoo News, which obtained a copy of the letter:

“CIA Director John Brennan made the decision himself because he ‘took seriously the concerns raised by the public health community,’ CIA spokesman Todd Ebitz said.

” ‘By publicizing this policy, our objective is to dispel one canard that militant groups have used as justification for cowardly attacks against vaccination providers,’ Ebitz said by email.”

News of the CIA’s revised policy was first reported by Yahoo and The Washington Post, which also noted the timing of the response — more than 16 months have passed since the deans wrote to Obama.

Quoting a “senior administration official,” the Post says it was told that “this was a unique case that required deliberate thought and review on our end before we made such a statement publicly.”

Update at 4:16 p.m. ET. ‘Not Going To Help’:

NPR’s Jason Beaubien filed a story about this decision for tonight’s edition of All Things Considered. Here’s an interesting bit from it:

“‘The CIA is not exclusively responsible for the problems we have in getting children vaccinated but it certainly didn’t make it anything easier,’ says Anthony Robbins, the co-editor of the Journal of Public Health Policy. Robbins wrote an editorial denouncing the CIA use of fake vaccination programs back in August of 2012. Even before bin Laden was killed in 2011, the Taliban had banned polio immunization in the parts of Pakistan it controls. The Taliban claimed the polio drops sterilize Pakistani children and vaccinators were American spies.

“The head of one large anti-polio campaign in Pakistan wasn’t happy to hear the CIA’s latest declaration. ‘I don’t think this statement is going to help in anyway,’ says Aziz Memon, who heads Rotary International’s polio eradication effort in Pakistan. He says Pakistanis were starting to forget about the controversy over the fake CIA vaccination campaign and now he expects the issue to blow up in the local media all over again.”

Islamophobia and Conspiracy Theories are incompatible…

Another Islamic Terrorist Agrees With Alex Jones On 9/11

During his trial this past week, Islamic terrorist Abu Hamza al-Masri said he believes the World Trade Center towers were brought down with controlled demolitions. Of course, this puts another Islamic terrorist on board with talk radio show host Alex Jones, who says the same thing. Jones has been gaining in popularity over the last decade because he’s effective at mixing a concoction that is made up of some truths, a lot of sensationalism, and sometimes lies.

If someone wants to argue – as has – that the Bush administration got into bed with Muslim Brotherhood groups and leaders both prior to and after 9/11 thanks to Grover Norquist’s advances and Karl Rove’s acceptance of those advances, it’s an irrefutable argument. In fact, if you want to go a step further and argue that the Bush administration covered up its relationships with these groups and furthered them after 9/11, that would also be accurate.

However, to argue that the towers were brought down by Bush, Cheney, or an assortment of their underlings is absurd.

Jones is irresponsible and sensationalizes his programs for effect, often at the expense of the truth, which is dangerous when it’s deceptive and not satire. A perfect example of this is New Year’s Eve in 1999. Jones was completely irresponsible and like H.G. Wells, used the radio to convey something untruthful to his listeners. Unlike the infamous ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast, Jones was trying to mislead his listeners.

If you are ever inclined to defend Alex Jones, you should listen to this before doing so:

Mme Scherzo:

I once attended a house church whose patron saints seemed to be Alex Jones, Peter S. Ruckman and Jack Chick. When I pointed out that Mohammedans concocted and perpetrated the act, they quickly reverted to Building 7. Since we witnessed it in real time, it takes more effort to believe the conspiracies about 9/11 than actually believing the truth. Face it. The terrorists were more competent than the US government – who had foreknowledge of the people involved. Their incompetence in preventing this act is better documented than all the Alex Jones conspiracies about 9/11.

Comment: Alex Jones is going to get isolated. Neither people who dislike Jews nor people who dislike Muslims do like Alex Jones.

Alex Jones Promotes White Genocide

The obese and presumably drug-addled shill Alex Jones has begun speaking up against the anti-White agenda on a more and more regular basis, being pressured by us in the real truth movement to address the actual problems in society.

Interestingly, though not entirely surprisingly, Jones is also openly promoting the genocide of the White race through his News-Babe Lee Ann McAdoo, who is involved in a romantic relationship with an ape.

The ape in question is a certain Valin Zamarron from the Austin-based rap group Zeale, and from what I can gather, this has been a long-term affair, probably going back to before Alex hired her.

If Alex was truly willing to stand up for the preservation of the White race, as he has recently indicated, why then does he openly endorse the genocide of our people by promoting a race-mixing whore as some type of informational authority?

Will Alex answer these questions we have?

Will he ever provide evidence for his deranged theories about millions of Jews being gassed by Adolf Hitler for no reason?  How about his theories about the government secretly spraying people and themselves with “chemtrails” for no reason?

Will he ever explain why he is married to a Jewess, and purposefully created Jewish children?

Will he ever reinstate his former policy of letting those who disagree with him go to the front of the call-in line, so as I may confront him on these issues and more?

Comment: Again, proof that Conspiracism (Alex Jones) and White Nationalism/Supremacism(Andrew Anglin) aren’t fully congruent. An even more egregious example is of course Benjamin Fulford.

Dragon Families against the Masons

Comment: Benjamin Fulford tries to define the Illuminati as the driving force behind American imperialism, while the first conspiracy theorists defined the Illuminati as the Globalists who want to destroy the West, America in particular. Would the Dragon Families be an improvement over the Masons? Would they ally with the Muslim Brotherhood, or compete?