Christian Zionism: A Racial and Moral Cancer

Marcus Cicero
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2014

Typical Christian Zionist “mega church.” Why does it seem that the monetary wealth of these idiot “preachers” rises in direct proportion to how loud they scream for Israel and the Jews?

Due to the evil parasites that dwell among us, endless waves of savage migrants, moral degeneracy, rampant greed, and miscegenation now threaten to extinguish the Aryan Race in just a few more short and brutal decades. Here at the Daily Stormerwe do our best to address these issues in depth in order to begin to reach the masses and hopefully begin a large-scale awakening that will guarantee the survival of our People.

The time must be taken now, however, to make mention of a form of spiritual disease that is proving to be a rather nasty thorn in the side of our collective racial body. The mockery of faith known as “Christian Zionism” has done and continues to do significant damage to our Homelands and Race due to its exalting of the Jewish pestilence, and its ability to suck the more traditional and conservative of our racial brethren into a swamp of nonsense that proves quite difficult to escape. In large portions of the Western World and the United States in particular, the existence of this infantile “religious” doctrine serves the designs of the Jew to the letter in preventing millions of White men and women from recognizing the decay of society and identifying the culprits most responsible. This must be stopped if we are to prevent the triumph of darkness and chaos over the forces of light and order.

Christian Zionist preachers trick the average person into believing that these Christ-killing vermin are “chosen” and “blessed” by God. This allows the Jewish tapeworm to continue its mission of poisoning civilization with his filth.

A Parody of Scripture and of Natural Law

One of the main doctrinal pillars of the Christian Zionist worldview is the delusional belief that the Jews are “chosen” by God, and therefore must be catered to and treated as semi-divine beings. In addition, this ideology claims that the parasitic state of Israel is a direct fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and a sign of the “End Times.”

In the United States especially, this has given the Jew a virtual blank check to carry out activities of espionage, subversion and looting, leading to a decline that may very well be irreversible. Little is done by this faith to combat societal issues that have been eating away at morality and the youth – such as homosexual “marriage” – as any actual resistance would ultimately lead the masses toward the Jewish Problem.

One is left almost speechless when he sees how so many of our racial comrades can fall for such a scam that ignores the words of Christ himself, and of well over a thousand years of Christian civilization that was aware of the Jewish menace. An individual does not even have to be a believer to understand that for centuries, the Jew was rightly known as an enemy of our People, and was quite often dealt with in a direct and decisive manner.

Racial traitors such as John Hagee and Pat Robertson have their followers overlook the fact that the Jew is nigh exclusively responsible for the collapse of morality in the West. Hey John, look at your “Chosen People” doing what they are best at – undermining and destroying Aryan civilization.

We must also address the impact of Christian Zionists on the flood of Third-World black and brown beasts invading our nations. During the past two thousand years, our Race has proudly fought back with zeal against any foreign encroachment onto our areas of habitation, and often cited specific Scriptural passages to condone this healthy expression of the desire for survival.

We are now forced to contend with those who would drive our Race into the annals of the extinct due to a false interpretation of doctrine that they claim condones rampant miscegenation and barbarian immigration. In what can only be called a blatant violation of Natural Law, Christian Zionist ministries have been by farsome of the most vocal in pushing for a complete opening of national borders.

Instead of helping White children who must deal with broken homes and Cultural Marxism, these “Christians” travel to Africa to aid the natives. The Negroes have no idea what is going on, viewing them as free food for the village.

Addressing the Issue at Hand

As a National Socialist, I feel that it is an individual’s inherent right to be allowed to believe in whatever type of Deity suits them best, so long as it does not impact the racial community at large in a negative fashion. However, the kind of spiritual syphilis we witness in Christian Zionist doctrine amounts to little more than thinly-disguised treason, and shall eventually be dealt with as such.

When approaching this issue, we must remember that the vast majority of this faith’s followers are in principle good and wholesome people that have been corrupted and manipulated by their congregational leaders, many of whom do their business on Jewish orders and are supported by Jewish financial assets.

We must tread carefully, especially in the United States, when trying to awaken these brothers and sisters to their Aryan heritage and the Jewish Problem. We must remember that this Christian Zionism very well may be one of the reasons why a strong Nationalist and Traditionalist platform has never arisen within the American continent. This foolishness directs those disgusted with modern society down a dead-end road with no solution to the ills we are currently faced with. Europe is less polluted with this cancer, and thus has slowly begun to combat the genocide against our Race.

Together, we can succeed in smashing this pillar of Jewish influence and decadence before the point of no return is crossed.


