Even you, even you, my dear reader, will have to admit that existence is crammed with misfortune – and even you will have to acknowledge that this misery only increases as we get older. Things only get worse as time goes on. An obvious, observable design.

I have a suspicion that this plan continues after death, and that only constant torment awaits us in the realm beyond. This same pattern of torment persists throughout life – and afterlife. If there is a hereafter, then it is going to be horrific. When it is all said and done, eternal anguish is what humanity truly deserves.

Consider it as theistic pessimism. Only a malevolent entity could devise something as horrendous as existence – and I think that there is a horrible shock awaiting everyone after death. Surely this much agony cannot be the result of mere random chance. No ache is an accident. This much unhappiness has got be the result of a deliberate plot against you – there just isn’t any other explanation.

Your last breath is not going to end the pain, but only make things worse. I am not convinced that death is the cessation of suffering – as much as its continuance in a different form. I am certain that some evil being designed the world, and he has saved the greatest tortures for all eternity. You may not believe in an afterlife – but the Lord has got a little surprise awaiting you. Think of it as the ultimate practical joke.

There is never any end to suffering – in this world or the next. No comforter, no savior, no redeemer. You’ll see.

Comment: Just like john Zande, he is beginning to see Truth. Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal…