Free energy and Julian Simon

THEN the plot thickens. The Sikh shooter. The one Sikh who was shot dead has an interesting son as well. He’s part of the Neverendinglight productions. They were allegedly threatened by the government to stop production of the documentary. Sirius documentary is co-sponsored by Dr. Steven Greer. Greer says the UFO coverup is not about flying saucers but free energy. Coincidence? I saw Dr. Greer at a MUFON lecture in 2009. He had 8 armed guards perusing the room the entire time. The room was packed, at least 500 people. Now I know why he had those armed guards.

When I mentioned free energy first, I was considered a troll.

Free energy might be real, but if it is, and humanity implements it, we’ll most certainly run out of fresh water and arable soil — in short, we’ll destroy the ecology

And that is precisely the reason it is kept secret. There are still too many idiots who believe in uncontrolled growth, citing Julian Simon. But if Julian Simon is right, you do not have to fear an oil boycot either. After all, the free market always finds solutions. And religious fundamentalists have to believe in Julian Simon in order to justify their large families. Reminder: God exists and hell is eternal.

Will racism lead to another Holocaust?

Leftists constantly rant that racism and anti-semitism will lead to another Holocaust. They conveniently forget that Conservative, foremost the Pope, say the same things about abortion, euthanasia and Leftism in general. Mother Theresa emphatically stated that abortion would lead to another nuclear war. So who is the Left fooling?

When a Leftist whines that “racism” or “anti-semitism” or whatever will lead to a new Holocaust, point out that Conservatives say the same about abortion and euthanasia and even Leftism in general. According to Conservatives, abortion and euthanasia destroy the respect for innocent life, and this will inevitably lead to another Holocaust.

Jonah Goldberg, and Kuenelt-Leddihn before him, and other Conservatives and Libertarians, point out that National-Socialism is a Leftist ideology. Also, the Pope constantly points out that National-Socialism is Atheist/Pagan, and Atheism/Paganism inevitably lead to National-Socialism. Simply play off Liberals against Conservatives.

As long as White Nationalists dream of killing every non-White, it isn’t bloody surprising that non-Whites resist with every fiber in their body. My main goal is the prevention of Sharia/Noahide law in Europe, and if race-mixing can prevent that, so be it.

Everytime someone accuses me of racism, and/or genocide, I point out that I will, at worst, kill only enemy men. Enemy women are free to enter my harem.

tc72 says:

She can stay at my place for a week anytime.

 I agree completely. The best defense against the charge of racism and genocide is that, at worst, we will kill only the Muslim men. Muslim women are more than invited to have sex with us, and bear our children. We do not care about the purity of the “White Race”, we care about defeating the religious and political system of Islam. Offering Muslim women the chance to bear our children has several advantages. First, we deal Muslim men a taste of their own medicine. They are unlikely to kill non-Muslim women, and are more likely to enslave them. Killing Muslim women would be a non-proportional response, and rightly hated by feminists and other women. Secondly, we have good sex. Thirdly, the genome/DNA of the Muslim population isn’t wiped out, but will live on in the non-Muslim population.Actually, it is very well possible this woman heard about my plans. My blog is read in Saudi-Arabia.

Rewriting History

However history is history and the destruction of it is a crime against humanity whether we like the story or we do not. Much like if Austrians destroyed all evidence of the Nazi death camps and then proceeded to say they never existed. We cannot permit it.

This is very sick. But Muslims themselves admit that even Saudi-Arabia wasn’t always Muslim with their stories about Jahilia, and pagan Arabs burying their daughters. But this habit isn’t the prerogative of Muslims. Native American religions hotly deny there was a past before the Native Americans. According to these religions, Native Americans originated in America, and didn’t come over the Bering Strait. They deny the validity of European science, and say their own religious traditions are far better science. This is outlined in Red Earth, White Lies, by Vine Deloria.

But what these Muslims did in Africa to ISLAMIC shrines, they most certainly will do to Aztec temples in Mexico. Interestingly, Moroccan youth in the Netherlands are influenced by Mara Salvatrucha 13, and copy its gang habits. So maybe Native American religion will defeat Islam.