Comment: Only the thickest do not understand that usually the most radical Zionists are Christians. Zionism derives its power not from International Bankers, not from American Imperialism, not from those who follow extremist intrepretations of the Talmud, but from the masses of Christians, in particular those with white privilege.

Hans Holtrop and Islam

This commentary was sent to me by Hans Holtrop:

Norway is Judenrein, So Who Cares?

Earlier this year, the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten 

reported that the last Jews in Norway are leaving. 

(Judenrein is German for cleansed of Jews. 

Some debate whether there are a few hundred Jews 

are still remaining, but the problem is the same.)

It does not stop with Norway. 

Jews are leaving England, 

and Jew hatred is on the rise in France, Italy and the Netherlands. 

This is a huge problem that has arrived 

with the Islamic invasion of immigrants.

Who cares? 

Certainly not the Jews or the Christians of America. 

The progressives, secularists, the media 

or any other social group you can find, 

do not care. 


And why is this news ignored? 

Because if you recognize the effect (persecution) 

then you must inquire about the cause of the persecution. 

Norway is filling up with Muslims. 

The cause of the recent build up 

of Jew hatred in Europe is Islam, 

and Jews and Christians do not want to touch Islam, 

except to bend a knee to Mohammed. 

This is not to say that Jews do not resist anti-Semitism, 

but it seems that they only attack it 

when it is from the Christians. 

Christian anti-Semitism drives Jews nuts 

and they will attack it with a fury.

Why is Christian anti-Semitism unacceptable 

and Islamic anti-Semitism ignored? 

Although Christians and Jews may differ in theology, 

they have achieved a social unity. 

Most Jews have reduced the Torah to: Be Nice. 

In the same way most Christians have reduced 

their scriptures down to the same two word mantra: Be Nice. 

In short, if you get angry with Christians, 

nothing is going to happen. 

They will apologize and it is over. 

It is socially acceptable, even encouraged, 

to attack Christians, but any criticism of Islam is bigotry 

and no one, particularly a Jew, wants to be a bigot.

Normally, the “Be Nice” Christians and the “Be Nice” Jews 

show up at a Family of Abraham Dialogue 

dominated by Islam (the whole Family of Abraham idea is purely Islamic). 

The Nice Christians and Nice Jews 

smile as they listen to the Muslims 

tell them how the world works. 

Then they go home and they devote their time 

ignoring the destruction of Christianity and Judaism by Islam. 

Part of Being Nice is to be professionally ignorant 

of Islam’s doctrine and history.

So, who cares if the Christians and Jews 

are so corrupted by Nice 

that they are cowards, and ignorant ones at that? 

Well, we have a civilizational war going on 

and the Jews and Christians are aiders and abettors of Islam. 

They are co-conspirators with the Muslim Brotherhood, 

instead of being its enemy. Oops! 

Nice people don’t have enemies. 

We are all the same, so no one can ever be an enemy.

But, imagine if instead of the religion of Nice, 

we had Christians and Jews who knew Islam and its history. 

Imagine if Christians and Jews were to take a part 

in defending our civilization from Sharia. 

Here are two examples:

Biblical scholarship as war against Islam:

Islam makes unhistorical claims about Abraham, Ishmael and Mecca. 

Christian and Jewish scholars should take on Islam’s bogus claims 

about its origins. 

Although it is a natural area of interest, 

you cannot find university religious scholars 

who can tell you about the “religious stew” 

that was Mohammed’s milieu and the basis for Islam. 

The entire religious and generational history 

found in the Sira is fiction and needs to be addressed by scholars. 

Once you understand the myth of Mohammed 

and the myth of Mecca, Islam has no historical foundation.

Compassion as a protest against jihad:

There is push on today to nominate Malala Yousafzai for a Nobel Prize. 

She is a Pakistani girl whom the Taliban tried to assassinate 

because of her desire for women to be educated. 

This is an excellent moral idea.

But why let our moral concern stop there? 

In Africa a man named Umar Umlinde 

became an apostate of Islam and converted to Christianity. 

Under the Sharia he can be killed. 

Instead, he got half of his face burned off with acid. 

The murder, rape and torture of Christians 

by Muslims in Africa is a constant jihad. 

Why not nominate Umar for a Nobel Prize 

as a representative of freedom of conscience? 

(If you think this is a good idea sign this petition.)

The compassion for the victims of jihad 

is a cure for the self-hatred of the Jews and Christians 

who are such cowards that they cannot even take care of their own. 

It is a war against Nice-at-all-costs, the cancer of our civilization.

Back to the Jews of Norway who cares?

Also read the comments at the link. This is all very important. A Judeo-Christian society seems to be a very easy target for Muslims, and that is likely the reason why both religions are considered to be People of the Book.