The lowest of the Khawarij

This is the true face of Jabhat al-Nusra…the terror attack was directed right at women and children of the Muhajirs. This is not the first time. Their aim is to frighten Muslims, to restrain those who make Hijra to the Islamic State. Because there is a big flood of immigrants. So they take the lowest measures – target women and children. They are the true Khawarij. And the lowest of them.

Comment: The reason why Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS destroy each other in Syria is because both groups have a hard time understanding that God can consist of several Persons. Of course, the problems would not completely disappear, but infighting would lessen. Not just Christianity, but also many Pagan religions accept the idea of Trinities, like that of the Slavic deity Triglav. Triglav consists of Svarog, Perun and Veles.

Black Swan? Christian kills his apostate daughter

The Criminal Court prosecutor on Sunday charged a man and his brother with complicity in premeditated murder in connection with the killing of a woman, who allegedly converted from Christianity to Islam, in Ajloun, 70km northwest of Amman, official sources said.

The 26-year-old victim died after receiving several blows to the head with a wooden stick and a rock in a forest in Khirbet Wahadneh on April 30.

The victim’s father headed to a police station on Wednesday evening and turned himself in, declaring that “he killed his daughter because she converted to Islam,” a senior official source said. 

However, police had suspicions that more than one person took part in the murder based on an autopsy report prepared by pathologist Ali Shotar from Irbid’s National Institute of Forensic Medicine, the official told The Jordan Times.

Shotar, who established that the woman died of a crushed skull that caused heavy bleeding, also discovered bruises on her wrists, a medical source told The Jordan Times.

“Shotar concluded that more than one person was involved because the bruises indicated that she was held while she was beaten by the wooden stick and the 50cm by 30cm rock,” the medical source added.

In his initial confession to police, the 51-year-old father said that he learnt about his daughter’s conversion to Islam from another daughter.

“The victim’s decision to convert was a secret but she decided to tell one of her sisters who eventually told their father,” the official source said, citing the suspect’s initial confession.

The father then informed his 49-year-old brother and they allegedly plotted to murder her, the source added.

Both men were ordered detained at a correctional and rehabilitation centre pending further investigation into the incident, the source added.

Why Xorg Nationalism

Doutzen Kroes

Allen West

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Daryl Basarab is infamous around these partsDaryl Basarab is infamous around these parts
Default Four Points About White Nationalism that Have Always Urked Me

1) In Europe there are several ethnic groups (which genetic evidence even defends, not saying they are big genetic differences). It’s not simply “Whites” and “Jews.” There are more groups. No amount of counter-argument will convince me otherwise, my mind is made up on this.
2) White Nationalist over-estimate the historical and genetic separation between the Middle East and Europe. I’m not just talking about the Jewish question, I’m talking about Christianity, Islam (Bosnia, etc.) and the fact that Greeks, Italians, Syrians, Lebanese etc. all overlap quite a bit genetically while Northern Europeans are similar but more depigmented.
3) Acknowledging a Jewish role isn’t good enough, you have to conform to a perfect party line where Jews precisely did everything.
4) Unrealistic goals, like arranging America into ethnic partitions, deporting non-whites in a mass round up, etc. One doesn’t need to support this to be confident in their own ethnic identity. One doesn’t need to support this to defend the working class.

All good and hard points. Nevertheless, there are people who constantly get charged with having “white privilege”, directly or indirectly, by charges of “racism”, “fascism” and “white supremacism”. There are two kinds of these people. People like Doutzen Kroes, who would have “white privilege” no matter what she does, and people like Allen West, who gets charged with “racism”, because of what he does. He is supposed to have “internalized White Supremacism”, and would be getting “white privilege” because of that, just like George Zimmerman. The first group we call “inherent xorgs”, the second group “accidental xorgs”. The control groups for charges are the SPLC, the ADL, and the OPP. If one of these call you names, you are XORG!!!